Ukitake sat on a train and looked outside his window. His long white hair was put up in a pony tail and his legs were crossed. His book rested on his leg with his thumb holding the place he was on. "The country side… it's so much better in real life than any of the pictures I've seen in the text books." He said to himself as he smiled.

Then he followed the page top a bit over and closed his book. He put it in his bag and pulled out a piece of paper. He looked at it "Ok… I need to find a Mr. Kyoraku…" he said to himself then looked back out the window. He's eyes widened a bit as he still smiled "Oh, there's the town now! My, it's much smaller than the one I'm from." He said to himself.

The train made a loud whistle sounds as it approached the small little town. Thick black smoke shot from the coal pipe and into the air as it slowly came to a stop. Ukitake smiled and picked up his things then stepped off the train.

The little town was indeed small and old. It was dusty but still very nice. Then a man came up to Ukitake "Excuse me, but are you Ukitake Jyuushirou?" he asked.

Ukitake looked at him. The man had a very kind warm smile and a bit of facial hair along his jaw and it when to his lips. He had long brown wavy hair that was pulled back into a loose pony tail. He wore a straw hat on his head and a pair of torn up jeans. His shirt was a button up, but the first three buttons were undone and it was a plaid red one. He had to at least 6 foot and just a couple inches taller than Ukitake.

Ukitake smile at him "Yes I am." He answered.

"Yes! I guessed right the first time!" the man said as he shot his fists into the air. Ukitake laughed and so did the man. Then his put his hands back in his pockets "I'm Kyoraku Shunsui, I heard I was supposed to take you home with me. Oh wait… that sounds funny…"

Ukitake laughed again "Yes, I'm supposed to go home with you."

Kyoraku smiled "Ok. The ranch is just down the street here. We can walk there." He said as he turned to his side and pointed with his thumb behind him.

Ukitake held his bag in front of him with both hands "Ok, just lead the way."

Kyoraku nodded and turned around. He started walking down the dirty path with Ukitake at his side.


After a bit of silence, Kyoraku glanced down at the other's bag "Hey, can I look thru your bag?" he asked.

Ukitake looked up at him "Excuse me?"

"Oh sorry. MAY I look thru your bag?" Kyoraku fixed.


"So I can find that little list that has the stuff on it that you have to check for my little ranch."

Ukitake stared at him then laughed. He held his bag up to the other and Kyoraku took it "Score!" he shouted. This made Ukitake laugh again.

Kyoraku opened the bad and started to go thru it. "Ooo! What's that?" he said as he pulled out a book. He turned it so he could read the title "You like to read don't you?" he asked then looked at the smaller one.

Ukitake nodded "Yes I do."

"I hate reading. That's why I'm not in school right now. Not that I don't think I can't do it, it's just I don't like to read and write very much; too lazy for that crap. I like my ranch better. Just get to take care of all the animals." Kyoraku explained then put the book back in the bag. Then he pulled out a piece of paper "Oh, I found it!" he shouted happily as he started to read over it.

"You're a very curious, aren't you?" Ukitake asked.

Kyoraku just smiled at him innocently, which made Ukitake chuckle. Then Kyoraku looked up "Oh, we're here already. Just gettin' ready ta pass it." He said as he stopped.

Ukitake stopped too and looked up at the house. It was a two story house and a whitish color. It made two blue windows on the bottom; two on each side of the door and 3 on the top. At least form the front it did. He smiled "It's a pretty little house." He said to him.

"I thank you kindly." Kyoraku said as he put the stuff back in Ukitake's bag and gave it back to him. Ukitake took it then followed the other down the dirty path and up the stairs into the house.

"Feel free to throw ya crap anywhere! I really don't mind!" Kyoraku called to him as he walked into the next room.

Ukitake looked around then set his bag on a nearby table. He put his hands behind him and looked up at the pictures on the walls. There were pictures of fairs and animals. "Do you have any family Mr. Kyoraku?" Ukitake called to him.

"Nope! They all died!" he told him.

Ukitake's eyes widened slightly and he looked at the other as he walked back in the room with two cups of lemonade. "Oh, I'm terribly sorry!" he said quickly.

Kyoraku chuckled "Nah it's alright. I don't mind." He handed one to the younger one and Ukitake smiled. "Thank you." Shunsui nodded.

Ukitake looked up at the other pictures then he saw some of horses and he smiled. "You have horses?" he asked still looking at them.

"Yep, lots of them. They're all very nice but very playful." Kyoraku said. He took a sip of his drink and he made a face. "Ooo too sweet…"

Ukitake didn't hear the last sentence the other had said and he took a sip of his drink. "Mmm!" he said then put his finger tips to his lips.

Kyoraku chuckled sheepishly "Yeah… Sorry about that… their a bit too sweet…"

Ukitake shook his head and looked at him. "No it's very good! I love sweet things."

Kyoraku laughed "I can tell!"

Ukitake just smiled innocently then looked at the pictures of horses again. Kyoraku smirked a bit "You like horse, don't you?" he asked.

Ukitake nodded "Yes I do. I haven't seen a real one but I've read about them. They are such incredible talented as well as being beautiful. They're strong and graceful at the same time."

"How would you like to see a real one up close and personal?" Kyoraku asked.

Ukitake's eyes widened and he looked at the other. "Really? You would let me?" Kyoraku nodded and Ukitake smiled "That would be wonderful!" he said happily as Kyoraku chuckled.

"Well then come on!" Kyoraku said as he put down his cup and started walking toward the door. Ukitake nodded too and put his cup down then quickly followed.


After a while, the two reached a large field; maybe 15 acres of nothing but fenced in land with a couple trees. Kyoraku walked up to the fence and jumped up on top of it. He held out his hand for the other man which Ukitake took. Kyoraku helped him up and over the fence then jumped to the ground.

He walked past the other and motioned for him to follow. "Well come on now ya city slicker!" he said in a joking tone.

Ukitake nodded and followed the other farther into the large field.

"So all this land is for the horses?" Ukitake asked looking around.

Kyoraku nodded as he put his hands back in his pockets. "It's a law. Every horse gets one acre."

Ukitake looked at him "So you have about… 16 horses?"

"Nope! I have 20."

Ukitake blinked some and tilted his head. Kyoraku leaned his head back slightly to look at him "The land behind this is owned already so I just hide 5 of my horses when the county comes to check it ou- Oops… uh…" he said then bit his lip.

The younger out of the two smiled "Don't worry. I won't tell on you. Your secret is safe with me." He winked at him.

Kyoraku smiled "Ya know what? You're alright Jyuushirou!" then he looked forward. "Oh there they are!"

Ukitake looked ahead of the other and his eyes widened when he saw a large group of horses. They were all many different colors and sizes.

Kyoraku stopped and put his fingers to his lips then whistled loudly. This got the horses attention and they all raised their heads from the grazing they were doing. "We've got ourselves some fresh meat from the city!!" he called out to them. This made them all whinny and some stood up on their find legs but one. Kyoraku laughed.

Ukitake looked at the other "They know what you're saying? Like, they understand you?"

Kyoraku nodded and put his hand back in his pockets. "Yep. They're a friendly bunch." He turned to face the other and grinned "The funny thing is that I could tell one of them to do something and they'll do it too. Like once I was at a-…" but he was cut off by a loud whinny. Both of the men's eyes widened. Kyoraku turned around and Ukitake looked past him. A large pure black horse with a large white main stood up on its back legs then charged at Kyoraku.

Kyoraku's eyes widened "Oh shit!" he ran past the other "It's Bessie Jyuushirou!! Run like Hell froze over!!" he shouted over his shoulder.

Ukitake just stood there "What?" then the huge black horse zoomed past Ukitake. This made the man flinch and turn around.

Kyoraku run faster, almost falling but then quickly climbed a tree like as fast as lightning. Bessie slid to a stop at the base of the tree and snorted as she shook her head slightly. Then she turned her head and locked eyes with Ukitake. Kyoraku saw this and blinked some then looked at his new friend. "Run Jyuushirou!! She's going to kill you!!" he shouted as Bessie whinnied and charged toward him.

Ukitake's eyes widened and he put his heads up in front of his face.

"Run!!" Kyoraku shouted again.

Bessie finally reached him and slid to a stop. She panted and looked at him. Ukitake opened his eyes slightly then moved his hands and looked at the horse. They stared at each other for a moment then Bessie gently brushed the side of her face on Ukitake's cheek. This shocked the younger man but then he slowly stroked the horse's neck, making it whinny softly and close its eyes.

Kyoraku sat there in the tree with his mouth open wide and so were his eyes. Was he seeing things? Did he hit his head as he was climbing the tree? He rubbed his eyes then looked at the other man and the horse to discover that he wasn't seeing things.

"Well I'll be damned…" he said quietly as he smiled. He jumped out of the tree and walked to the other with his hands in his pockets again. "Look at you Jyuushirou! You just tamed the meanest and most evil horse that there is! I'm very impressed." He said.

Ukitake looked at him and smiled. "She doesn't seem that mean. She's quite sweet really. Her name is Bessie right?"

Kyoraku nodded as he walked next to the other. "Yep. Bessie was one of the very first horses I got, back when I was young. She wasn't mean to the other horses but she always was the leader and protected them. She doesn't like me or anyone to tell ya the truth. They gave her to me for free, saying that they didn't want anything to do with her. The poor girl…" he reached out to touch the horse but Bessie's eyes snapped open and she tried the bite him. Kyoraku quickly took his hand back and his eyes widened.

Ukitake laughed "It seems she still doesn't like you!"

Kyoraku made a face then crossed his arms. Ukitake laughed again then sighed happily.

"Well I suppose I should get started on my work here." he said then turned around to start inspecting the land that the horses were living on. But when he did, Bessie leaned forward and grabbed the ribbon the held Ukitake's hair up with her teeth. She pulled it out of his hair, making it all fall down.

Ukitake's eyes widened and he turned around. "H-hey!" he said as he tried the get the ribbon back but Bessie would just hop around and move her head, making it harder on the other.

Kyoraku laughed loudly "She wants to play with you Jyuushirou!" he shouted.

"Well I don't have time to play right now! Could you stop laughing and help me?" Ukitake said as he tried to get the ribbon from the horse.

Kyoraku shook his head "Nope! She doesn't like me, remember~?"

Ukitake sighed as he kept trying but then Bessie started to run the other way. "Hey! Get back here!" the younger one shouted as he ran after her. "Bessie!"

Kyoraku just laughed.