Title: Seductions
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek, and I do not make any money from these fictions.
Rating: M
Summary: Jim is seductive, even when he doesn't mean to be. Spock tries to fight his captain's pull, and in the process almost pushes Jim to his death…K/S Slash.


"You are very attractive and sexually advanced, for a human," the Deltan ambassador says by way of introduction at one of the fancy diplomatic galas Jim and his senior officers are sometimes forced to attend.

"Um...thanks?" Jim replies, blinking in shock. He is used to be propositioned, but not quite that way and not in a room filled with diplomats and Starfleet brass.

"I would enjoy partaking in sexual intercourse with you," the male continues.

Jim blinks again.

"Are you going to at least give me your name first?" he asks evenly, willing to humor the diplomat just a bit.

He doesn't want to have sex with this man, no matter how sexy he may be - he's in love with Spock, and he's practicing abstinence for a while before he approaches his first officer. That way, the Vulcan will take him seriously and know that he's not just after that hot body...

Besides, the Deltan has taken his pheromone suppressors - he has to have, or Jim would already be drooling and all over him.

"I am Raius of Delta IV," the ambassador replies. "You are Captain James Tiberius Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise. I thank you for saving Earth and the Federation, and I wish to express my gratitude through sexual intercourse."

Well, that is straightforward.

"I'm sorry, but I am not available," Jim tells him, wanting to let the alien down gently.

"You are mated?" Raius questions.

"Not yet," Jim replies, thinking of Spock. "But I want to be."

"If you are not yet mated, then we can engage in sexual relations. I will - what is the human word? - oh yes, seduce you," the Deltan declares, nodding his bald head once in emphasis.

"I really don't want to be seduced," Jim replies with a small grin.

Turning this Deltan down is probably the most fun he will ever have at one of these functions. Raius is blunt and attractive and obviously horny, and Jim is flattered by the attention.

But Raius isn't Spock, and Jim does not want to cause any setbacks in the pursuit of his first officer and friend.

So he will smile and laugh and deflect Raius's come-ons, and then he will return to the Enterprise alone tonight.


Spock watches from across the room as the ambassador from Delta IV approaches the captain and engages him in discussion. Ambassador Raius is aesthetically appealing, and the captain seems to enjoy his attentions.

Spock is captivated as the captain throws his head back to laugh at a statement from the ambassador.

Spock cannot make the captain laugh like that…

The half-Vulcan turns his attentions away from the spectacle on the other side of the room, and once more focuses on Lieutenant Uhura. Though their romance had come to its logical conclusion some months prior, he still appreciates spending time with the lieutenant.

They are…friends.

Much like Spock is with the captain – except not precisely the same. Because while his romantic endeavors with the lieutenant have been settled, Spock is…apprehensive of initiating relations with the captain.

"Spock," Nyota says, diverting his thoughts once again. "Why don't you go over there and pull the captain away?"

Spock once again glances at the captain, seeing him engaged in a discussion with the Deltan ambassador.

"He would not welcome the intrusion," Spock disputes.

Nyota glares at him, dark eyes intense.

"Spock – the captain is obviously becoming uncomfortable. I can see how fake his laugh is from here. He might have been flattered in the beginning, but the ambassador is being persistent," the lieutenant points out. "Go over there and save him before things become even more awkward. I know you want to."

Nyota is unusually perceptive, for a human.

"The captain can take care of himself," Spock states, borrowing one of Doctor McCoy's common sayings.

Nyota glares at him again, huffing.

"Well, fine," she mutters. "But when he beams up on the Enterprise tomorrow drooling and slack-jawed, don't come crying to me. We both know that a non-Deltan cannot have sex with a Deltan without going insane, and the ambassador obviously wants the captian to lose his mind tonight."

Spock's hands tighten into fists behind his back, and he can feel his ire rising.

But it is not logical to feel territorial over the captain – they are not engaged in a romantic relationship. So Spock just bids Nyota a temporary farewell and proceeds to perform his diplomatic duties as first officer.


"Spock!" Doctor McCoy calls approximately twenty-seven minutes later. "Have you seen Jim? I can't find him anywhere."

"The captain was engaged in a discussion with Ambassador Raius of Delta IV precisely…" Spock states, but is cut off by the doctor.

"Jim was talking with a Deltan, and you didn't have half a mind to pull him away?" the human asks incredulously. "Fuck. We have to find him."

"Doctor, I am sure the captain is safe. This is a diplomatic gala. The likelihood of the captain encountering physical danger while in attendance is…" Spock attempts to reason with him, but the doctor is muttering to himself and glaring.

"I don't want to hear any of your made-up statistics right now, Spock! We need to find Jim," Doctor McCoy. "I'll check the bathroom and the nearby rooms – you go check the garden."

The doctor is gone before Spock has a chance to protest the irrationality of these actions, but Spock decides that the captain is known to find trouble even when it is statistically improbable.

As Doctor McCoy would say – "Better safe than sorry."

Spock proceeds to the gardens.


Jim feels the grass cool against his back, and the stars are bright against the dark sky. His shirt is tangled around his wrists, and he cannot find the energy to struggle against Raius's hands on his belt buckle.

"I will use my mouth to encourage you to orgasm," the ambassador informs him.

Some still clear part in the back of Jim's mind takes this as a threat, and he cannot help but moan in protest.

If he had known that the ambassador could hypospray himself to remove the pheromone suppressors, he would never have let himself be led away to see the gardens alone with the Deltan…

But it is too late now, and Jim's body cannot fight the effects of the Deltan's overpowering charms. His erection is so hard that it is painful, and he can barely breathe through his lust.

In the next moment, his dress pants and briefs are around his ankles, and Raius leans back to admire the naked starlit form of his captive.


Spock hears a distressed sound issued from the back of the gardens, and he quickly strides to the source of the sound.

His captain is on his back in the grass, shirt tied around his wrists and pants looped around his ankles, shivering and panting.

Spock is unsure whether the captain has consented to this treatment – but his indecision ceases when he smells the overpowering stench of the Deltan's pheromones. Vulcans – who have precise control over their bodily functions – are not affected by such smells.

Not the way humans are.

Not the way Jim is.

"Please stop…" Jim entreats the ambassador softly, weakly, fighting against the effects of the pheromones and wiggling his hips in a futile attempt to get away.

Spock's control snaps, and a low growl fills the clearing as he rushes over to aim a strong kick at the back of the ambassador's lowered head.

He will not allow that filthy mouth to touch any part of his captain's beautiful body.

Spock can see his captain struggling to sit up as he continues to advance on the Deltan, and his approach stops at Jim's weak gasping.

"Spock…stop. Just…j-just nerve pinch him. I…I think I'm allergic to the…" the human rasps out, and Spock can see that he is having trouble breathing.

He is having a delayed allergic reaction to the Deltan pheromones.

The doctor was right to worry that the captain would find trouble.

Spock quickly pinches the Deltan's neck – perhaps a bit harder than strictly necessary – before pulling the captain's clothes back into place and scooping him up in his arms. He needs to get the human away from the pheromones – and to Doctor McCoy.


Jim opens his eyes blearily, looking up at the sterile white of the medbay ceiling.

"W-wha?" he questions to himself, confused.

"Goddammit, Jim – I'm a doctor, not a diplomat! I knew I should have written myself a doctor's note to avoid that fucking shindig. And you, too! The ambassador was a Deltan, Jim. A Deltan! What were you thinking?" Bones questions grumpily while reading the scans from the various machines hooked up to the biobed.

"He…he had a hypo to get rid of the pheromone surpressor in his blood. I just wanted to see the gardens…" Jim rasps weakly, raising a hand to rub his sore throat.

"Well, you had an allergic reaction to those pheromones. If I hadn't realized you were gone, and Spock hadn't found you in the gardens…you wouldn't have had to worry about going mad from Deltan sex. You wouldn't have survived much longer with your airways blocked like that," Bones informs him, glaring across his bed.

Jim turns his head to see Spock, standing stiffly in the doorway.

"Thanks," Jim says – to both of them.

He knows they worry when he gets into situations like this.

"Talk to the hobgoblin, Jim," Bones says, gentling his tone as he turns his gaze to his best friend. "Let him know that its okay for him to interrupt when some alien is intruding in your personal space. You almost died because he was afraid to impose."

"Doctor, that statement…" Spock begins, but he falls silent at the fierce glare Bones sends him.

"I talked to Lieutenant Uhura, Spock," Bones informs him. "I'm going to step out. You two better resolve your issues – now."

Jim watches his best friend stomp out of the room, and then he turns bright blue eyes to Spock.

"Thanks for saving me," he says softly, taking in Spock's stiff form – hands clasped behind his back in his traditional pose, of course.

"Thanks is illogical," Spock informs him. "Considering that I allowed my judgement to be compromised by my personal…feelings."

Jim stares, shocked at this unusual admission.

"Spock…" he interrupts, but the dark look on the Vulcan's face causes him to fall silent.

"I felt illogical possessiveness at the sight of you conversing with the ambassador, and as such I decided it was not my duty to interrupt. Had I behaved as a proper first officer, you never would have been placed in such a dangerous situation," Spock tells him, dark eyes gazing blankly ahead – awaiting judgment.

Jim takes a deep breath – wincing as it passes through his sore throat – and then sighs.

"We've gotten our lines of communication crosses, Spock," Jim says. "Because if it was up to me, it would be your business who I am talking to."

Spock's dark eyes turn to his captain, still lying prone on the biobed.

"I…I care about you, Spock," Jim continues. "A lot. I mean – a lot, a lot. And now – oh fuck, you have me babbling like a teenage girl with her first crush."

Jim blushes and lowers his eyes, dark blond lashes fanning his cheeks.

"Crush, sir?" Spock questions, and Jim cannot help but tighten his fists in the bedsheet.

"At least call me Jim, Spock," he requests seriously.

"Crush, Jim?" Spock repeats.

The human gathers his courage, knowing that it's now or never…

"I want to be t'hy'la," he blurts out, raising his eyes to watch Spock's expression.

But he cannot read what the Vulcan is feeling, of course.

"All three definitions," Jim continues. "Friend. Brother. Lover. Especially lover."

Spock cuts off his captain's babbling by striding forward and capturing those lush pink lips in a kiss.

"Oh," Jim says not-dreamily – because he is not a teenage girl, dammit! "Is that a yes?"

"That is a 'forever', my t'hy'la," Spock growls lowly. "We shall consummate our union as soon as Doctor McCoy releases you."

Jim cannot help but swallow thickly, and his dick rises at the frank possessiveness in that stare.

"I'm sure I won't be here much longer," he reassures. "Chess in my room at 1900 hours?"

Spock looks at him measuringly.

"Chess is acceptable," Spock tells him, and Jim lets a smile cross his face.

Spock turns to leave, stopping right before the door.

"As long as it is a euphemism for coitus," the Vulcan informs him, and Jim's bright, happy laughter sees him out of medbay.

So Spock can make him laugh after all – much better than former Ambassador Raius of Delta IV.

And Spock will make sure that the ambassador never has another chance – he believes that Delta Vega is pleasant this time of year…