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Chapter 26

"So," Bulma laughed nervously, "that was a pretty good landing, right?" She laughed out loud then, seeing the infuriated look on Chi Chi's face and the terrified one on Yamcha's.

"I really feel the sudden urge to pee my pants right now," Yamcha muttered, struggling to get the seatbelt untangled from his body so he could hoist himself out of his seat.

"All I can say," Chi Chi fumed, "is get me the hell off this ship. You are worse than a kid in drivers ed!" Chi Chi's face was a flushed mix of fear and adrenaline. Her naturally fair skin burned with powerful emotion.

"Aw, gee!" Bulma laughed, crinkling up her nose and batting her eyes. "That one cut deep, Chi Chi." Even this comment had to lighten Chi Chi up a little, and the dark-haired Saiyan-in-disguise began to laugh along with Bulma.

"Alright, you two giggle-boxes," Yamcha said. "Let's go find them and then get outta here before our parents know we have left…OK?"

"Yamcha, since when do you care what any adults think?" Bulma said, laughing even harder. "My, have you changed."

"Shut up," the flustered boy said as he opened the door and hopped out of the ship. Reluctantly, Chi Chi and Bulma followed his steps.

"Wow," Bulma said, her sharp eyes growing wide.

"Finally!" Goku exclaimed as the small space pod landed on Earth. "Finally we are BACK!" The large Saiyan hopped out of the pod without a thought in his head except finding Chi Chi. "Let's go!" Goku prodded Vegeta, who had also stepped out of the ship.

"Silly Kakarot," Vegeta thought silently, "he is almost as dumb as most of these earth weaklings." Vegeta stretched and tossed his armored breast plate into the pod, slipping on a Saiyan shirt closely resembling earth t-shirts.

"Come on, Mr. Vain," Goku laughed playfully, quickly being shut up by Vegeta's menacing growl. "Ok, ok. We'll get Bulma first and then go over to Chi Chi's."

"But I thought you would want to see Chi Chi right away," Vegeta rolled his eyes annoyingly. "Why the patience now?"

"Well, I don't really know Chi Chi's parents, so I figured it would be smart to have Bulma with us so they'd feel OK with letting us go up and see Chi Chi," Goku explained quickly. "Let's go!"

"Smarter than I thought," Vegeta thought under his smirk as he followed his taller companion through the woods toward Bulma's house.

Finally the two reached the bright yellow door leading into the living room of Bulma's house. Yamcha pounded the door quickly, obviously unaware of such a thing as a doorbell. Vegeta pushed the doorbell, enjoying his mental superiority over Goku. Mrs. Briefs answered the door.

"Vegeta!" she exclaimed, rushing outside and embracing Vegeta in a cloud of flowery perfume. She pounced on him, hugging him tightly and attacking his cheek with her lips. "How good to see you!" she squealed.

Vegeta automatically stiffened his body in attempts to dissuade the woman from making any more bodily contact with him. When that didn't work, he gruffly pushed her aside and stepped in the house.

"Woman!" He snarled. "We are here to see Bulma."

"Oh," Ms. Briefs said, her face falling, "I'm sorry dear, she's not here."

Planet Vegeta was unlike anything Bulma, Chi Chi, or Yamcha had ever seen. Actually, it was much like what the three humans had seen everyday on Earth, except the foliage was a wash of blues and purples. What should have been green—leaves, grass—was vibrant shades of plum wine, amethyst, sapphire, and indigo. The sky was a pale shade of red-orange.

"Amazing," Bulma whispered, her cerulean eyes taking in all the extraordinary colors around her. "This is absolutely amazing."

"Dude, it kinda creeps me out," Yamcha muttered. "I mean, it's hurting my eyes."

"C'mon, you big baby," Chi Chi nudged Yamcha's arm, barely scratching her mid-drift, "let's just find Vegeta and Goku and get out of here."

Chi Chi walked ahead from the ship, forging the triumvirate's way into unknown lands. After one hour of trekking through fields and forests, Bulma gasped and grabbed Chi Chi's arm.

"I see the top of a really big building," Bulma whispered, growing nervous now that the group had spotted a sign of civilization.

"And I believe," Yamcha said, pulling out the map he found stashed on Vegeta's ship, "that it's the castle. Don't you guys think that is where they guys should be?"

"It's our best bet," Chi Chi said. "Everyone ready?"

"Ready," Bulma said, nodding her head,

"Ready," Yamcha agreed.

"Let's go," Chi Chi stated. The three gave a large sigh and began jogging toward the castle.

As soon as Bulma's mother had said "she's not here," Vegeta whirled around and stormed out of the house, and Goku followed quietly, waving his condolences to Mrs. Briefs.

The two Saiyans made their way away from Capsule Corps, heading in the direction of the cave where he first landed his ship.

"She'd better get home soon," Vegeta growled, "because I don't want to sit in that ship waiting for her all afternoon." Until he had figured out she wasn't around, Vegeta hadn't realized how thrilled about seeing Bulma after so many months he really was. Now in the absence of her presence, all he could feel was disappointment, so he illustrated this disappointment by stomping his way all the way to the cave, causing small craters on the ground. But as soon as he entered the mouth of the cave, he stopped dead in his tracks, sniffing the air deeply.

"It's their scents," he said, motioning for Goku to smell as well.

"Of course it is," Goku said, shrugging Vegeta off. "We found out before we went to Planet Vegeta that Yamcha knew where the ship was, and I bet he just showed Bulma and Chi Chi."

"No," Vegeta whispered, "I smell fuel too." With that, Vegeta ran down into the cave, shouting four words that made Goku's eyes grow wide.

"The ship's not here!"

To Bulma, Chi Chi, and Yamcha's surprise, getting into the castle was easier than expected. All of the guards appeared to be passed out, and the castle was impossibly quiet. Peering into a large ballroom, Bulma snickered when she observed that many Saiyans were passed out on the floors, tables, and chairs. "They must have had a wild party last night," Bulma giggled, but no one responded to her giggle. She turned around to see a look of horror on Chi Chi and Yamcha's faces because a strong hand gripped each of their necks. Those strong hands belonged to Cartock.

"Cartock," Bulma seethed, "what the hell are you doing?"

'Don't you realize," Cartock hissed, his voice unlike anything Bulma had ever heard, "that if the King finds out you are here, he will have you executed immediately?"

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