Kyouya wedged his feet between the doors so that the sound wouldn't distract the pianist. He was playing the same duet as that night, its tune so soft and enchanting it brought him back to the peak of the moment, when their bodies and souls joined as one.

He immersed himself in the melody so deeply that he sucked in a breath when he realized Tamaki had actually already stopped playing and had cupped his cheek with a cool palm. Then he realized he had been crying, releasing all the loneliness and yearning he had accumulated over the last eight months, all for the idiotic blond who had done nothing but send flowers to say that he was alive.

Tamaki's heart ached as he wiped the tears away, knowing full well that he was the cause. He didn't mean to do what he did, but he had to. He kissed Kyouya's forehead soothingly, feeling his shirt being fisted on his chest, and suddenly he was kissing Kyouya feverishly, using tongue, teeth and lips.

It was as if they both had an addiction, a craving so strong they had to satisfy it or else they would meet their demise. Tamaki had his hands around Kyouya's waist, and Kyouya had slid his hands around Tamaki's neck, and they clung to each other like magnets with opposite poles. Neither of them broke the kiss until they were sure that their lips bruised and they had fully re-memorised the taste of the other.

"You totally suck."

The club and its customers celebrated Tamaki's return in full swing. The Hitachi twins even managed to persuade Haruhi to bring out their most expensive wine. Kyouya pulled out all the stops (he felt like indulging himself) and everyone was treated with a splendid fireworks show and a banquet of French Cuisine. (Tamaki chuckled awkwardly at that; after all, he just had eight months of it.) All the customers managed to present a small gift on such a short notice. ("Nobles." Haruhi grumbled, shaking her head as she watched the molehill grow into a mountain.) And as usual, Honey gifted everyone with delectable desserts.

And of course, Tamaki took Kyouya mountain-climbing. Again and again until they collapsed into the satin covers of Kyouya's bed, spent and panting, but always wanting.

But unfortunately, Kyouya being Ootori Kyouya, spelled out every single cent that the Prince had incurred in his absence from work the next day, and in bed after their morning round. "For the coffee, 50,000 Yen; for the food, 70,000 Yen; for the d├ęcor from February to November, 86.9 million Yen; you have a debt of 88.1 million Yen." Kyouya shut his little black book, smiling much to the dismay of Suou Tamaki. "And you owe me," the raven seated himself on the blond's lap. "Eight months, 2 weeks and 3 days of love."

At that, Tamaki sat up a little straighter so that he could reach up and cover Kyouya's lips with his. "That debt," He smiled with a hint of smugness, tucking the dark locks behind an ear. "I can live my whole life paying for." His smile grew wider as his vice president cheeks dusted rose.

"I love you, Kyouya." The blond whispered the incantation, and the spell worked its magic again.

Afterward, as they basked in the warm afterglow of another round of love-making, Tamaki spoke against the raven's skin.

"Hey, I've never heard you say those words."

Kyouya blinked in confusion. "What?"

"You know." He made heart shapes in the air with two fingers. "I love you."

This time, the blond didn't see the colouring on Kyouya's cheeks. It wasn't rose.

"Ow! What was that for?!" He whined, sitting up in a frenzy as he nursed a head wound. Kyouya flopped over in a huff and hid himself under the quilts.

"Tamaki, you idiot."


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