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Chapter Fifteen

The morning sunlight cascaded in through the half open drapes, hung at the full length windows of the hotel suite. Donna had to blink a few times as her eyes adjusted to the light and it took her a few seconds to take in the unfamiliar surroundings of the airy bedroom. The slight fuzzy feeling in her head made it a little harder for her to piece together every part of what had happened the previous evening. Rolling onto her back, Donna closed her eyes once again and sighed deeply. It was starting to come back to her as her mind raced ahead at a million miles an hour… Sam had come back and found her asleep. He had made the first move and although she had responded, it was definitely him that had instigated it… Oh god, Donna thought to herself, placing her hand on her aching head when the vivid flashbacks of she and Sam having sex on the sofa came flooding back… His hands on her body after she had untied her robe and exposed herself to him… Oh shit, Donna thought, the memories getting even more vivid by the second… Telling Sam she loved him, only moments after he had made her come. Leading him by the hand to the bedroom. Climbing into bed together. Making love at least a further two times before falling into an exhausted sleep… Oh shit, shit, shit, Donna thought, quickly moving onto her stomach and burying her face in the soft pillow. She had totally ignored Tanya's advice about not falling straight into bed with the unbelievably sexy Sam Carmichael and now the tiny grains of regret were starting to pool together in her confused, aching head. Donna had never been one to follow anyone's advice, her stubbornness and rebellious streak standing in the way, no matter how valid the advice may have been. She felt like shit. Here she was now, forty-one years of age and acting like a reckless teenager, chasing after some guy that had promised her the earth.

"What the fuck am I doing?" Donna mumbled to herself, her croaky voice muffled in the luxury feather pillow covering her face.

"Good morning." Said Sam, walking into the bedroom fully dressed in his clothes from the night before and hearing Donna mumbling something incoherent into her pillow.

Donna tensed, her breath catching at the sound of his voice. Sam was still there. She'd assumed with the bed being empty next to her, that he had woken early and made a hasty getaway. Swallowing softly, Donna slowly raised her head from the safety of the pillow and turned to peer up at Sam when he came to a stop next to the bed. He looked so handsome, a sweet smile curling his lips and his white shirt unbuttoned, hanging loosely over his masculine frame. Watching Sam then break eye contact with her, to allow his gaze to travel down her naked back, Donna suddenly became self conscious, knowing the bed sheets were only just coving her ass. She grabbed hold of the Egyptian cotton sheet and quickly pulled it up, ignoring the small chuckle that Sam emitted at her actions. Smirking, Sam raised his eyebrows at the now shy woman lying in front of him, when only a few hours before, he had explored every inch of her nakedness with his mouth and she hadn't been so coy then.

Clearing her throat, Donna rested her head back against the pillow. "Morning." She replied quietly, making sure to tuck the covers up under her breast. "I thought you'd gone."

"No sweetheart." Answered Sam, sitting down on the edge of the huge bed and smiling at her. "I got up to make a few phone calls. You were sleeping so peacefully, I didn't want to wake you." He continued, reaching out to tenderly stroke a strand of her golden blonde hair away from her beautiful face. "And besides, did you really think you could get rid of me that easily?"

Closing her eyes for a few seconds, Donna digested Sam's words. "Look, Sam…" She responded, slowly opening her eyes and instantly finding him staring back at her. "Please don't let me keep you. I know you're a busy guy and you've probably got to get to the office, so…"

"I'm not going in today." Sam replied, smiling as he trailed his fingertips over Donna's bare shoulder. "That's what the phone calls were for. My diary is clear for the rest of the day, so we can spend some time together… There are things we need to discuss."

Yes Donna knew they had to talk about things, but she wasn't quite ready to do it yet. She hadn't even got everything straight in her own head, so there was no way she could discuss anything to do with their future right away. Donna didn't know if what they were experiencing was unconditional love, or if was simply lust leading them to believe they were approaching one of those sickly sweet endings she'd always laughed at when she knew life didn't work like that. Up until a few weeks ago, Donna had thought she'd been in love, thought she was happy with a man she was intending to marry, but she had been oh so wrong. Alex had turned out to be a lying, cheating bastard, just like so many men her friends had warned her about over the years and now she didn't want to go from one mistake to another. She'd done the whole being reckless thing and it had gotten her into far too much trouble already, without her taking yet another stupid risk that could quite possibly lead to tremendous heartache.

Sitting up slightly, Donna rested on her elbow, making sure she still had her body covered. "Can you pass me my robe please?" She asked, totally ignoring what Sam had just said about discussing things.

"Sure." Replied Sam, standing up and walking to the foot of the bed to retrieve the white robe Donna had discarded when they went to bed. "Are you alright darling? I mean, you're acting like what happened last night never happened." He added, walking back over to pass her the towelling robe.

"I'm fine." Said Donna, taking the robe from him and expertly slipping it on in a way that Sam was unable to see anything as she did. "I'm just a little hung over and in need of a shower." She finished, standing from the bed and feeling her legs wobble slightly as she headed to the bathroom.

Nodding, Sam turned to watched her disappear into the bathroom. "Look I'm going to go home and freshen up." He said loud enough for Donna to hear him over the now running shower water. "I'll be back in an hour." He added, buttoning up his shirt and leaving the bedroom in search of his shoes.

This hadn't been the way Sam had expected it to turn out. They had spent most of the night making love, giving into the pleasurable cravings to satisfy one another and now Donna was acting like he was some one night stand she couldn't wait to see the back of. She had told him she loved him, he had told her the same, but now it seemed like that had been well and truly forgotten by her in a drunken blur. Sam couldn't understand women sometimes and the way they blew hot and hot in the blink of an eye, but one thing was for sure, he wasn't going to let Donna get away without completely opening up to him. He had let her go before and had spent the last twenty plus years regretting every single minute of it. If there was any chance that they could make this work, then he was going to make sure she knew just how much she meant to him.


Now showered, dressed and feeling much better after two cups of strong coffee, Donna stood at the window of the hotel suite. She was fiddling with the necklace hung around her neck as she peered down the busy street bellow. It was a warm September day in New York and closing her eyes for a few minutes, Donna almost felt like she was back on the island of Kalokairi, when the rays from the sun shone through the glass and warmed her face. Since Sam had left a while ago, she had done nothing but think things over in her mind. The more she thought about it, the more she wondered why she was even here… She had done alright on her own over the years and all without the assistance of a man. So maybe the only thing lacking had been the sex and someone to hold her on a night, but as the years rolled on, the need slowly dwindled. Sophie and her business had been her two main priorities and only when her little girl had grown up, had Donna even considered entertaining the thought of having a man in her life. It had taken a lot for her to let her guard down with Alex and for a certain time, he had actually made her happy. That was of course, all until Sam Carmichael had returned to Greece and turned her world upside down… Hearing the door to the room open behind her, Donna looked round to find Sam stood there. He was smiling at her, now looking even more handsome, freshly showered and shaven.

"I thought we could go for a walk." Said Sam, closing the door behind him and walking over to where Donna was stood by the window. "It's beautiful out there today." He added, placing his hand on the small of her back and leaning close to give her a kiss.

Allowing Sam to place a delicate kiss on her lips, Donna then peered back out of the window. "Great, I could do with some air." She replied, turning away from him to grab her jacket that was hung over the arm of the sofa.

Walking to the door, Sam held if open for Donna to walk out ahead of him and remained silent until they had reached the elevators. He could sense she was slightly nervous and maybe a little on edge, wanting nothing more than to pull her into his arms to tell her it was going to be alright. As they stepped into the empty elevator, he reached down to take her hand, instantly entwining his fingers through hers. It was a gesture that Donna couldn't rebuff. It actually felt nice for Sam to be able to show his affection in public, when all they'd done is sneak around in Greece. To anyone on the street, they appeared like any other couple enjoying a sunny New York day and as they set off walking slowly, Donna breathed in the fresh air to ease her head. Her mind was cast back to the last time she had been in the States and the day she had left home for good… Growing up in a small suburban town in New Jersey, Donna had promised herself that as soon as she was old enough, she would leave the boring town and explore the big wide world. At eighteen years old, that's exactly what she did. He mother was far from impressed, but knew that there was no way of stopping her free spirited daughter from doing her own thing. Donna remembered her mother's last words as she left the family home… 'Be careful and don't do anything stupid.'… If only she had defined the word 'stupid', Donna thought to herself as a small smile crept onto her face… That was the last time she ever saw her mother and from what she had been told in a letter, she had passed only a few years ago after cutting her only child out of her will.

As they crossed a packed Madison and Fifth Avenue, Sam continued his tight hold on Donna's hand, when walked through the gates into Central Park. The sun was still shining brightly and Donna peered around at the green surroundings, realising there was more to this vast concrete jungle than just high rise buildings. It was nice, but it wasn't Kalokairi. They walked further into the park, still having not said anything to one another since back at the hotel. It was as though they didn't need to say anything just yet, both of them simply enjoying the other's company for now. It wasn't until Sam had led her down some steps, that Donna slowed them down. They were walking through the Bethesda Terrace and she couldn't help but stare at the breathtaking architecture, somehow allowing the patterned tiles on the wall remind her of home. Sam smiled at the wide eyed expression on Donna's face, as he guided them out to the Bethesda Angel fountain.

"Beautiful isn't it?" Said Sam, sitting down on the low wall of the fountain and letting go of Donna's hand as she did the same. "I used to come here for some quiet time on my own, when things were bad with Lorraine."

Turning her body to face him, Donna placed her hand over Sam's. "Tell me about her." She said quietly, a soft smile playing on her lips as she stared into his steely blue eyes.

Raising his eyebrows, Sam sighed. "Well the short story, is that I should never have married her. We weren't happy, neither of us and I guess the only good thing to have come from it all, were my boys." He said, breaking eye contact with her to stare down at her hand on his. "She always knew I was in love with someone else and to be honest, I don't know how we managed to stay together as long as we did… We waited until the boys were old enough to understand and then we went our separate ways. She got the house and I got joint custody of the kids."

Sensing the sadness in his tone, Donna gave Sam's hand a gentle squeeze. "And your boys? They came through it okay?" She asked, smiling as he slowly raised his head to look at her again.

"They're good kids." Answered Sam, nodding as a smile came to his face. "Ben's in college and Zack will be starting next year. Both wanting to follow in my footsteps with the architecture." He continued, his voice now full of fatherly pride when he talked about his sons. "I'd like you to meet them Donna."

Shaking her head, Donna felt Sam clasp his free hand over hers. "No Sam, I really don't think that's a good idea. I mean…" She responded, only to have him place his lips to hers to silence her.

Not able to push him away, Donna found herself responding to Sam's kiss. It was slow and tender at first, with the tip of his tongue sweeping across her slightly parted lips. Donna felt every single tiny hair on the back of her neck stand on end, as her whole body surrendered to what Sam was doing to her. Her eyes were closed and the sensation of him now placing his hand on her cheek, made her crave his touch on other parts of her body. How Sam could make her feel like this, with just one kiss, made Donna wonder if this indeed was just built around lust. Sam slowly parted from their kiss and smiled at Donna as she opened her eyes to look at him. There was that glint in her eyes that he'd got used to seeing during his time in Greece. She wanted him and he wanted her just as much, but there were certain things to sort out first before he could give in to their desires.

Standing up, Sam held out his hand to Donna. "Come on." He said, helping her to her feet. "I want to show you where I live." He finished, giving her a wink when she giggled at him.


Climbing out of a taxi on the Upper Eastside, Sam escorted Donna through the foyer of an exclusive looking apartment block and straight to the elevator. They had hardly spoken since leaving the park, but each of them knew it was a great time to reflect and think about what they wanted. After a short ride up in the lift, the door pinged open on the top floor and Donna followed Sam to the one door on the floor. He opened it, holding it open for her to walk in ahead of him, ever the gentleman. Donna looked around the huge but sparsely decorated apartment and stared out across the most amazing views of the city from the panoramic windows. She was impressed, but had already said to herself that this was exactly what she thought Sam's place would be like. There were a few large paintings adorning the dark coloured walls and one shelf containing a few framed photographs. Throwing her jacket that she'd been carrying, over the arm of the brown leather sofa, Donna walked over to the shelf and picked up a photo of Sam. He was in a restaurant somewhere, with two extremely handsome young men sat at either side of him. She knew straight away that the boys were his sons and smiled at the sight of all three of them looking so happy together.

"Drink?" Asked Sam walking up behind Donna and making her jump slightly.

Placing the framed picture back down on the shelf, Donna looked at the others. "Sure." She replied in response to Sam's question, her eyes falling upon something she never thought she would find.

As Sam walked away to the kitchen, Donna picked up another framed photograph. This one was of Sam and her, taken many years ago when he had followed her to Greece. It was similar to the one she had in her old photo album, except in this one, Sam had his arms around her and they were laughing about something. It brought back so many memories and as Donna began to feel the tears welling up in her eyes, she was suddenly aware of Sam standing close behind her. She swallowed softly, placing the picture back down and quickly wiping away a single tear as it escaped her. Handing Donna a glass of chilled white Chardonnay, Sam smiled at her as she took it and took a sip of his own. He could see she was upset and he could understand why; Donna was feeling a little overwhelmed by everything.

"You wouldn't be trying to get me drunk before midday would you Carmichael?" Asked Donna, laughing softly at the size of the glass Sam had handed her.

Looking at his watch, Sam shrugged. "Well it's as good as lunchtime." He replied, noticing it was just past eleven and that his boys would be returning at any minute. "Maybe we could grab some lunch and then talk. I know you don't want to, but we have to Donna."

Sighing, Donna knew Sam was right. They had to talk and time was slipping away, she couldn't stay in New York much longer when her business was in the hands of the Dynamos. God knows what was going on in Greece without her, or even if she'd have a business to go back to after those two had been in charge. Sipping her drink, Donna peered up at Sam at the sound of voices coming through the door of the apartment. Before she had chance to say anything, they were joined by Sam's two sons in the living room. They were even better looking in the flesh and definitely Carmichael's with their boyish smiles. Throwing a large bag down by the sofa, the taller of the two boys walked over to his father. He looked suspiciously at him and then at Donna, before a sweet smile came to his face.

"You must be Donna." He said, holding out his hand to her. "I'm Ben… Dad's told us a lot about you."

Shaking the young man's hand, Donna could feel herself beginning to blush at the thought of Sam discussing her with his Sons. "Yes I am, pleased to meet you Ben." She replied, then turning to look at the other guy. "And you must be Zack." She continued, holding her hand out to him as he approached.

"Yeah." Answered Zack, shaking Donna's hand too and then looking round at his father. "You were right Dad, she is gorgeous." He added, wiggling his eyebrows at him and causing his older brother to burst out laughing.

Now blushing a deep red, Donna shook her head. "And you've inherited the Carmichael charm I see. That will get you far with the women Zack." She said, then taking a long sip of her wine as Sam started grinning at her.

Motioning to his brother, Ben then gave his dad a wink. "Well we're gonna head out to meet the guys. See you later old man." He said, walking back over towards the main door of the apartment. "Nice to meet you Donna." He called over his shoulder as he and Zack left them to it.

The meeting may have brief, but Donna felt so embarrassed knowing that Sam had talked about her with his sons. She chugged down the rest of her wine and placed the empty glass down on the low coffee table in front of her. Sam placed his glass down too and stepped closer to Donna, smiling at her flushed complexion… He had always been open with his sons and years ago when they had both asked who the pretty blonde was on the picture with him, he had simply replied that she was the woman that had taken his heart. Sam told his sons all about his time spent in Europe and the time he had bumped into Donna in France. The boys knew he loved their mother in a way that they respected one another, but his thoughts were always with that pretty blonde woman, he'd met years before they were born…

"Come on, I'll show you around." Said Sam, taking Donna's hand to lead her down the hallway.

Something inside Donna told her she knew exactly where Sam was taking her and as he showed her a few rooms, there was one last door they hadn't entered… The master bedroom. Sam opened the door up to reveal the biggest bedroom Donna had ever seen in her life and without even thinking, she walked in, her mouth wide open. The view from the panoramic windows was breathtaking and the way it was decorated screamed out 'bachelor'. Her eyes immediately fell to the huge bed and the first thing that came to mind, was how many women Sam had actually brought back here in the past. Sam had now walked up close behind her, gently moving her hair away from her neck to place a slow trail of kisses around her delicate flesh. He knew they had to talk and that he shouldn't be doing this now, but there was something about having the woman of his dreams in his bedroom, that made him lose his sense of restraint. Closing her eyes, Donna held her breath for a few seconds, feeling her body begin to burn under Sam's seductive kisses and the feeling of all self control start to leave her mind every time his lips met her skin.

"I've dreamt about having you here with me." Whispered Sam between wet kisses, as he wrapped his arms around her waist. "About having you in my bed… About making sweet love to you."

Slowly turning in his arms, Donna reached up to cup Sam's face in her hands. "I'm sure you say that to all the women you get in here with you Sam." She responded, raising her eyebrows at him as she stared into his eyes. "I bet that bed's seen more action than the honeymoon suite at The Plaza."

Laughing, Sam then lunged forward to place a forceful kiss on Donna's lips. "I bet it hasn't darling." He answered, continuing his kiss as he walked her back towards his bed.

Responding fully to his kiss, Donna felt Sam then lowering her down onto the bed and his hand immediately slipping up under her shirt to take hold of her bare breast. It was all happening in a blur and before Donna had time to catch her breath, she found herself undoing her jeans as Sam hovered closely over her. They still hadn't broken from their now passionate kiss and as Sam's tongue plunged deeply into her mouth, Donna was already wriggling out of her jeans and underwear. It may have been wrong, but at that precise moment, she didn't care, she just wanted to feel Sam inside her and making love to her the way she craved. Parting from their kiss, Sam knelt up to help Donna remove her lower clothing and then got straight to work on getting rid of his. He stared down at her, as she unbuttoned her white shirt quickly, her fingers expertly moving from one button to the next. Within a few seconds, Donna's body was now exposed to him and Sam was unable to contain himself much longer.

"Donna, you…" Sam started, only to be silenced when Donna reached up and ripped his shirt apart, grapping him by the collar to yank him towards her.

"Don't say anything. Just make love to me." Ordered Donna, wrapping her arm around Sam's neck and feeling his lips crash against hers.

Doing as she asked, Sam didn't say another word, as he reached down between their near naked bodies and guided himself into her. Donna moaned into his mouth, feeling him slowly but surely easing his solid penis into her aroused womanhood. His pace started off steady and slow, wanting to take his time in pleasing her and Donna didn't mind one bit, thoroughly enjoying the moment between them for now. She closed her eyes, allowing her hands to run down under Sam's open shirt, to grab his naked ass as he thrust into her. His mouth left hers, seeking out the sensitive spot on her neck, that he knew drove her wild and continued his sensual kisses there. Donna's mind began to wander as Sam made tender love to her, pausing now and then to whisper sweet words into her ear. She knew she shouldn't be doing this now, she knew they should be talking about what exactly was going on between them.

"Stop." She whispered, half moaning at what Sam was doing to her neck. "We have to stop." She added half heartedly, feeling her breath quicken with each of Sam's purposeful thrusts.

Still continuing his hip movements, Sam paused from his assault on Donna's neck and looked up into her eyes. "You want me to stop?" He asked, a look of confusion and pure lust in his steel blue eyes.

Gasping, Donna's head thrashed from side to side on the covers beneath her. "Yes… No." She answered, only adding to Sam's confusion. "No, no… Keep going." She finally demanded, raising her legs and feeling him sliding further into her wetness.

Sam smiled, he knew there was no way she would have wanted him to stop now, she was too close to reaching a climax to be even thinking straight. He placed his mouth over Donna's, forcing his tongue in to play against hers, as she did the same. Her legs were now resting on his waist, relishing the sensation of him quickening the pace within her and sliding her hands up over the fabric of his shirt. Donna didn't need to tell Sam she was about to come, he already knew. He could feel the walls of her vagina contracting wildly around his throbbing length and her whole body writhing uncontrollably beneath his. He waited, prolonging his strokes and forcefully pushing himself into her, until Donna came with a low continuous moan. Donna's body tensed as her orgasm engulfed her, starting from low within and swirling up through her senses, making her eyes roll at the force of it. Knowing he had got her there, Sam then allowed himself to come, letting out a groan of pleasure into the crease of Donna's sweet scented neck. They were both perspiring, breathing heavily and holding one another close. Yet again the sex had been mind blowing, but the pair of them were still no closer to figuring out what was going to happen to them as a couple.

"I think I need another shower." Whispered Donna, feeling the perspiration tricking down between her heaving breasts as Sam slowly raised his head and withdrew from her.

Slowly getting to his feet, Sam smiled at her and held out his hand. "I think I can go one better than that." He replied, helping Donna up and leading her into his en-suite bathroom.

Letting go of her hand, Sam turned on the taps of the large freestanding bathtub and turned to face her. Donna was stood in only her open white shirt, as was Sam and despite everything going through her head, she couldn't help but laugh at the sight of them. Pulling her into his arms, Sam smiled at her now beautiful flushed complexion and placed a slow delicate kiss on Donna's lips. They seemed to be going in circles, no nearer to reaching a conclusion, but the was something about her, that Sam couldn't resist. He had lost her for so long and now he had her here with him, he wanted to make up for lost time. Without saying anything else, Sam let her go again to turn off the fast flowing water. He peeled off his shirt, throwing it to the floor and climbed into the bath. Donna did the same, taking Sam's hand to steady herself as she climbed in to sit between his parted legs. The hot water was welcoming and as she rested back against his masculine frame, she closed her eyes for a few minutes to think about what had just transpired between them once more.

"Sam, what are we doing?" Asked Donna, her voice low as she felt Sam place a hand on her stomach under the hot water.

Moving Donna's hair to the side with his free hand, Sam kissed the side of her head. "We're taking a bath." He responded, obviously not wanting to broach the subject of their future so soon after making love.

Shifting positions slightly, Donna reached for the sponge sitting on the side of the tub. "Very funny, but you know what I mean… Where is this going Sam, because you must have had a plan when you came to Kalokairi." She said, dipping the sponge in the water and squeezing it out across her shoulders. "If I had been single and welcomed you with open arms, where did you see us?… In the future."

Taking the sponge from her, Sam mimicked her actions with the water. "I really didn't have a plan Donna. In fact I had resigned myself to the fact that you had moved on with your life and just wanted to catch up with old friends. It wasn't until I saw your reaction at me being there, that I realised you hadn't been the one to send the invitation." He replied, with a sigh and holding Donna closer to him. "But I could ask you the same thing darling. You must have had a plan coming all this way to find me."

Donna thought about it for a few moments. All she had thought about was seeing Sam again, she hadn't even considered what would come of it all. She had been coaxed by the Dynamos to get her ass on a plane and find him and now she had, all she could think about, was the way he made love to her. These had been the craziest twenty-four hours of her life and now it was time to grow up and face reality. She knew the Dynamos wanted nothing more for her settle down with Sam, but right now, that wasn't even an option. There was too much going on in their lives, for them to even consider committing themselves to one another, they had too many other responsibilities.

"I just wanted to see you again." Donna finally replied, relaxing her body fully under the soothing hot water. "But believe me, I really haven't thought that far ahead… Every time I try to, we just end up falling into bed and I'm right back to not knowing what's going on." She continued, closing her eyes once more at the sensation of Sam placing another kiss on the side of her head. "If you think about it Sam, we can't keep on doing this. It's not going to do either of us any good."

"I know." Sam replied in a whisper, trailing his fingertips in small circles over Donna's flat stomach. "But what if I told you I'm falling more and more in love with you, each second we're together?"

Shaking her head, Donna sighed deeply. "Then I'd say your sweet talking isn't going to get us anywhere honey." She answered, placing her hand over his under the water. "We live thousands of miles apart. You have your business and I have mine. We have responsibilities."

"Well how about you sell up in Greece and come here to live with me?" Asked Sam, feeling Donna entwining her fingers through his. "Sophie's off travelling and when she and Sky decide to come home, I'll get them a place here."

Sitting up, Donna turned in the water to face Sam. "I can't do that Sam. I have too much money tied up in that place and I know you'll think I'm being silly, but it's my home." She said quietly, tears building in her eyes when she thought about how hard she had worked at building her business up from scratch. "It's where I raised my baby. It's where Soph grew up."

Pulling Donna close against him, Sam wiped away her tears with his thumb and stared into her eyes. "It's not silly at all sweetheart. I think it's fantastic that you're passionate about the villa. It's the closest thing to paradise I can think of." He said with a smile, as Donna then rested her head against his chest.

"And there's no way I could ask you to leave everything you have here." Said Donna, letting her fingers play with the dark hairs on Sam's chest. "Your boys need you now, at least until they both finish college and it looks as though your business is thriving." She continued, slowly raising her head up to look at Sam. "If only we were in a different place at a different time."

Hooking his finger under Donna's chin, Sam brought her lips to meet his. "So what do you suggest we do?" He then asked after breaking from their kiss to gaze into her sparkling green eyes.

Smiling, Donna stared back into Sam's eyes. "Architects get to take vacations don't they?" She asked, biting her bottom lip nervously. "And you know there will always be a room waiting in Greece."

"Oh so you want me to visit?" Sam asked, trailing his fingertips down Donna's wet arm. "Keep it casual until I can sort something more permanent out?"

Nodding, Donna slowly stood and climbed out of the bathtub, reaching for a towel as she did. "Exactly." She answered, drying her wet body and wrapping the towel around herself. "We've spent twenty years apart. What's a few more?"

It may not have been the ideal solution to their predicament, but at least they were one step closer to getting what they ultimately wanted. In an ideal world, Donna would do as Sam suggested and sell up in Kalorkairi for a perfect live in the States with him. But like she had told him, she had put too much into starting her hotel from nothing and she didn't want to give up on it yet. Donna had made the little island her home and so had her daughter, spending many happy years living in the beautiful surroundings. Sophie was still in the dark as to what was happening too, but something told Donna that her daughter would be over the moon that she had finally got back together with Sam… The love of her life.

"So how long have I got you for?" Asked Sam, he too getting out of the bath and wrapping a fluffy towel around his waist.

Walking out into the bedroom to retrieve her clothes Donna shrugged. "I was thinking about flying back to Athens tomorrow." She replied, picking up her underwear and slipping them back on. "I should never have just left leaving the girls in charge. That's if the place is still standing." She added, half joking and realising that she hadn't even checked in on the Dynamos today.

Laughing, Sam grabbed hold of Donna and brought her down onto the bed with him. "Hmm maybe they wouldn't have been my first choice either, but at least you know the bar will be taken care of." He responded, pressing himself against her near naked body once more. "So will you stay with me tonight?" He asked, kissing his way along her jaw line and hearing her moan quietly in response.

"What about the boys?" Donna asked, feeling herself becoming aroused once more with Sam's strategic kisses around her neck.

Pausing to look up into Donna's eyes, Sam smiled. "Well we could all have dinner together. It might be nice for them to get to know their future stepmother a bit better." He answered, giving her a cheeky wink and a quick peck on the lips. "They'll be going out soon after as normal and then I'll have you all to myself."

"You seem to have that part all figured out don't you Carmichael?" Said Donna, using all her strength to push Sam off her and onto his back. "Of course I'll spend the night with you. I can't think of anything I'd like more." She added, sliding on top of him and kissing him with fiery passion as she did.


The next twenty-four hours past all too quickly for Donna and Sam. They had sat down to dinner the previous night with Sam's sons and talked for hours about how they were getting along with their education and all about the island Donna lived on. The boys had really taken to Donna, seeing how in love their father was with her and vice versa, when they gazed into one another's eyes over the dinner table. As predicted, Ben and Zack had then left them alone for the rest of the evening, allowing Sam to whisk Donna away into the privacy of the master bedroom. They had made love over and over during the night, each fighting the need for sleep so they could spend every precious minute left of Donna's stay talking about their future. Sam had assured her, that as soon as he could leave New York, he would and settle with her in Kalokairi. It may have been a few years off, but at least they had something to aim for and Sam had promised to visit as often as he could. For now, this solution suited Donna; she'd have her independence back after breaking off her engagement to Alex, she could continue to run her beloved crumbling hotel and she'd have the benefit of Sam by her side whenever he could spare a few days away from his highly successful business.

Walking hand in hand through the departure hall at JFK airport, Donna pulled Sam to a stop. "I think we should say our goodbyes here." She said quietly, looking up into his eyes and feeling the tears building in her own. "It'll only be harder watching me get on the plane."

Slowly nodding, Sam placed Donna's holdall down on the ground and pulled her into his arms. "I'm going to miss you Donna." He said quietly, fighting back his own tears as he gently stoked away hers. "I'll be out there soon, I promise." He added, leaning down to tenderly kiss her soft lips.

"I hope so." Donna whispered back in response, tightening her hold around his neck. "Because I'm going to miss you too baby."

"You better get going or you'll miss your flight." Said Sam, resting his forehead against hers and trying hard to smile although his heart felt like it was breaking. "You be good and remember I love you… Always have and always will."

Pulling him closer, Donna placed a long, passionate kiss on Sam's lips. "I love you too." She replied in a quiet whisper, her own heart slowly breaking at the sadness in his eyes.

They stood in a tight embrace for a few more minutes, neither in a hurry to let the other go. Donna knew she had to walk away and even though she felt bad for leaving Sam like this, she picked up her bag from the floor by his feet. She didn't say another word as she leaned in to place one last lingering kiss on his lips and turned to leave. This was it, she was going back to her simple life in Greece and leaving the man of her dreams behind. Donna kept walking, not wanting to look back and see Sam upset. She wanted to remember him by his cheeky smile and his gorgeous eyes, until she could see him again in the flesh. They had made a promise to stay faithful to one another and for the first time ever, Donna had actually believed a man when he told her he would. Placing his hands in his pockets, Sam watched Donna walking away until he lost sight of her in the crowded departure hall. Fate had brought them back together for a short time and although they wouldn't be completely together for a while longer, Sam knew Donna's heart belonged to him. They may be living thousand of miles apart, but Sam had found solace in Donna's words when she said 'they'd been apart for twenty years… What were another few?'… Donna and Sam were about to prove to the world, that 'love knows no boundaries'…


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