My response to all those dark!Wilson fics that appeared on the net.


Wilson woke up slowly, blinking groggily against the fuzziness covering his mind. When he managed to get enough comprehension to look around, he blinked in confusion.

He was most definitely still sleeping.

His confused gaze fell onto the open doorway. Or more precisely onto the still figure standing in it.


"Yo, Jimmy."

Wilson blinked, his confusion deepening. "Why am I tied up?"

House was silent for a moment, then limped into the room, settling himself on the chair opposite the bound man.

"Well, yesterday I was surfing the net." he began slowly, eyes not leaving the oncologist's form.

"Looking for porn, no doubt."

"Yeah. Anyway I found this site. According to the stuff written there, you're actually a hate-filled, blood-lusty psychopath."

Wilson blinked in surprise. "Really?"

"Yeah. And you're perfecting the art of stabbing, burning, maiming, poisoning, whipping, breaking, raping, or causing paralysis mostly on me."

Once again, Wilson was stumped. "Oh." He shifted his arms beneath the ropes, his eyes flicking to the wall uncomfortably. "Ummm... is that why I'm tied up?"

"Well, yeah. Had to take precautions."

"Okay." Wilson said slowly, shifting again. "You know, this is too weird. I would never hurt you, so could you just untie me." he turned innocent, pleading eyes to the other, hoping to chip at least a little from the insanity.

House studied him for a while, blinking when he noticed a strange glint in the brown orbs.

"Yeeeah... not taking any chances." he said, and got up, limping out of the room, and locking the door behind him.

Wilson sighed, glaring at the ceiling in frustration. Well, there go his plans for some fun time with House.

Damn those idiots for tipping the man off.