"I can't believe you got Bliss to do that!" Ukitake shouted from the second floor.

Kyoraku looked up sake cup, slightly in confusion "Uh… what did I do again?" he asked.

"You got her to jump over all those things! Then you got her to dance!"

"Oh… oh ok I remember now. It wasn't really all that impressive." He said.

Ukitake started down the stairs in his sleeping clothes "No no it was! It was amazing!" He sat next to the other with his legs up next to him and smiled at him.

"You really think so?" the older said a bit quietly as he looked down at the other.

Ukitake nodded "Mhm!"

"Well… heh… thanks, I suppose." Kyoraku said as he scratched back of his head and looked down at his sake cup.

"You're welcome."

Ukitake sighed and leaned back. He closed his eyes for a moment then opened them. Kyoraku looked at him and tilted his head a bit. "What's the matter sun shine?" he asked.

Ukitake shook his head and still looked forward. "I'm just getting this feeling that the storm's letting up… and that I'll have to leave soon…" he said.

"Oh…" Kyoraku had completely forgotten that the other had to go back soon and he was quite saddened by the fact. He enjoyed the other's company and… he'd hate to say it but… he had let himself fall in love with the city slicker too, which would make saying goodbye much more difficult.

It was quiet for a bit but then Ukitake smiled at his new best friend. "It's alright. I think instead of being all sad, I think we should spend the last couple days having fun! Of course, sense I've been slacking… I'll have to do all that piled up for me outside…" he sighed.

Kyoraku smiled back "I'll help ya if ya want."


"Of course!"

Ukitake smiled at him "That's nice of you. Just don't cheat!"

Kyoraku laughed "I promise!"


"Ok… so what am I looking for again?" Kyoraku asked as he looked down at a piece of paper then up at the side of his house on the outside.

Ukitake looked up from his paper at him "You're looking for water damage Shunsui." He said.

"That's when water ruins the wood in your house right?"


"Ok…" Kyoraku just stood there and Ukitake laughed he walked over to him. he t6ook the paper "Go check the fuse box." He said.

Kyoraku smiled at him "Ok!" then turned to go to the back of his house. Ukitake shook his head as he smiled and sighed then went back to work. He bit the back of his pen and looked around on the walls of his friend's house. "Hnn…" he said in thought.

"Hey Jyuushirou?"

Ukitake looked up "Yes?"

"I ain't no electrical person but I don't think this is good…"

Ukitake blinked some but then walked behind the house to the other. He was standing there with one hand on his hand and the other on his head as he looked at the fuse box. Ukitake walked up next to him and took a look to. Then eyes widened at the sight of broken wires and sparks flying. "Oh dear…"

"Yeah, big time." Kyoraku said as he nodded. "I'll have to get some new wire and shit like that. Damn it!"

"It's alright. I mean… it's not really alright but at least we're ok." he smiled up at him.

Kyoraku looked down at him but then smiled too. He playfully pushed the other's head "You're such a peacemaker!"

Ukitake laughed.


The next couple days past and Ukitake had gotten all of his work done. That was the day that Kyoraku dreaded. It was the day that Ukitake would have to go home… But to spend their last moments together, they went to the Horse field and sat together under a large apple tree near the fence. The sun was starting to set and it painted everything a beautiful orange and yellow color.

Kyoraku sighed and leaned back against the tree as he put his hands behind his head. Ukitake sat next him and was petting the snout of Bessie. Sunya layed down next to Kyoraku and she watched.

"You know what, Shunsui?" Ukitake said.

Kyoraku looked at him "Hm?"

"I'm going to miss it here. I really liked spending this week and a half with you and I'm going to miss it a lot." He said as he smiled, a bit sadly.

Kyoraku frowned and tilted his head. He too was really sad and he was disappointed in himself for not telling the other that he loved him. Damn you nerves!! "Yeah I know. It's going to be lonely here again… and I bet chya Bessie's gonna mess ya too."

Ukitake frowned and hugged the horse's snout. "I'm going to miss her too!"

Bessie whined softly and rubbed her snout against his cheek. Ukitake smiled at her "Aw… it's going to be ok Bessie. I'll come back to see you. I hope…"

Kyoraku's eyebrows came together sadly as he watched the other painfully. But then Ukitake let go of the horse and turned to face the other. They looked at each other for a long moment with sadness in their eyes.

This is when Bessie opened her eyes and looked at them. She whined quietly then she leaned her head forward. Sunya raised her head and looked at her. She watched as Bessie bumped Ukitake's head forward and the other men touched lips. Both Ukitake and Kyoraku's eye widened and they blushed dark. Bessie backed up a bit and tilted her head. Slowly, Ukitake pulled away from the other but then he closed his eyes and kissed him again. Kyoraku smiled a bit and closed his eye to kiss the other back too. It was a soft kiss but yet had so much meaning to it. Kyoraku gently put his hand on the other's cheek and he felt the other's fingers make their way to entwine with his own.

Bessie whined loudly as she would kick her front legs into the air. Sunya barked and all the other horses whined too.

Finally, they pulled apart. The two of them looked at each other, Ukitake still blushing but Kyoraku's was gone.

Ukitake looked down and smiled shyly as his blush increased. "How long do you think she knew?" he asked quietly.

Kyoraku took his hand back and smiled "Sunya probably told her."

Ukitake chuckled a bit "Now I really don't want to leave!" he said as he put his other hand over one of his eyes.

"You don't have to, you know."

Ukitake looked up at him "But what about my job and the things back at home?"

"You can work here with me and we can go and get your things."

"Would… would that be ok with you? I mean, I've been burdening you all this time and I-…"

Kyoraku took both the other's cheeks in his hand so that he would look into his eyes. "Listen to me Jyuushirou. You are the best thing that happened to me and this ranch in a very long time. I know for a fact that there isn't one person on this land that would be upset if you stayed. You were never a burden to me; not once. And it's not going to start now. So will you stay? Not just for me, but for everyone here?"

Ukitake stared at him with slightly wide eyes then looked at Sunya and Bessie. Bessie whined as she nodded and Sunya barked then panted. He smiled at them then looked back at Kyoraku's soft eyes. He finally nodded once "Ok, I'll stay here."

Kyoraku's eyes lit up "Really?"

Ukitake nodded again "Yes."

Kyoraku smiled wide, showing his teeth then hugged the other. "I'm so glad."