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I awoke to a bouncing on my bed. When I opened my eyes I saw my kids, Elizabeth and Anthony bouncing on top of me with huge grins.

"Wake up Daddy!!" they screamed.

Elizabeth is nine while Anthony was six and they were obviously excited about today. Elizabeth's shoulder length bronze curls bouncing as she jumped on my bed and light ice blue eyes dancing with excitement while she grinned down at me. Anthony's light brown hair in disarray and his green eyes glowed as he tried, unsuccessfully to get me out of bed. Why were they excited? Elizabeth was going to start her ballet classes and Anthony is going to start his kung fu classes down at their new school.

After a quick shower I was off with two kids in the backseats bouncing with excitement. When I pulled up they almost sprinted out the door before I called to them. They walked back reluctantly.

"Guys, remember to be on your best behavior and share and I might be picking you up late because of patients."

"Yes, Daddy" they said in unison then skipped off.

I drove slowly to work drinking my cup of coffee on the way. It was hard to be the father and the mother for them. Their mother-THAT woman- was somewhere off in Iraq with Flounce her new husband and didn't give a shit about us. Why did I love her in the first place? An adopted girl in Chicago I guess I felt pity for her I think. Why I married her I don't remember. Why did I? Well that Bitch -excuse my language- cheated on me with some bastard who works at a garage and they got married and left me with our children. I had to take them, it wasn't like SHE was going to do it.

I pulled into the hospital and sighed. And so the day begins….


"Ella! What did I say about Tinkerbelle being on the couch?" I scowled my 9 year old daughter who was joyfully playing with our white yorkie-poo puppy, Tinkerbelle. Ella looked up at me with her light brown orbs filed with apology.

"Sorry Mommy." she said as she stood on the couch to kiss my cheek, her waist length soft chocolate brown hair tickling my cheek lightly.

"It's okay sweetheart. Go get dressed for school while I make some chocolate pancakes." I smiled with her little face broke out into a grin, as I knew how much she loved them. She then skipped happily out the room with Tinkerbelle following closely behind her. I went into the kitchen to get started on breakfast when I felt something on my foot. I fought the flex to kick it off and I looked down to see my 6 month old baby, Maria on her fours; obviously she had crawled in. I picked her up and held her on my hip while I mixed the batter.

"Mama! Mama! Mama!" she cooed then giggled when I kissed her nose.

"Morning Mommy's little baby," I smiled. I loved mornings like these. But it would be better if you had someone to share it with. I sighed as the memories flowed. Me falling for James then raping me, going to jail, coming back to rape me again years later, him dying in a shoot out 3 months ago. Of course Ella knew about her father, she saw how he treated me ad hated him for it. She now hated all men with blond hair or deep blue eyes and got very shy when I talked to other guys other than my best friend, Jacob and my other friends Quil, Embry, Sam, Paul, Seth and Jared.

Maria frowned soon then started crying softly. I bounced while I cooked and after I set out breakfast for Ella, I put a blanket over my shoulder while Maria nursed behind it happily while I ate.

After breakfast, took Ella to school then quickly stopped by Rose's place for lunch later and left Maria there. At 12, I left for the school. After a quick change into my tights ballet shoes and leotard I started stretching on the bar. Ella entered first and ran over to me and I helped her change and fix her incredibly long hair into a bun like mine.

The girls ran in soon, fully dressed, all eager to do classes. All plus one more. Hmmm. I grabbed my clipboard then realized she was new to Phoenix. Her name was…Elizabeth Esme Cullen. I looked up too match the name to the face to meet an angelic sweetheart. Her icy blue eyes excited, a cute grin on her pale face with her very curly bronze bouncing down to her shoulders. I smiled gently at her and gestured for her to come over. She skipped to my side.

"Hello sweetie," I said as she beamed.

"Hi!" she said back enthusiastically.

"I'm Bella,"

"I'm Elizabeth, Bella." she smiled.

"Do you have a nickname? Like Lizzy?" she nodded.

I squatted down to her height to brush her soft hair gently into a bun like everyone else's. "Well, Lizzy, if you want to be a ballerina you have to look like one." I smiled when she giggled. I sent her back to the others.

Class today went well and Ella and Elizabeth were getting close fast. Elizabeth was a natural at dancing and she would do very well. After class all girls but Elizabeth and Ella left.

"Hey Lizzy, aren't your parents supposed to be looking for you honey?" I said sitting down in the corner with them.

"Daddy's going to be a little late. He's a doctor you know." she smiled proudly at Ella.

Oh, well that explained it. "Oh, well what time is he going to get here?"

She simply shrugged.

"How about you call your Daddy and ask him if you can come with me." I suggested.

"Yay! Can Tony come too?"


"My little brother."

"Oh sure,"


I sat in my office filling out necessary files when my cell rang from an unknown number. I answered. "Hello, Dr. Edward Cullen speaking."

"Hi Daddy!" my sweet little girl's voice sang.

I smiled. "Hi cupcake. I'm so sorry I can't come out of work now." I felt so guilty.

"It's okay. Bella wants to take us home with her until you'll take us home" she said in a cheery voice, obviously happy.

I got protective like the father I am. "Elizabeth, I do not want you going to some stranger's home.. I don't know Bella and it's rude to go to other people's houses without invitation."

"but Daddy, they invited me. And Tony too. And she insists it will be ok. Please…??"

I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose with my thumb and forefinger. "Let me talk to Bella please, dear."

"Okie dokie!" then her voice was replaced my a sweet loving voice that was like music to my ears.

"Hello, Mr. Cullen. I'm Bella Swan."

"Hello Bella. You would like to take care of my children correct?"

"Yes, just for a while. My daughter, Ella and Elizabeth are so close and I'm sure they'd love to talk more. I also have a baby girl who's a few months. It'll be no problem to take care of them for a while." She sounded so sure and reassuring, probably because she was a mother of 2. But having 4 kids in the house is too much especially with one being a few months old.

"Are you sure you can handle it? I could get a ride for them--"

"Yes, I'm sure. It will be a pleasure."

She told me her address and I told her all their allergies and to call if they needed me. I felt I could trust her for some unexplainable reason. Soon we hung up and I felt relieved my children were safe.