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Jasper POV

We had docked at sunset. After squaring things up with the harbor master, a few coins exchanged for a good place to drop anchor, and sending the swabs to go drink their fill, I retired to me cabin for a few hours of shut-eye. Me wife, Bella, was in the nursery with Alaric, our son. I was standing in the doorway, me boots crossed at m' ankles, when she noticed me.

Bella looked up at me with those doe's eyes, a sweet smile

on her lips as our son fed at her breast. We'd learned the hard way to not make the laddy wait, as the moment he cried, me wife's breasts would let down an ocean's spray of milk, soaking her chemise. Alice soon remedied that and both of me girls stopped wearing a top when we were out on the open sea.

All hands on the Darlin' Pearl were mighty glad when Bella gave birth and there were no more hollers of "scupper that" going round the deck. Alaric's birth was a rough one, but me wife is no weak bilge rat, and she pushed him out, crying his lungs out as he arrived.

Since his birth, we'd sailed warmer currents, even dropped anchor for a few weeks to do some hunting to restock our cured meats. I took care of me family and now it's time for Alice's happiness to come to the fore.

"Gangway, you grog-snarfing buckos. I want your bilge-sucking poxy-filled sea dog of a cap'n on deck now. You tell'm that Captain Edward Cullen of the Lady Elizabeth is here to help him make his appointment with Davy Jones."

The words were slurred but I'd know the voice anywhere. The salty dog made m' job easier for me. We'd trailed the Elizabeth through three ports until we could finally find safe harbor beside her. Only me Bella knew what I was up to, and she didn't know why. She thought I was about to deliver the black spot to Captain Cullen, for all I knew.

I poked me head in on Alice and asked her to go over with Bella and Alaric.

"Did I hear voices, Jasper?"

"Aye, me love. I can take care of it. You and Bella stay here. If anyone comes down, they give the pass phrase or you run 'em through with the cutlass, ye hear? Cap'n's orders."

"Aye aye, Cap'n. Yer lass and lad are safe with me sword to guard them." Alice buckled the sheath on and stood before me in a pair of snug breaches and one of me long shirts, belted at the waist.

"I be worried about yer welfare as well, m'dear. Ye know that, aye?"

Her exotic vanilla scent surrounded me as she half-climbed the table and me to offer a soft kiss. "Aye, but it makes me heart glad to hear it now and then. Now, be off with ye. Leave yer kin to me."

I donned me cap and climbed the steps from me quarters, hoping it wasn't to dance the hempen jig. Davy Jones will collect me when he wills, but I pray that the sea is not yet ready to let me go. The sea is my greatest love and I will walk into her embrace when it is me time, but not yet. Alaric needs to learn the ropes from his father and Bella has threatened to challenge Davy Jones himself if he takes me before I've gone gray.

I grabbed the pouch of gold from its hidden nook at the top o' the stairs and threw it. Me aim was true and it hit me ship's guest in the chest. Edward's breath came out in a gust and he rubbed his chest with one hand as he palmed the pouch in the other.

"Ye owe me a fair lot more than this. That broadsword was me father's and not cheap. Your doxy robbed me blind."

I clocked him. My fist done hurt like I'd grasped an anemone bare-handed, and Cap'n Edward was down on the deck.

"Ye'd do well to know me wife is not a doxy. Now, seein' as ye have gone off account and all, would Admiral Dwyer be of good cheer to know ye had bedded his own wife's daughter? Me think not, but I can have me lass leave word for her mother and father when we next are in his fair harbor. Oh, me wife has well told me that she didn't have ye inside her, but it would be yer word against hers; and a father, by law or blood, will take his daughter's word. Aside from me, the only man me wife has ever had be yer own kin, Cap'n Emmett of the Bloody Bear. He and that sea maiden on legs had a night with me wife's charms in exchange for the bulk of the Pearl's repair fees."

Edward's deadlights shone with contempt in the stars' light. "I want me father's sword."

"The bulk of our taking was given to Cap'n Maria of the Monterrey. If we still have it, me dear little Alice would know. She be the holder of all knowledge."

"I am well aware of what your Alice is the holder of. She set me on a false trail so you could rob me."

The inside of my cheek grew sore as I bit down to hold back my laugh. "Aye, she did. She's a spry one, that Alice. She knew ye'd take the bait. A pirate thinks with his brains, not his bits. But then, yer not a pirate any longer, are ye? The Elizabeth has been Marqued and ye be a blasted privateer. Given that our country be soon at war with the the Volturi, ye be me enemy.

"Now, seein as the Elizabeth gave so generously for the Pearl's repairs, me thinkin' ye'd not wish to fill me ship with brine. If'n ye see fit to leave us stand, there be a way for us to make it up to ye."

Given the size of his body in comparison to his brother's, I knew I wasn't going to regret me following words.

"Most cap'ns on this side of the waters are aware of yer brother's other interests. If'n you have them as well, I'd be glad to oblige ye."

His face paled and he stared at me feet. "To 'Ell with ye and yer crew as well."

I bent at me waist and grasped his wrist, tugging the captain to his feet. "Me wives have their own scrimshawed ivory pieces and on occasion use 'em on me dungbie. I prefer the lasses meself, but given the nature of me trade, if'n me wife is staying in port for a spell, a release is a release. Yer lawful sister, the Lady Rose herself, taught me wife how to use the ivory phallus. When me ship done gone to collect me wife, yer brother cornered me and asked if I be addled to think their payment was fair for just one berth partner. He said me arse was worth at least twenty of the gold they'd been so generous to provide."

Edward quickly caught on. "So, you are offering me the use of your body, and my father's sword so that I don't sink your ship?"

I dropped my normal sea tongue for the cultured language I knew would appeal to Edward's intellect.

"Edward, despite your history, and my account, I do not believe that you would sink the Pearl while a small babe was aboard. My son has not yet gained his sea legs and I do not wish to have him feed the fish at such a young age. I can guarantee that your over-imbibed arse would not make it from the ship, before several daggers were buried in your back, if you lay one hand on me, my wife, our mate, or my son."

His laugh came quickly and I could smell the spiced rum he drank earlier. "Even my brother would not harm a child. Odd that you can speak like an educated man when you choose."

"I spent four years with the lubbers in school. Pa, rest his soul, thought even a pirate lad deserved to know what the world held. There be sixty Angeles gold pieces in that bag, I offer another twenty to you in goods, your sword if we have retained it, and information upon completion of our deal."

Ever since I'd heard Alice's song that first night we were all back together, her words have haunted me soul.

"To be that young maid on the shore-o

I'd divide I'd divide with my jolly ships crew

and wander alone on that shore-o.

To find a captain of me own who'd love only me

Let the winds blow high and low."

I could feel the pain radiating from her heart and longed to make things right. She'd have a cap'n of her own. It was the least to be done by meself.

"So where does this occur?" Edward looked around me ship as he spoke. "Yer quarters?"

"Nay. Me wife and me son are resting. If'n we disturb them, Alice will keelhaul the both of us." I turned and saw two of the swabs watching us from the fo'c's'le. I knew the music of the waves lapping on the Pearl would keep our words from being heard but he would be more comfortable in private. "All hands below deck or ashore. Me ain't offering a doxy show for ye addlepates."

Edward looked up the mizzen and pointed to the fighting top. I'd had Alice up there yesterday and wasn't about to climb up there with someone who would just as soon have me walk the plank as be berth companions.

"Nay, ye have better footing at the helm, Cap'n Cullen."


Edward grasped the stoppered bottle of Alice's scented oil pilfered by meself from her collection and carefully slid the cork from the end. Vanilla and other exotic spices filled our noses as he poured some into his palm. He greased himself and then me offered entrance.

The wheel was tied to keep us from turning off-course, no matter how hard me arms pulled. The spokes of the helm held me hands fastened as surely as a belaying pin and me feet were braced against the stand of the helm and the binnacle. Edward's breath was like the hot winds blowing off the volcanic islands as he rested his head on me shoulder.

"I've not done this before."

"Ye'll figure it out well enough, me cap'n."

At my words, Edward pushed against me. He was larger than the scrimshawed toy of Alice's, and me body stretched around him with a pleasant ache. He went slowly, pressing in until me arse felt the curls at the base of his phallus.

We both let out a groan as Edward's arms came down to hold me hips, pulling me into his body. The grain of the wood cut into me flesh as me hands grasped on tight. I di'nt know if me body could take him to completion. Then he growled and me whole body was set aflame.

Me own rod was hardening with want. The lasses would no doubt take care of me needs later. It pressed against the helm, each movement of our bodies pressing me length against the wood. The fire of me arse around him was dissipating, the sensation one of pleasure as the cap'n filled me.

His hands moved to me shoulders and me instincts said he was close. His breath came out in short grunts, and when one hand fisted my hair, pulling m' head back, me hips bucked forward, giving me rod some friction against the wheel.

"Ye feel so blunderin' good, Whitlock." He tugged me hair harder with each word, his hips thrusting into me as punctuation. "Methinks ye'll be at me beck 'n' call whenever we find ourselves in the same port, or me men will see fit to sink the Pearl to the bottom of the sea."

I turned my face into his, our lips immediately at war. He would not find me a willing berth partner on demand. Our teeth snagged on tender flesh, and we devoured one another as Edward plundered me depths. He released me lips after his tongue had sought out me mouth's treasures, his now slickened forehead resting on the back of me neck.

He bit down on the corded muscles of me back, and me sea air-tempered nose picked up the salt tang of me blood while I bellowed at the pain. Edward's hips snapped against me, pressing deeper until he released his seed within me. He pulled out, quickly tucking his manhood away in his breeches, the codpiece covering the softening erection.

Me own insistence was nigh painful. The good cap'n offered no spoken thanks for me offer but he did one better. His fingers covered me own, gently prying them free of the helm.

He spun me so quickly, me deadlights lost sight of the stars, until the eyes of the dark green of a stormy sea, almost the dark shade of poisoned waters, filled me vision. He was a beauteous sight to behold and me heart tripped as his lips pulled into a crooked smile.

I hated to lose one of me girls, especially to a privateer such as Edward Cullen, but deep in me heart, I knew he'd take care of Alice. If'n he di'nt, he'd meet the wrong side of a sword. Alice is a tough lass, and she can see after herself right enough.

When Edward dropped to his knees before me, me rod pulsed with need. His tongue licked the bead of fluid off the tip before he leaned forward, enveloping me in wet heat. Me groan sounded off the sails of the Pearl and the neighboring Elizabeth.

His eyes were locked on mine, the red eyebrows arched in a visual smirk as me hands came down to guide the current of his movement. Me length slipped from his lips before he swallowed it down again. The pressure increased in me gut and me head tipped back. The sea birds were at rest up on the crow's nest, and a few were preening feathers. Me eyes watched a feather float down until it landed in Edward's sun-reddened hair.

Cool air hit me prick and Edward dropped back, looking up at me with those Storm God eyes. "Ye need to keep yer attentions on me, not the blasted birds. Yer cannon be in me mouth, can ye not remember that?"

With those words, Edward took me length past his lips, his tongue doing unseen yet mind-addling things to me prick. Me passions quickly came to the brink and I let the tempest pull me under. Edward continued to suck on me manhood as I unleashed my flood. He released me, tugging me breeches back up over me arse.

I leaned over the binnacle, my cheek pressed into the glass we traded a raw diamond for, and me sight locked on the compass. North. Edward was me North.


Six years later

Alaric and Mera were in the rigging, under the careful watch of Angela, the governess Edward had hired to ensure that he and Alice's daughter, Antonia Elizabeth, was well-educated. We could hear her scolding the children, begging them to come down. Alaric listened, knowing full-well to listen to a higher-ranking officer.

Mera, with a shriek, swung down the lines, and stood with her hands on her hips. She was all of five years old and looked all the world like her mother, Alice, except for me eyes. She stared at Angela, her chemise belted over a pair of crimson breeches. Her hair was cropped short, like her mother's.

"Ye were hired to be gov'ness for the daughter of me freebootin' grog-swiggin' shoddy excuse of an uncle."

"Now, Miss Mera, you know I will not allow you to speak like ship-folk around me, and Captain Cullen hired me to look over your education as well as Antonia's. Besides, it is not proper to speak of your elders, especially the good Captain, like that. You should apologize to him."

Mera's face turned bright red and Edward cringed as he awaited the slur about to leave me daughter's lips. Alice came running up from the captain's quarters and put her hand over Mera's mouth.

"Ye won't be talkin' about me wedded husband like that, Meralla Whitlock. Ye'll apologize to him or ye'll be dropped in the next port and go to school with the lubbers."

Mera ran to Bella and hid behind her. "Lala, me mother is a yellow-bellied blowfish. Me want'n to stay on with ye and Da on the Pearl."

Bella hoisted Mera up onto her hip. "Now, Mera, ye know that yer always welcome aboard the Darlin' Pearl. But Edward's a good man, a fine cap'n, and a shipshape husband for yer ma. He's good to ye and yer sister as well as yer brother. Now ye get to apologizing or ye'll be making friends with a scupper brush and holystones for seven tides. On with ye."

Me wife wrapped her arms around me and we watched as Mera made a rough attempt at an apology without truly taking back her words.

When Alice left the Pearl to marry Edward, after he'd gone back on account and watched her burn his letters of marque, she was already round with me child. He was a pirate of his word and made her an honest woman, and named her the owner of the Elizabeth. We arrange to meet in various harbors and Mera spends a month or so, given the trade winds, on the Pearl, and then the next set of tides with her mother and Edward.

Now, the days in between, while our crews enjoy the pleasures of land; doxies, food, and drink to their fill, the four of us find our way below decks to the large berth Alice had Edward commission. It sleeps the four of us, although we find little hours to sleep.

The crisis with the children averted, I followed Alice's slim hips down the two steps leading to the captain's quarters. Bella and Edward had a head start on us and we walked in on a lovely sight. Edward's breeches were off, his shirt unlaced, and Bella was seated upon his strongly muscled thighs. Her skirts were pushed up and her shirt undone but on, and his mouth was suckling at her breast like a babe.

His hand was below on her sex, seeking the magic pearl within the heat. Her body undulated against him, the sweet fragrance of her arousal reaching us at the door. Alice reached back, her nails tracing out the ridge of my hardening rod, and then squeezing.

"Aye, me love. They started without us. Me thinks we should watch for a bit."

"Nay nay nay, Jasper. They deserve punishment."

I watched with amusement as Alice went to her drawer and retrieved the false codpiece she'd gained years prior. I helped her with the harness, now long ties of the finest soft sailcloth, and she reached for a tub of emollient.

Alice motioned for Edward to lean back onto the mattress, covered with silk she'd made him trade a year's collection of coin on. Her fingers went between Bella's thighs, spreading the lips of her sex. She positioned Bella how she wanted and then slid the ivory phallus within her tunnel. Bella's gasp made me hips thrust forward.

Spitting into me palm, me cock practically leapt out of the laces as I pulled the first two ties free. I rubbed me slickened hand up and down me length, pumping in time with Alice's thrusts, and then slid my way in. After the trouble she'd had with Antonia's birth, Alice had gone to the sea witch, Rosalie herself, and asked for the herbs to stop her tides. We didn't need another willful child like Mera running around.

Her pelvis moved more roughly against Bella's, and we soon became a writhing mass of bodies. The ship rocked beneath our feet and we used it as we thrust into our loved ones. Bella was growing frustrated, her moans alternated with pants and whines as she pleaded with Alice to let her climax. Edward was likewise miserable, his cock pressed between the folds of Bella's sex but not actually inside her. Alice was the captain of punishments.

I was getting close to me own pinnacle and reached beneath Alice to toy with her nubbin. She let out a delighted squeal and pushed against me.

"Now, Alice, me saucy beauty, if ye be wantin' me fingers to continue their plunderin', ye'd best let yer husband and me wife couple their bodies and find their pleasure."

She pouted, her heavily painted lips sticking out even more. "But, Jasper!"

I pulled my fingers out from beneath her harness. "Nay, Alice. We have few enough hours together. Do nay punish them for warming one another up."

"Fine, but I get Bella."


As we drifted to sleep in a tangle of arms, me daughter's voice rang out in the night air. It carried in through the open window, sweeter than the songbird's music in the jungle.

There is a young maiden, she lives all a-lone
She lived all a-lone on the shore-o
There's nothing she can find to comfort her mind
But to roam all a-lone on the shore, shore, shore
But to roam all a-lone on the shore

"Alaric, one day, the Elizabeth will be me own ship and we can sink rival ships after splitting the booty. What say ye, m' brother?"

Alice giggled, half-asleep upon my chest. "They'll do it too, me loves. Me eyes have seen it."