A few days (and much sex) later…

"Spock..." Jim purrs, lounging naked on the bed as his lover sits fully clothed and serious at the desk. "We can do the paperwork later."

"There is no logical reason to delay the completion of this work," Spock responds, not looking up from the PADD.

Jim pouts, though he knows the Vulcan won't see. He slinks off the bed and saunters over to his lover, placing himself in between the chair and the desk, facing Spock.

"There is a perfectly logical reason for delaying paperwork. Your lover wants some attention," Jim pouts again, this time where Spock can see him.

Then he promptly climbs onto Spock's lap.

"I was thinking..." Jim purrs, wiggling and squirming a bit.

He manages not to smile as Spock's hands grip his hips firmly.

"It is dangerous when you think too much, Jim," Spock replies with a straight face.

But the captain sees the bit of tease in his Vulcan's eyes, and he smiles brilliantly.

"Well, I know that Vulcan's hands are an erogenous zone..." Jim trails off.

Spock just raises an eyebrow at him, as if to say 'No, duh'.

Jim brings his own hands down from Spock's shoulders to caress his lover's long, graceful fingers.

"Well, there's always been something that I have wanted to try, but I never quite trusted anyone else to let them do it..." Jim continues, hedging a bit.

He is rarely embarrassed about his needs and wants and fantasies, and Spock often indulges him, but this is a very intimate activity that he is going to be asking for, after all…

It will take a lot of trust in order for Jim not to be hurt.

So it is a good thing he trusts Spock - body, heart, and soul.

"As Dr. McCoy would say, please 'get to the point' Jim," Spock prompts, shivering a bit as his lover continues to play with his sensitive fingers.

His self-control is truly amazing. Spock doubts any other would have been able to resist when faced with a squirming, naked James T. Kirk.

Not that Spock would let anyone else in this situation, ever again…

"I want you to fist me," Jim blurts, snapping Spock out of his possessive thoughts.

"I am afraid I do not completely understand the vernacular," Spock replies, raising his eyebrow as he ponders what his lover could be asking for.

Jim blushes and lets out a long, breathy sigh. Then he visibly collects himself.

He is Captain James Tiberius Kirk, after all.

And he always gets what he wants.

Jim leans forward, wiggling a bit more on Spock's cloth-covered erection.

"I want you to lube up those long, beautiful fingers of yours, and ease them inside of me, one by one, until all four of those elegant digits are spreading my channel wide. And then I want you to slather your gorgeous hand with lube, tuck your thumb in, and slide your hand inside me until I can feel it in my throat," Jim purrs into a sensitive Vulcan ear, smirking as his lover's hands tighten almost painfully on his hips.

Spock growls - actually growls! - at him, standing up in one fluid motion, supporting Jim by moving those strong hands around to cup his bottom. Jim wraps his arms around his lover's neck and his legs around that slim waist.

He will let Spock carry him around if that's what his lover wants - after all, Spock is going to give him what he wants in return.

The Vulcan lowers his lover gently to the bed, stepping back to gaze upon Jim's naked form with lust-filled eyes. Then he opens the bedside drawer to withdraw a large tube of lubricant.

"Hold your knees to your chest," Spock orders his captain.

Jim's breathing hitches in excitement as he obeys, hooking his hands underneath his knees and exposing himself to his lover's intense gaze.

Spock drops to his knees beside the bed, pulling Jim's body near the edge so his hole is easily accessible. The Vulcan leans forward to breathe lightly on his lover's entrance, the hot air against his aching skin making Jim tremble.

"Spock..." the human whines.

The Vulcan allows himself a small smirk as he leans forward to lick around that tiny pink pucker. Jim squeezes his eyes shut at the delicious feeling of that hot, hot wet tongue touching his most private place.

"Mmm..." Jim moans encouragingly, hands tightening on his own thighs as he attempts to open himself wider for his lover.

"Please!" Jim demands, bucking his hips and trying to wiggle closer to that wicked mouth.

And how can Spock deny him?

So the Vulcan leans forward, tracing the rim of Jim's hole one more time before plunging in. And his lover convulses as that tongue spears him deeply, Vulcan strength apparent in even this muscle as Spock explores his lover's sensitive inner channel. A few thrusts leave Jim nearly incoherent with lust, babbling 'yes' and 'please' and 'more' and 'oh god, Spock'.

Spock pulls back, not wanting Jim to orgasm before he gives his lover what they both want. He quickly pops the cap to the lube, liberally smearing the fingers of his right hand with the substance as he uses his left to pull Jim's buttocks apart and expose the wet, quivering pucker even more.

The first finger goes in easily, Jim wet and stretched from Spock's tongue. The Vulcan plunges his index finger in once, then twice, before adding the second.

He gently stretches his lover on two, twisting and twining and thrusting softly as he strokes Jim's inner flesh.

"Oh!" Jim exclaims as those two beautiful fingers rub against his prostate lightly. "More!"

Spock complies, adding a third finger and watching Jim squirm at the delicious burn. Spock's own penis is aching at the sensation, a sharp burst of pleasure running from his sensitive fingers to his groin at every clench of those tight muscles.

He gently spreads his three fingers, opening his lover up slowly but surely. Three is usually the most Jim takes, as his lover likes the pleasurable burn as Spock thrusts his erection inside of him, but two is insufficient preparation if Jim wishes to walk the next day. But four...Spock controls his shudder at the thought of Jim opening up around four of his fingers.

He uses his left hand to apply more lubricant, and then he tucks his smallest finger in closer with the other three and slowly squeezes them past Jim's sphincter.

Jim moans, and Spock's eyes shoot up to watch his lover's face contort in a mix of pain and pleasure.

"Do you wish to continue, Jim?" Spock asks seriously, ready to stop at the slightest show of hesitance from his t'hy'la.

"Don't you dare stop, Spock. I order you..." Jim's growl trails off into a moan as Spock rubs up against his prostate once more.

Spock's eyes return to Jim's anus, stretched wide around four of his long fingers. He takes pleasure from his lover's slick, tight channel as his sensitive fingers thrust and scissor and rub and stroke the sensitive inner tissue.

And as Jim has said before, Spock's hands are an erogenous zone. He is gaining as much pleasure from this as his squirming, panting, perspiring lover, though Spock has more control over his expressions of pleasure.

But Jim...Spock's breath catches in his throat as he looks upon his lover.

Jim has no shame.

He has no reason to shame.

Jim is so beautiful, writhing on Spock's fingers, long legs held tight to his smooth chest as his full lips open to pant and moan and whimper. Spock wants nothing more than to unbutton and unzip his Starfleet-regulation slacks and thrust his erection into that welcoming channel.

But Jim wants his thumb.

No, Jim wants his entire hand.

So Spock continues stretching him until he feels that his lover is ready, adding more lubricant to his right hand, and carefully - oh so carefully, he does not want to hurt Jim - tucking his thumb into his palm and pressing forward.

Spock watches as Jim's body swallows his four fingers and his thumb, sucking them in greedily until Spock's entire hand up to his wrist is inside that smooth, slick channel.

"Ah...Spock!" Jim pants, eyes squeezed shut in ecstasy. "I need...I need more. Lube up your wrist."

Spock's eyes widen in unmistakable shock, though perhaps most humans would not have even noticed the gesture. The Vulcan looks as impeccable as always, fully dressed with not a rustle of fabric or piece of hair out of place.

The only things that betray the first officer's activities are the large bulge in his slacks and his hand, wrist-deep in his Captain.

His naked, writhing, sweating Captain - demanding that Spock give him more.

"Jim, I do not wish to hurt you," the Vulcan replies.

Jim's bright blue eyes open to meet the brown of his lover. He manages a small, comforting smile.

"You won't hurt me, Spock. Just make sure you use a lot of lube," Jim encourages, panting.

Spock searches his lover's gaze, finding nothing but love and affection and trust. And lust - a lot of lust.

But no fear or apprehension.

So Spock nods, emptying the tube of lubricant as he smears it liberally along his wrist and forearm.

And then he watches in awe as his wrist pops past his lover's tight ring of muscle, and that grasping, greedy little hole sucks half of his forearm in as well.

"Spock!" Jim shrieks, head thrashing back and forth. "God! I can feel you in my throat."

Spock cannot stop his shudder as Jim clenches tightly upon his hand and arm, the sensation beautifully sweet and intimate.

"Jim," Spock whispers back, bringing his left hand forward to stroke his lover's straining erection.

And that is all it takes.

Jim explodes, shrieking and screaming for the whole ship to hear, had his quarters not been sound-proofed. His erection throbs and twitches, shooting his release all over his stomach and chest.

And the overwhelming sensation of his lover's channel clenching down in release, milking his hand, makes Spock ejaculate inside his Starfleet-issued slacks.

"Spock..." Jim says dreamily after he comes down from his high. "That was...that was amazing..."

"Indeed," Spock replies, gently pulling his arm out of his lover.

"Wait!" Jim pants as Spock gets to his wrist.

Spock stops immediately.

"Are you injured?" he asks worriedly.

"No," Jim answers with a fond smile. "It was amazing, I told you. I'm just...really sensitive. Give me a second or two."

Spock waits for Jim's nod before gently extracting his wrist and hand and fingers from his lover's channel.

"Come up here, and I'll suck you off," Jim offers. "I don't think I could take being fucked right now."

"There is no need, Jim," Spock replies stiffly.

His lover frowns as he finally drops his knees from his tight grip, wincing as the blood rushes back into his limbs.

"You didn't get hard, Spock? I thought for sure you would enjoy this..." Jim states softly, upset that his lover had not been as into their play as he had been.

"Jim..." Spock trails off, embarrassed. "I achieved an erection, but I am no longer in such a state."

Jim frowns in confusion for a second, before a large, cocky smile spreads over his beautiful, flushed features.

"Spock...are you saying that you came from just your fist in my ass?" his lover questions teasingly.

Spock rises from his knees, towering over his sated lover.

"Indeed," he replies dryly. "As you pointed out earlier, my hands are an erogenous zone."

Jim's eyes lock on the noticeable wet spot on the front of his lover's slacks.

"That was naughty of me, making you come in your pants," Jim breathes, blue eyes glancing up at Spock fetchingly through dark blonde lashes. "Maybe you should punish me for being so bad..."

But that is a story for another time.