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Last time on Help Me. Crow stole a bunch of decks from Sector Security. Security gave chase, though the pursuing officers might want to look at other careers. While that was going on, Akiza paid Sayer a visit, and admitted that she loves Yusei, and had Sayer promise to look out for him. While Yusei was dropped into the Satellite, almost immediately meeting up with his old buddy Crow. They did some catching up, and Yusei found that the people of the Satellite were being brought into some kind of cult, for lack of a better word. After meeting up with Rally, Tank, Nervin, Blitz, and Blister, Sector Security tracked them down, and Yusei and Crow faced them in a tag duel. Pulling out a win with a combo of Turbo Warrior, Ebon Arrow, and the Wedge Counters of Blackwing-Armor Master. We now catch up with Jack and Carly, who are on their "date" to the local amusement park. I think Jack hit his head at some point, maybe that's why he's being nice to Carly, instead of a royal pain in the ass. Oh wait, he's being nice, because I made him nice.

Jack: How did you make me nice you conniving snake?

Me: Like this. -typing-

Jack: Carly, you're so beautiful. What the hell!?

Me: Enjoy the chap my loyal and loving readers. What will happen on the date? Find out now on Help Me.

Legal Stuff: I don't own Yugioh, Yugioh GX, or Yugioh 5Ds. If I did, then this fic would be canon. Though in all honesty, the fact that Sayer is not a two faced bastardo in this, is at the behest of my fellow Dysfunctional Sibling, WhiteAsukalover. Kudos to him for helping out with the previous chapter. And kudos to the Yugioh wiki, it's proven invaluable in providing card effects and duel sequences.

"Mr. Atlas, is it true that you knew Yusei Fudo prior to the Fortune Cup?" a reporter asked,

"Leave me alone!" Jack yelled as he pulled Carly along, fleeing the media, finally shaking them after a bit,

"I need a disguise." Jack said,

"I know just the place to get one." Carly said,


"No one will recognize you now." Carly said,

"I feel like a disco reject." Jack said, decked out in a black coat that stopped at his back, a black hat, and sunglasses,

"You look great." Carly assured him,

"Well, if you say so." Jack said,

"I say so. Now come on, let's get to the amusement park!" Carly said, pulling him along.

(amusement park)

"So, what should we do first?" Carly asked, looking around,

"You decide." Jack said,

"Alright." Carly said,

"What are they up to?" Trudge asked as he and Mina watched Jack and Carly,

"I bet they're on a date." Mina said, having no liking for Carly,

"You sound like you don't like that." Trudge said as they followed Jack and Carly.

Jack and Carly went on several rides, among them a roller coaster and bungee jumping,

"What should we do next Jack?" Carly asked before seeing a dueling arena,

"Come one! Come all!" yelled the guy in charge, "Anyone think they can beat Mad Dog?"

"That looks like fun." Carly said, going up, getting a duel disk, and entering the ring,

"Ah, we have a challenger." the guy in charge said, "But can she beat Mad Dog?"

"Go get him Carly." Jack said from next to the ring,

"You're going down little girl." Mad Dog said,

"Mad dogs have to be put down, and you're no different." Carly said, putting her deck in the duel disk, "Get ready to lose." she said as they deployed their duel disks,

"Let's duel" they said.


Mad Dog:4000

"The first move is mine." Mad Dog said, drawing his card, "I summon Double Coston(1700/1650) in attack mode." he said as the monster appeared, "Next I activate the spell card Double Summon."

Double Summon is a spell card that allows you to normal summon a second time during the turn it is activated.

"Now I release Double Coston, treating him as two sacrifices with his special ability, to summon Zoa(2600/1900) in attack mode." Mad Dog said as the new fiend appeared, "Next I activate Foolish Burial, so I can take a monster from my deck and send it to the graveyard." he said as he sent the card, "Now I place one card face down and end my turn."

"Where are your manners?" Carly asked as she drew her card, "It's polite to let a lady go first. Now I'll give you a lesson in manners. I activate the spell card Terraforming, so I can take a field spell from my deck and add it to my hand." she said as she got the field spell, "Now I'll activate that field spell." she said as she put it on her duel disk, "It's called Future Visions, and it's a very revealing card." she said as the field took a new appearance, "Next I summon Fortune Lady Light(?/?) in attack mode." she said as the Fortune Lady appeared, "Fortune Lady Light's attack and defense points are determined by her level, which increases by one during each of my standby phases, and she gains 200 for each."

"That means she only has 200 attack points." Mad Dog said before laughing,

"She won't be around for long." Carly said, "My field spell removes any monster that's normal summoned from play until its master's next standby phase." she said as Fortune Lady Light disappeared,

"Then you're wide open!" Mad Dog said through even harder laughter,

"Not quite." Carly said, "Because when Fortune Lady Light leaves the field, I can summon another Fortune Lady from my hand or deck."

Mad Dog stopped laughing, curious about what Carly would summon,

"I summon Fortune Lady Fire(?/?)." Carly said as the new monster appeared, "She gains 200 attack and defense points for each of her levels, so she has 400 attack and defense points, but..."

"She's still a worthless monster." Mad Dog said,

"Where are your manners? You should let someone finish talking before you mouth off." Carly said, "As I was saying, when Fortune Lady Fire is summoned by the effect of another Fortune Lady, she can destroy a monster on your field and take its attack points out of your life points."

"What?!" Mad Dog asked,

"Fortune Lady Fire, destroy Zoa." Carly said as Fire blasted Zoa.


Mad Dog: 1400

"Now, Fortune Lady Fire, attack him directly." Carly said as Mad Dog got blasted with fire.


Mad Dog:1000

"I'll end with a facedown." Carly said as the card back appeared,

"She's pretty good." Jack said,

"I draw." Mad Dog said, 'Okay, this is gonna be tricky, with that field spell in play, if I normal summon a monster, I'll lose it for a round. So I need to avoid normal summons.' he thought as he looked over his hand, "I activate Pot of Greed, so I can draw two more cards." he said as he drew the cards, "Next I activate Monster Reborn to bring Zoa back." he said as Zoa reappeared, "Next I activate Metalmorph, and equip it to Zoa, next I release Zoa to summon Metalzoa(3000/2300)." he said as Zoa took a new form, "Next I activate Premature Burial to bring back the monster I sent to the graveyard with Foolish Burial, Ushi Oni." he said as the monster appeared, "Next I release him to bring out Giant Ushi Oni. And it's a special summon, so your field spell has no effect."

"Not a problem." Carly said,

"Giant Ushi Oni attack!" Mad Dog said as the monster attacked,

"I activate My trap, Slip of Fortune." Carly said as her trap was revealed,

"Since you're attacking my monster, I can negate the attack at the cost of removing Fortune Lady Fire from play until my next standby phase." Carly said,

"Well then, Metalzoa, attack her directly!" Mad Dog said his monster attacked.


Mad Dog:1000

"You can do this Carly." Jack said,

"I end my turn." Mad Dog said,

"I draw." Carly said, "And during my standby phase, my Fortune Ladies return to the field." she said as Light and Fire reappeared, "Now I activate the spell card Hinotama, which hits you for 500 points of damage." she said as a fireball blasted Mad Dog.


Mad Dog:500

"Next I activate Serial Spell, which can copy the effect of a normal spell card I played this turn, like Hinotama." Carly said as another fireball blasted Mad Dog.


Mad Dog:0

"We have a winner!" the attendant said, "The challenger has put Mad Dog down!"

"I knew you'd win Carly." Jack said as Carly came up to him,

"That was fun." Carly said,

"Glad you enjoyed it." Jack said, "I think I'll get in on this too." he said as he threw off his black coat and donned his trademark white trench coat, handing Carly his hat and sunglasses, "I'll have a crack at Mad Dog as well." he said, grabbing his duel disk and entering the ring,

"Ladies and gentlemen, our new challenger is none other than the former champion Jack Atlas!" the attendant exclaimed,

"The champ turned washed up has been." Mad Dog said,

"I only lost the championship two days ago!" Jack yelled, annoyed as he put his duel disk on,

"Whatever." Mad Dog said, activating his duel disk, "Let's do this."

"Let's." Jack said, activating his duel disk.


Mad Dog:4000

"I'll go first." Mad Dog said, drawing, "I summon Red Eyes Black Chick(800/500) in attack mode." he said as the baby Red Eyes appeared, "Now I'll use his special ability, by releasing him, I can summon his adult form, Red Eyes Black Dragon(2400/2000)." he said as the dragon grew up in a pillar of fire, "Your move."

"I draw." Jack said, "Since you have a monster on the field and I don't, I can special summon Vice Dragon(2000/2400) at the cost of halving his attack and defense points." Jack said as his dragon appeared,

"What good is that?" Mad Dog asked,

"I release Vice Dragon to summon Strong Wind Dragon(2400/1000) in attack mode." Jack said as his new dragon appeared, "When the monster released to summon Strong Wind Dragon is a dragon type monster, Strong Wind Dragon gains half its attack points. So he gains 1000 more attack points, for a total of 3400 points."

"Lucky." Mad Dog said,

"Strong Wind Dragon, attack." Jack said as his dragon blew Red Eyes away.


Mad Dog:3000

"I'll place two cards face down and end my turn." Jack said as the card backs appeared,

"I draw." Mad Dog said, "And activate Monster Reborn to bring back my Red Eyes Black Dragon." he said as his Red Eyes reappeared, "Next I release him to summon Red Eyes Darkness Dragon(2400/2000) in attack mode." he said as the new dragon appeared.

When the monster card Red Eyes Darkness Dragon is on your field, it gains 300 attack points for each dragon type monster in your graveyard.

"Since I've got two dragons in my graveyard, he gets 600 more attack points." Mad Dog said as Red Eyes' attack points went up, "Next I activate the spell card Dragon Heart, so I can send three dragon type monsters to the graveyard to give Red Eyes 1000 more attack points, and he gets 900 more from his special ability. So he's got 4900 attack points." he said in triumph,

"I activate Threatening Roar, which prevents you from conducting your battle phase this turn." Jack said, revealing one of his face down,

"I end my turn." Mad Dog said as Dragon Heart wore off,

"I draw." Jack said, "And summon the tuner monster Dark Tinker.(1000/1300)" he said as the tuner appeared, "Now I'll use my monsters for a synchro summon." he said as they disappeared in a pillar of light, "I synchro summon Red Dragon Archfiend(3000/2000) in attack mode." Jack said as his ace appeared,

"Your ace is weaker than my dragon." Mad Dog said with a laugh,

"Not for long." Jack said, "I activate the spell card Soul Release, which lets me remove up to five cards in either of our graveyards from play, like the five dragons in yours."

"What?!" Mad Dog yelped,

"So your dragon's weaker than mine now." Jack said, "Red Dragon Archfiend, attack!" he said as the Darkness Dragon was wasted,


Mad Dog:2400

"Now I activate my trap, Lineage of Destruction. So my level eight dragon can attack again. Send him crying to his mommy!" Jack said as Red Dragon Archfiend attack again.


Mad Dog:0

"Wow, Jack's still a great duelist." a random kid said,

"I only lost the championship two days ago!" Jack exclaimed, a vein bulging in his head,

"Calm down Jack." Carly said, leading him away, her arm linked through his,

"That was fun." Jack said, enjoying having Carly on his arm,

"Yeah, it was." Carly said, leaning her head on Jack's arm.

Another chapter, done. Next chapter will shift back to Yusei's work in the Satellite. I bid you all a most respectful farewell.