On Sunday morning, or really Sunday afternoon, when Riku woke up he couldn't help but just turn on his music and think about all the things that had happened during the week. It was actually a shock that it had only been a week, and it had started with him fighting with his parents then going over to Cloud's. That had been weird, but a friendly surprise in the least, and it didn't bug him at all except for the fact that it really did end up being the whole reason any of this happened, right? No, maybe it was when they beat up Neku, Beat and Joshua and Sora decided to interfere, that would make more sense as the beginning of the problem, because it was the first time they really saw Sora. Sora, it was all his fault anything weird was even happening, they should've beaten him up along with Neku and them and then let him, so why did Riku find it necessary to find out who he was and start a big internal conflict with himself. He really couldn't believe what he heard when Selphie and Rinoa told him who exactly Sora and Kairi more, and he should've dropped it after his question had been answered, but he didn't. So he had decided to approach Sora, but that was, of course, after he had interrupted Cloud probably having sex with some random guy the night before, but that wasn't the point he was getting to. He had approached Sora again and learned about this Axel guy. Axel was just something Riku thought Sora was hiding behind, something that said 'oh, I'm just as good as you and there's nothing you can do about it'. He didn't know if that was something the young man would go for without a reason, maybe he had a reason…Riku didn't know. The next day, what day was that…Friday, November 18th, he had the privilege of meeting Axel, it was not something he had expected in the least, but none the less Sora, Axel and Kairi had been waiting for him outside.

At this time in his thinking he realized his music had stopped playing. He glanced at the CD player with a frown before pulling himself out of bed and downstairs, his mother was out and his father was upstairs in his office working, so he could put some frozen food in the microwave and eat in peace. When he finished he went right back upstairs and switched the CD with a new one and let it start playing as he lay back down and started to think where he had left off. Meeting Axel. They had force him to call Cloud and they had had a conversation about how real the two were. Then Sora went on to state that he was going out with Axel, that had shocked Riku, probably more then it should have, but he was shocked to no end…then what had happened? Cloud had told Sora and Axel that he was going out with Riku. How did he prove it? He kissed Riku. So within the week Riku had had his first kiss stolen by his dear friend Cloud, and he was sure there were a lot of people that wouldn't believe him if he said that aloud, and may even laugh at him. Seriously, a stud like Riku not having his first kiss until he was sixteen, that was pretty unbelievable. It wouldn't matter what other people would say though because no one would ever know. After that…had been yesterday, Saturday. It still shocked him to no end how quickly it seemed this week went by, yet so much had happened. This week affected his life more then almost any other event that had ever happened in his life, and that thought was actually slightly terrifying. But he still hadn't touched on the events that had taken place on Saturday, which had started with him going over to Squall's, going up to Squall's room, to find the brunette making out with Seifer. It had not been something he would have expected from the two who seemed to have been enemies since forever, though for some reason it seemed to explain a lot, like Squall's sudden change in attitude towards Cloud, because it was very clear that Seifer and Cloud had some sort of feud going on between them that Riku didn't really know about. The glares the had passed between one another, they had been so intense and full of hate, just thinking about the cold blue gazes made Riku shudder. Other then that there had been the announcement between Nero and Weiss, not that it had been a bad thing, just a little shocking. Riku, along with most of his gang, had already known that Nero and Weiss were an item, no matter how much the two had tried to hide it. They did seem a bit too young to want to get into such a big commitment though. But it was up to them how they wanted to live their lives, so no one had the right to get in their way, even though people would be against it no matter what. For some reason, people were still border line 'scared' of gays, because they're so different. Gays…damn, everyone seemed to be gay now; Cloud, Nero, Weiss, Squall, Seifer, Sora…he couldn't call Axel gay at the moment, because he didn't really know the guy and he had seemed pretty surprised about Sora's sudden exclamation…which Riku still didn't know was true or not…and he didn't even know what to assume about it. Well…after Nero and Weiss's announcement, nothing really important had happened, then there had been that conversation Riku had walked in on between Cloud and Squall, he still had no idea what that had been about either but he knew it couldn't be any good. It had something to do with Squall and Seifer, but it wasn't something Riku really want to think about. Hell, he didn't want to think about any of this stuff, but at least this had helped him understand the whole situation a little bit more. But it had also brought up so many questions that he was just as confused as he had been before he started to think about all this in a bit more detail. Riku sighed loudly and exaggeratedly as he flipped himself over and stuffed his head into his pillow, his silver hair falling all over his shoulders and pillow. Now he just wanted to go to sleep and escape this whole thing for another few hours.

He managed to relax quickly and turned his head to look at the wall on one side of his room, the paint was a pale blue and it distracted him a little, as he had never really paid any attention to his room in the past. He sighed, the room thing, on top of the calming piano music still playing in the back ground helped him escape and he soon found himself falling into a very deep sleep that he wouldn't wake up from until the morning afterwards, even if it was only two in the afternoon. After all the stuff that had apparently happened during the week, he deserved a day of sleep.


Sora was sitting on his bed, it was eight the last time he had looked over at the clock, and it was probably still around that time, he hadn't been up that long, but for the whole probably ten minutes he had been up he had been thinking nonstop, which was kind of weird for him. He was so confused, and he had been for pretty much the past week. Riku was suddenly back in his life which was something he really hadn't been expecting, he didn't know Riku went to this school. He had gone and told Riku he was dating Axel. Why the hell had he been so impulsive, he just felt like saying that, he had been some sort of reaction from Riku, but not the one he was given. Aside from Riku's incredibly shocked expression Sora had also found out about Riku's relationship between Cloud, he would have never guessed Riku was gay, but that kiss, it had been so…real. Sora grabbed his hair, yanking it with a short yell, his brain pounded in his head. The noise must have alerted his mother to the fact that he was awake because she knocked on the door a few moments after Sora's little cry. "Come in," Sora stated falling back onto his bed and staring up at the ceiling.

"You are up…" she said opening the door and walking in. She noted the expression on her son's face and frowned. She made her way over to the bed and sat down on the edge of the bed not even bothering to bring up the fact the room looked as though a tornado had hit it. "Are you all right, honey?" she asked her blue eyes, almost identical to Sora's, looked worried and upset.

"I'm fine, I'm just thinking." Sora replied, looking at his mother out of the corner of his eye, a tiny smirk pulling across his face because he was, in a sense, glad that she cared enough to ask.

"Thinking?" she replied in mock shock, knowing that serious thinking or mental work was something that Sora would usual avoid at all costs. "What are you thinking about that could possibly make you so upset?" she asked.

"Just some guy from school," Sora replied with a shrug.

"That Riku kid?" she asked, cocking her head to the side making her very long brown hair sway softly around her as he son sat upright and looked at her with a confused, shocked expression upon his young features.

"Why the hell would you say that!" he exclaimed.

"Just a lucky guess," she replied with a shrug and a fond smile, "are you two friends now or something?" she finished with a question.

"FRIEND!?" Sora exclaimed smacking his palm on the bed on his said as his confused look slowly turned into an angry one. "There's no way in hell that guy is my friend! That bastard had beaten me up THREE times now!" Sora yelled. It made his mother frown some; apparently she hadn't been expecting an outburst quite like that.

"Oh. All right. Well we can talk about it later," she said standing up, "I have to go to work right now." She made her way through the wreckage that was Sora's room and stopped in the doorway. "Are you going to do anything today, if you're as stressed as you seem maybe you should call Kairi and enjoy our Sunday," She said, with a fond smile that stretched across her face.

"All right. I think I'll do that," he said nodding. "See you later, Mom," he said giving her a short wave and smile as she left, closing the door behind her. He waited a while, focusing solely on his mother's foot steps as she made her way through the house and out the door. He sighed then and got himself out of bed. He looked down at his half naked form and scratched the back of his head with a shrug, deciding he could change after he asked Kairi if she wanted to hang out, it would be pointless to get dressed otherwise. He walked through the house to the kitchen where the nearest phone was. He picked up the cordless device and dialed Kairi's number to fast for the little machine to even make the beeping sound right after he pushed the button. He held it up to his ear and waited for his friend to answer.

"Hey, Sora," Kairi stated as she answered the phone, and it wasn't that she was psychic that she knew it was Sora, it was an amazing invention called caller ID that told her who was calling, though Sora wouldn't have been surprised if she could know who it was without caller ID.

"Hey Kairi. I was wondering if you'd wanna hang out today. Maybe hang out at the park then go get lunch," he suggested.

"Oh. That sounds like fun, want me to come over to your house now?" she asked.

"Yeah, that sounds good. But take your time; I still have to get ready," he said with a smile.

"All right, I'll talk to you later then, Sora."

"Okay, bye."

"Talk to you later." They both hung up and Sora started back to his room to get himself ready for the day.

He was dressed and ready to go within the next ten minutes, and he was sprawled out on the couch in the living room to wait for Kairi to finally show up which he knew wouldn't take to long, and it didn't, she was there within the next five minutes. The doorbell ring and Sora slipped off the couch, landing on the ground with a light thud, waiting another few moments before he actually got up. He walked over to the door and put a smile on his face as he opened the door and Kairi practically hopped over the threshold and into the house. "Close," she said, she was shaking like mad and Sora did as she said.

"Is it really that cold out?" he asked looking her over. She was wearing a blue knit hat a bit of her bangs sticking out the bottom of the front and pushed to the side. She wore a brown double button jacket which looked like it couldn't be that warm. She had on a sky blue scarf, covering her neck and chin then draping over either side of her shoulder. Black gloves covered her hands which she rubbed up and down her arms. She wore light blue jeans and tall suede brown boots, going up almost to her knees. He looked back up at her face and almost jumped back as he was greeted by a very fierce gaze.

"It's freezing," she stated.

"Maybe you should get a warmer jacket then," Sora suggested, grabbing his large jacket off a hook next to the door.

"This is warm." She said, "It's just really cold outside."

"Okay, well want to stop and get hot chocolate then go to the park?" Sora asked pulling on his jacket and putting on his shoes at the same time.

"Hot chocolate sounds good…all right," she said nodding once quickly.

"All right, then let me go get money, I'll be right back," Sora said running off into the house, to his room and scrounging up a twenty stuffing it in his pocket as he ran back to the door. "Okay. Let's go," he said, pulling the door back open and stepping out into the cold. The initial shock of the change in temperature made him flinch back, Kairi had been right, it was freezing. He sighed though hoping she hadn't notice him flinch, but of course she had even if she didn't say anything. He sighed as he put his hands behind his head and started to walk, his nose already felt like it was frozen off, he turned on his heel and smiled at Kairi who was closing the door as she walked outside as well. "It's not THAT cold," he said with a laugh receiving an eye roll and an amused smile.

They walked down to the near by coffee shop and ordered hot chocolates. The guy who had taken there orders was the brother of one of the guys that went to their old school, after they had left the one that had gone to with Riku. It was a bit of a shock, but they asked how Zidane was, and learned from a relatively pissed off Kuja that he had no idea and didn't care how his brother was. But they were sure they had seen something in the man's eyes that begged to differ, which struck up their first conversation as they sat down at a table on the far side of the roomy place.

"Kuja can't be that much older then us, can he?" Sora asked, stirring his incredibly hot, chocolaty beverage.

"Well, I'm pretty sure Zidane said that Kuja was four years older then him, and Zidane was a year older then us, so I guess Kuja's about nineteen years old now," she said tapping her lip with her stirring stick.

"That sounds about right," Sora agreed, and there was silence as the two started to drink. Then Sora giggled slightly as he decided to say what he had been thinking, he knew he had Kairi's attention as he said, "He looks and sounds like a girl." He let his forehead hit the table in front of him as he laughed.

Kairi frowned at his rude comment but she found herself looking over her shoulder at the man still working behind the counter. Sporting a uniform, it made you wonder what he would wear other wise. He was wearing a hair net now but his lavender coloured hair looked like if it was free might go down to his waist. He looked as though he was wearing a bit of makeup around his eyes and his nails were polished a lavender colour to match his hair. He wore black, fingerless, gloves that had a gold trim around each finger, the bottom and where it undid. His shoulders were thin and not very muscular, and he had almost woman like curves. He did, overall, look like a girl. Kairi didn't voice her opinion though. She didn't have the chance as she noticed a familiar shock of blond hair walk by the window, but she didn't have time to place the owner before they were gone and she frowned, her eyebrows creasing. Sora noticed this change in appearance and cocked an eyebrow.

"What's wrong?" then he smirked. "Did you think he's hot?" he questioned with another laugh.

"No! I just…thought I saw someone I knew," she said looking back out the window before sighing and taking another sip of her drink.

"Whatever you say," Sora replied following her lead. The roof of his mouth tingled, he probably shouldn't have downed the drink so fast, it really burned. There was a ring of a bell as someone entered. Sora, who had a perfect view of the door from where he sat, looked up at who had entered. He froze. That hadn't been something he was expecting. "Uh, Kairi…did you mean someone like that?" he asked jerking his head in the direction of the two people who had walked in. The girl looked over her shoulder, caught a glimpse of the same blond hair she had seen out the window and turned back to Sora nodding vigorously. Standing there with some unknown man was the same Cloud they had met on Friday.

"Should we leave?" Kairi asked, fidgeting with the cup in her hands as she kept looking over her shoulder at Cloud and the other man as Kuja seemed to be hitting on them.

"No. We were here before, besides why would they care." Sora stated with a shrug, though he to had a hard time not looking over at Cloud, who seemed to have a bit of a cold, razor like, edge to his gaze today. His companion was much shorter then the blond and had hair that was longer in the front then in the back and a navy blue colour. His long bangs fell over one of his eyes; the visible one seemed to have a very passive, indifferent look about it, which was the same with the frown on his face. The two were served and started to walk to the corner on the opposite side of a low wall with assorted plants then Sora and Kairi, who ducked down slightly as though not to be seen by the two older men as they passed, which was, surprisingly, a success.

"Do you feel kind of awkward?" Kairi asked Sora. She had moved from fidgeting with her cup to twirling a piece of hair around her finger multiple times and biting her lip.

"SHH," replied Sora, who was closer to the wall that separated them from Cloud and the emo kid, as he very obviously attempted to eavesdrop. Kairi did as she was told though her face said how much she didn't approve of these actions. The two minors were silent for a while before, "Shit. I can't hear them at all," Sora hissed under his breath, which made Kairi sigh.

"I kinda want to go, Sora," she stated.

"Fine, we can go," he said smiling fondly as his friend, he didn't like being so inconsiderate, it wasn't like him, but when it came to stuff that could involve Riku, he seemed to think differently. He got up and picked up his drink which was only about half way done, Kairi followed and the two left. As they walked around the side of the building Sora couldn't help but look in the window where he knew the other two were sitting and he gasped rather loudly at what he saw: Cloud locked in a passionate kiss with the emo kid. Sora didn't know how to think about that, but he ended with a smirk on his face and a rather flamboyant walk as the two headed for the park. Though they didn't really speak for the entire walk, and just sipped away at their still hot drinks.

Their walk to the park officially ended as they sat down on the swings at the abandoned park. With just that, conversation was struck up. "Why are you happy all of a sudden?" Kairi asked Sora as the brunette started to swing slowly, a huge smile on his face.

"Did you look in at the last moment, you know, at Cloud and the emo kid?" he asked.

"No…" Kairi said, not knowing what to expect Sora to say next.

"Well if you had you would have seen the two sucking face," Sora said with a laugh.

"Why the hell would that make you happy?" Kairi asked, very obviously upset, "If that's what you actually saw, which I don't believe, can't you feel at least a little sorry for Riku?" she asked, not completely believing what Sora was saying.

"Like I'd ever feel sorry for that bastard! You know about all the shit he's done to me," Sora fought back. "And I DID see Cloud kissing that guy, I know I did."

"Okay…Sora, I've been meaning to ask you this since Friday…" Kairi started, starting to believe what the brunette was saying, the fact that the two hadn't said anything when they sat down had been slightly strange, but now she was asking something that she was really curious about. "Why did you tell Riku you were going out with Axel?" It seemed to get a reaction from Sora.

"W-why?" he stammered then he paused as he thought about it, "I-I don't know…I just…" He paused again. "I just thought I'd show Riku that…uh, he's not the only one who can have friends, or even relationships with older, cooler people," he said, but as he said it he was pretty sure it didn't make any sense and he mentally kicked himself for not having a reason, not a reason at all. It had all been impulse when he had done it, like his mind had been working on its own and controlling what he said. It didn't seem to convince Kairi though, but she dropped it anyway.

"So you really think Cloud's cheating on Riku?" she asked taking another sip of her almost done drink, letting the swing sway gently.

"Well it sure looked like it," Sora said nodding, having finished his drink he had put the cup on the ground and covered it slightly so it wouldn't blow away and he could throw it out later. He started to really swing as he thought. "I mean…I don't think people who are just friends kiss like that," he said.

"Well…I feel bad for Riku, it must be hard to have a boyfriend who's graduated from school before you and you don't know what they do during school hours," Kairi said, sympathy laced through her words. It made Sora frown.

"I think Riku deserves whatever he gets," Sora said with finality. Everything went quiet and the two didn't talk much at all until they decided it was about time they got home.

Sora's walk was much shorter then Kairi's and where the split ways they said goodbye and Sora hurried down the street and into his house. Everything was silent and quiet when he walked into the house and he locked the door behind him. He looked at a clock it was only nine thirty, they hadn't been out very long, he had at least expected to kill a little more then an hour and a half out, and he was sure they would've if he hadn't made everything so awkward in the end. He sighed and headed to his room. He fell into bed and was asleep within minutes.

"Sora, wake up honey. Dinner's ready." A voice said as someone shook his shoulder and he slowly started to wake up.

"Just five more minutes…." he whined, making the woman, who he could now identify as his mother laugh.

"No, right now, come on." She said shaking him a little more.

"What time is it…?" he asked, his hand coming up and covering his eyes as he rolled over on his bed.

"Six in the afternoon."

"When'd you get home?"


"Oh…all right. Can I eat in here?" he asked pulling his hand away from his face and looking at his mom.

"No. Now come on, if you finish quickly you can go back to sleep faster."

Finish quickly he did. He was never slow when it came to eating and the food set in front of him was gone within minutes and he stretched, full and happy, completely forgetting about what had happened that day, and luckily managing to be back in bed before his mother could question him about his day. But she did manage to ask, "Did you hang out with Kairi today?"

"Yeah, for a while, we went and got hot chocolate," he replied.

"Wow, you seem really tired."

"I am." And that was the end of their conversation before Sora let himself fall back asleep, not knowing what to expect on Monday and at school again, and just before he dozed off he decided he would tell Riku what he saw that day. Then everything was dark as sleep enveloped him once again.

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