Two weeks later

Germany had been united as one again, after over five hundred years of separation, and all Communist resistance was put down within a few days of Hindenburg coming to power. However, this period of happiness and freedom did not last long.

Just two weeks after coming to power, German officials from Silesia had learnt that the Communists had managed to receive such a large amount of weapons and even men for taking over the government because Genghis Khan had been supplying them with these resources and troops.

Hindenburg had become furious with this. Sixteen days after he came to power, Hindenburg declared 'A state of war now exists between the German people and the empire of the Mongols.'

At an undisclosed location

"They have done it, commander. They are now at war with each other."

"Our plan has worked. Now all we have to do is wait,"

"Do we know how long this war will last?""It could last to over one hundred years, but it will get even worse because Asian powers will most likely join the Mongols against the Germans."

"And European powers will most likely join Germany against the Mongols,"

"That is correct. But no matter how long this war goes on, all we have to do is sit back and watch the war unfold. Then when the time is right, we strike,"