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Chapter One.

I sat outside on the porch listening to the rain. It was the only thing in my life right now besides my friends that kept me sane. I could hear them, Charlie and Renee arguing. They'd been going at it for the past hour, and I had finally escaped by them to just sit on the porch.

This has been my life ever since Renee was caught with some baseball player when I was in fifth grade. They thought I didn't, know why, but it's kind of hard when that's what they scream about every other day as soon as they see each other, if they even talk at all. I absolutely hate it. With a passion.

I frowned at myself as I heard Renee throw a plate on the ground. A car drove by slowly causing rain to spray up off the road. I stared across the street at all the greenness of Forks. Another glass broke and I sighed. Although there was a little hope, Renee never broke more that two items. Then usually she or Charlie would stalk out the house and leave until some godforsaken hour of the night. I curled my knees up until they touched my chin, swaying softly on the swinging bench.

I tried to escape mentally, you know just to try and imagine something better. Or different. I went back to the time before the incident. When my mom would make me Mickey Mouse pancakes every Friday morning before school, and Charlie would take me fishing with him every Saturday afternoon. We were the perfect family back then. Going on family vacations, board game night every Tuesday, and we even went to church most Sundays. That was the life, and I really missed it. Even if I'm a little too old for most of those things, I'd do anything to get that lifestyle back.

Now the only thing we do as a family is sleep. Except that's not even the same, since Renee and Charlie never sleep in the same bed. Unless they're on a good streak, which only lasts a night. Renee is usually the only one home during the week, and sometimes we do stuff together; like grocery shopping, going to the mall, or eating ice cream out the tub and watching a good romance movie. Sometimes I'd actually have fun with her, but it's not the same as it use to be. Our fun is usually interrupted when she got a phone call from who I assume is Baseball Guy, who I still don't have an actual name for.

Though, Charlie was never as fun. The only thing we did together was eat on Sunday nights. Renee was gone most weekends, doing who knows what, so I usually ended up cooking something and eating with him. He didn't talk much either. Our conversations consisted of him asking how school was, and I'd answer. Then ask him how work or fishing was, and he'd keep it brief. I stopped going fishing with him only because after Renee was caught, the only thing he'd do was sit in the boat and stare at the water mumbling to himself. But, I will say that sometimes when we ended up watching House together, we'd laugh a little and make a few jokes.

Just then, Charlie stalked out the house and got into his cruiser ranting about something. I watched him pull out and rush down the road, not speeding. I stood, and breathed loudly before walking into the house. It was a mess, as usual after one of their longer fights. The broken glass remains were in the hall between the kitchen and living room. The TV was still on and the fridge was open. I heard the shower running as I walked up the stairs, meaning Renee was in there crying. I walked past the bathroom and into my small room. I sat there on my bed, comparing how clean my room was compared to the mess downstairs and in their bedroom.

It was Friday night and I still had no plans, though I knew they were just a phone call away. I grabbed my cell phone and held down speed dial two, Alice.

"Bella! I was waiting on your call! What's up?" Alice was her usual hyper self and I smiled at the change.

"Can I come over? And spend the night?" I asked, already knowing the answer was going to be yes.

"Bella, I don't see why you don't just come straight over with a bag, of course you can come!"

"Be there soon." I hung up. I'd been spending the night over Alice's house just about every Friday night since seventh grade. It was like my second home pretty much. I even went on family vacations with her family too. They're like my life before the incident. I relished every moment of being with them.

I quickly threw a few things in my weekend bag and slid my tennis shoes on. I walked down the stairs and stopped in the kitchen, knowing that by now Renee was cleaning up in there until it was spotless.

"Uh, Mom?" I asked standing in the doorway.

"Yes Bella?" she looked up sniffling, her eyes were puffy and her nose was red.

"Can I go to Alice's tonight? And use your car?" I bit my lips. I wanted to stay home and just hold her and tell her it was going to be okay. But I knew no good was coming of that, since nine times out of ten, she was still seeing Baseball Guy. The source of all these fights.

"Yeah, just be back tomorrow by noon. I have to go to Seattle for a meeting." She was sweeping absently at an already clean area of floor.

"Okay." I nodded and grabbed her keys off the key holder by the door. I still haven't gotten my own car yet, though I was supposed to when I first got my license. But I was okay with it, because Renee never asked questions when I asked to use her car. She never really left much anyways. The only problem I had with it was Baseball Guy is probably in here every weekend having his way with her by the smell of it... and weird stains.

I sat in the drivers seat and threw the bag beside me, slowly pulling off onto the road. Alice didn't live far, but her house was way different than mine. She lived in the only gated community here, meaning she was pretty much loaded. But she wasn't the flaunty type, sure she dressed nice and had numerous nice things, but she never once threw money in my face. She treated me like an equal and that's what I loved about her.

Alice was already standing in front of the garage door by the time I pulled onto the long drive. Her smile was huge and she was practically bubbling with excitement. When I parked she bombarded the car and quickly took my bag out the passenger side.

"Come on Bella! It's raining!" Alice said rushing to the front door, with me laughing quietly behind her. Once inside the house we walked straight up the elegant staircase and into her room.

"Why is it every time I come here you've moved furniture around?" I asked noticing how the bed was on the left and not the right anymore.

"You're talking to the girl who changes twice during a school day, what's wrong with moving furniture around every once a week?" She shrugged and sat on the big comfy couch sitting in front of her plasma screen TV. I sat beside her and just laughed a little bit.

"You win Alice, I have no argument." I put up my hands in surrender.

"So, Bella, what are we doing for the evening? I'm thinking baking cookies and having movie night with the gang." Alice smiled slyly. "The gang", was our weird group of friends Emmet, Rosalie, Jasper, and Edward. The weirdness was that we all pretty much had different personalities. I was of course, the shy quiet one.

Alice was the one who couldn't knock down anything and was all around hyper.

Emmett is just a big ol' cocky athlete, but a big ol' teddy bear at the same time. He was also Alice's boyfriend.

Rosalie was the stuck up bitch of the group, but we still loved her. Cause I mean, she wasn't that bad. Except to me majority of the time, but she has her nice side too.

Jasper was the hippie of the group. Or he just was a chill guy, who was into his guitar, music, and girls. He was also my new crush, seeing as we've been friends for a lifetime and he's incredibly hot.

And Edward was the perfect guy of the group. He looked hot, did everything good, but the problem was he was just a jackass. A funny jackass, but a jackass nonetheless. He's also Emmett's brother.

To outsiders we were weird, since we all had totally different personalities. But we were the perfect people for each other.

"Alice, I know you're only saying that because you want to see Emmi-bear." I laughed making fun of the new nickname I gave him. Alice rolled her eyes and smiled throwing a couch pillow at me.

"Whatever Bella, I'll take that as a 'yes Alice, I'd love to have the gang over so I can ogle over Jasper all night'." I blushed a deep crimson. Alice laughed and walked across the room to where her phone was resting on the nightstand. She called one of the group members and told them to assemble everyone.

"It's going down in two hours! Gives us the right amount of time to go to the store, buy cookies, and make em!" Alice was already putting on shoes before she even finished the first sentence.

"Uh, okay. Cool with me." I hesitated, for reasons unknown.

"Well come on, we gotta shake a leg! Two hours isn't as long as you think."

"Okay Alice..." I said nonchalantly. We walked downstairs and through the garage door. Alice's gleaming Porsche was sitting there. Why Alice needed a Porsche, I had no clue, but it was always nice to have when going into big cities hunting for guys. I hopped in the passenger seat and she started the engine.

We opted to go to the town grocery store and not Walmart, seeing as Walmart was a fifteen minute drive, and the town store was only five. The store was old, probably built in the early nineties. It looked like giant beat up house, but the inside was too shabby. But it also had sliding doors, so it was pretty upscale. There were only ten aisles in the whole store, but the plus side was, they sold some of the greatest tasking brands. Sure they had the normal ones, but the ones you hear about less taste ten times better. Especially around the holidays.

Alice grabbed four of those Nestle chocolate chip cookie dough bags (the ones with the tear and bake dough inside) and walked to the register. I grabbed a some Reese's cups and some Twizzlers on the way too.

"Will this be all?" the elderly woman behind the cash register asked. There was only one register in here, but I could understand. They didn't get much business. The only people who came here were kids looking for cheap candy, and faithful customers from when this place was built.

"Uh wait." Alice grabbed a pack of 5Gum and threw it on the counter too. For some weird reason she bought gum anytime she went to the store, though she already had five packs in her purse, four unopened.

"Your total is 14.69." Alice handed the girl a twenty and grabbed the bag.

"Have a nice day!" The woman called as we walked out the store.

We got back to Alice's house and immediately put the cookies in the oven, filling the house with that great baking scent. We were down in the Entertainment room looking through her massive collection of movies.

"So, how's the home going?" Alice asked lightly, throwing another movie into the ten pile. I sighed.

"Charlie went out this time." I was thumbing trough the comedies.

"You can always stay here if you want Bella. My parents would love to have another mouth to feed." Alice smiled throwing Sweeney Todd into the pile. She said this anytime the subject of my parents came up. I knew she was being serious though, she had another room all ready to go for me whenever I came to the doorstep. I would just leave and stay with her, but I have the feeling Renee and Charlie kind of needed me to be there.

"I'll tell you when." I smiled throwing Zoolander and Major Payne into the pile.

"Ten!" Alice called, the pile was finished, meaning the only thing left to do was pop popcorn and get the sodas. The timer on the oven dinged loudly in the kitchen. "I'll get everything together, go watch the door. I hear not everyone's coming together."

I walked to the door and looked out the window, it was still raining. Edward and Emmett were always first to arrive since they only lived down the street. Rosalie usually came next because she lived the next closest, and Jasper was always last because he lived closer to me, and he was an extremely slow chill person.

Edward's Volvo pulled up with slick wet driveway and he and Emmett got out. I was always amazed how Emmett fit in there, it was like how a million clowns got out of those tiny clown cars. They walked up the walkway and I opened the door. Emmett was first to walk in wearing a huge grin on his face.

"Since when did Alice hire you as her butler?"

"You didn't know? I started my job yesterday." I grinned back.

"Oh, well to save you, you don't have to take my coat kiddo." Emmett boomed patting my back a little too hard. I laughed and pushed him in the direction of the kitchen.

"I'm not so nice, I like my coat folded on wooden hangers. Not the wire kid." Edward took off his jacket and threw it at me. I let it fall to the ground.

"So sorry sir." He rolled his eyes and pulled me into a hug.

"Bella, you make a crappy butler." He laughed and walked into the kitchen. Not long after he got there he yelled. "Ew! Gross! You two get a room! Alice your parents probably have a hidden camera in here!" I laughed loudly as I saw Rosalie's red BMW pull up. Emmett's booming laughter echoed throughout the house and I shook my head.

Rosalie's modelesque body was striding down the walkway and I was deciding on whether or not to open the door for her. I decided to, but only cause I wanted tonight to actually be nice. I opened the door and she walked in.

"Hey Rose." I said a little hopeful. It must not have worked, because she walked straight by. I sighed.

"Edward, no! Wait until we watch the movie!" I heard Alice shriek, meaning Edward was sneaking cookies as usual. I looked out the window and immediately smiled. Jasper's Golf was parked in the driveway and was getting out the car. He didn't have a jacket on and his white shirt and hair were getting wet because of the rain. By the time he was halfway up the walk I opened the door.

"Jasper, I hope you know witches melt in the rain!" I called smiling. He shrugged and hugged me, getting me a little wet too. "Ew! Get off!" I truly didn't want him to because he smelled so nice. He smelled clean, like just a bar of soap. For some reason to me that's just about the best smell a guy can have, it's easier to tell if they groom themselves or not.

"I'm trying to give you the bath you so badly need!" he laughed shaking his wet hair. I wiped off all the water that landed on my face and followed him into the kitchen where everyone else was. Rosalie was sitting on a bar stool looking half bored, as usual. Edward was rummaging through the fridge, looking for the LoganBerry soda Alice always had from New York. Emmett was sneaking cookies from the plate, and Alice was putting popcorn in both microwaves.

"So nice of you to join us Jas, always fashionably late I presume?" Alice asked when she noticed our arrival.

"You know it Munchkin."

"Hippy." Alice muttered under her breath. I walked over to the cookies and grabbed the plate from Emmett.

"Bella! You ruin all the fun! Bad butler!" Emmett whined, everyone chuckled, well except Rosalie who was now picking at her manicure.

"It's bloody people like you that make me want to quit." I said making a corny British accent. This sent another wave a laughter through everyone.

"Oh, Rosie are we boring you still? Will you like us to talk about Top Model again? You seem to like when we talk about that." Emmett teased Rosalie.

"Emmett, shut up. I just got off work, not in the mood." she threatened.

"Anywayyys, Alice where are Mumsie and Daddy?" Edward asked having retrieved his treasure from the fridge.

"They're in Toronto at some gala? Dammit Edward! I try to hide those from you and yet you still find them! I knew I never should've given you one, you pig." Alice frowned pouring the popcorn in two large bowls.

I started my way back down to the Entertainment room with Jasper and Edward following me. Emmett was helping Alice carry everything down the stairs and Rosalie just kind of followed. The food was sat down on the huge coffee table. Everyone picked a spot on the outrageously large couch. I was situated between Jasper and Edward, as usual. Alice stood in front of the tv and picked up the movies.

"Tonight the Brandon Cinema is showing one of these movies; Sweeney Todd : The Demon Barber, Zoolander, Major Payne, Perfume, Water Boy, Finding Nemo, Baby Mama, Mean Girls, and Transformers. Put your votes in." Every week we did this the rules were the same, the two movies with the most votes were always the two we watched.

"Us men do love how Mean Girls is an option every week." Edward said sarcastically.

"Actually Eddie, I do love that movie. I'm always up for a good cat fight." Emmett grinned and Edward cringed at the hated nickname.

"Edward, it's like the greatest movie ever made, that's why it's an option every week. Suck it up." Alice nagged.

"I'm not staying for this, I'm tired. See you losers later. I have work tomorrow." Rosalie stood up and began walking out.

"Oh come on Rose! We haven't even picked a movie yet! You can't be that tired!" Alice pouted.

"Actually, I can be this tired. I'll talk to you guys later or something." Rosalie retreated up the stairs and we heard her car start.

"I think she's on her period." Edward teased. I shoved him to the side and we all laughed a little.

"Can we get back to the vote now? I vote Major Payne." Alice grinned, this was her third favorite movie in the universe.

"Perfume." Emmett shrugged.

"Major Payne." Jasper smiled, he practically grew up on the movie.

"Water Boy!" I said overly excited.

"Sweeney Todd." Edward said cooly.

"Oh Edward you only say that cause that's like you're second personality." Emmett teased. Edward rolled his eyes and flipped Emmett the bird.

"Why do we lose focus so fast?" Alice puffed.

"Because that guy Emmett, you know the hot one, he just distracts everyone." Emmett said trying to imitate a girl's voice unsuccessfully. Everyone threw a pillow at him except for Alice who just laughed. Emmett boomed along with her.

"'Kay, so Major Payne's up. We need a second vote. Choices are; Sweeney Todd, Perfume, and Water Boy."

"Perfume." Emmett said again.

"Perfume." Jasper said.

"Sweeney Todd." Alice shrugged.

"Water Boy." I tried lamely, knowing it wouldn't work.

"Perfume." Edward finished.

"Hey! You can't change votes!" I argued.

"I just remembered you and Alice know all the words to the songs, I kind of need to hear tomorrow." I slapped his arm and tried to wiggle over to Jasper when he tried to hit me back.

"Hey! Play babies, Perfume wins, and we're watching it first. I always like to laugh off a good thriller." Alice popped the movie into the Blue Ray player and turned off the lights. She snuggled into Emmett's side and I made a gagging noise. Sure we acted extremely immature for being seniors, but that's just how we did it. I longed to lean into Jasper's side, but I didn't, not wanting to make things uncomfortable. So instead, I opted to just sink deeper into the couch.

Edward leaned back into the couch too, and his arm was now touching mine. Our relationship was always a really touchy one for some weird reason, though I shrugged it off. He was just my close guy friend who I hung out with a lot. He didn't know anything about my parents, but he knew like everything else about me. He was like Jasper and Emmett pretty much in that way, except Jasper and I were never the touchy type together...yet.

Emmett touched everyone all the time, which made us love him even more. Though he did calm down a little when he started dating Alice. But occasionally he'd squeeze my ass though, for no reason. Or maybe just to get a reaction out of me. I shrugged it off getting more into the movie.

This movie had to be one of my most favorite scary ones. Some weird French guy pretty much grows up without being able to talk, but has an extremely strong sense of smell. When he grows up he smells some chick and falls in love with his scent, so he kind of stalks her, while trying to smell her he accidentally kills her, thus she loses her scent. He then goes around murdering innocent girls to get their scents from their bodies, until he makes the perfect perfume. Of course all the murders cause a problem, so he's jailed, but weirdly gets freed because he let's everyone smell his perfume, cause a huge orgy to go on. At the end he escapes to the fish market he was born in (yes he was born in a fish market on the ground) and gets eaten by a bunch of cannibals because he smelled so nice.

Emmett and Jasper kept doing commentaries throughout the whole thing, which sort of ruined it. I eventually joined in too, which cause Alice to keep complaining, which made Edward also get involved. So all in all, we never got to really watch the movie. And then we didn't even end up watching Major Payne.

Someone got the bright idea that we go to the park and play in the rain, so now I'm sitting here in between Alice and Jasper in Edward's Volvo. Alice was playing around on her phone, most likely texting Emmett, and I was just kind of sitting there listening to Muse's CD The Resistance play. I absolutely loved this album, and usually listened to it twice a day. Edward was speeding through the town and towards the huge park off the main highway. Sure we had a park or two in Forks, but those were pretty lame compared to the huge one off the highway.

Jasper sat beside me mouthing the words to the song 'Unnatural Selection'. I smiled, Jasper had the best taste of music out of all of us. Or at least in my eyes. I was smiling to myself and didn't notice it. I then felt my phone buzz and looked at it, Alice had texted me and I opened it.

Bell, Em and I need you to keep the others occupied,
we have to care of some business ;)

I cringed at the thought of her and Emmett together. They'd be all romantic and stuff walking though the park. But as soon as they found a good bench, it was like a porno...minus the nakedness. Alice softly giggled beside me and I nodded in agreement. Once again Jasper, Edward, and I would be the trio. Which sort of made it worse, seeing as I was dying to have alone time with him. Maybe if bitchy Rosalie would have stayed. I rolled my eyes as Edward parked and we all filed out.

The park was weirdly kind of crowded. Way too many people for a wet and rainy day. Before we even talked about what we were doing, Emmett scooped Alice into his arm and off they went to find a good make out spot.

"Just the three of us again?" Jasper asked putting his hands into his hoodie pockets.

"All for one and one for all." I sighed. We were like the three musketeers, except I was a girl, and we had no swords.

"We're like Josie and the Pussy Cats." Edward smirked and I laughed a little.

"Dude, you realize that they were all girls right?" Jasper asked. We began walking in the direction of the swing sets. This is what we did, we hung out at the park on rainy days and talked about stuff while swinging. Sure ninety percent of the time I ended up pushing the both of them, but it was just us. Even though every time I'd try and make one of them push me just a little, it never worked.

"They were all hot. I'm hot, Bella's decent enough-" I swatted at him and he easily dodged it smiling. "And you're just Jasper. Who cares if they were girls."

"Cheers, to Josie and the Pussy Cats!" Jasper called. Edward and I followed with 'here here's' and we all burst out in a fit of laughter. We were extremely close to the swing sets, and there were only two swings left. I cracked a devious smile, and ran for it. I knew how dangerous this was seeing as I'm more clumsy than a dog trying to run on a buttered linoleum floor, but I ran anyways.

I reached the swing in one piece and collapsed into the hard wet seat. I sat there as Jasper and Edward calmly approached the second swing. They eyed each other before Jasper kindly gestured towards the swing.

"Please my brother, take a seat. I can wait." I knew something was up because for one, they never gave up this easy, and two. Jasper and Edward were always up for a good competition. Throw Emmett in there and you had a battle royal.

"Why think you kind sir." Edward nodded his head and sat down in the swing beside me. Jasper walked behind me.

"I'll even push you Bells." Jasper smiled genuinely and my heart swelled. If this didn't mean anything, I don't know what did. All he had to do was push me on this swing right now, and I'd know we were meant to be. I became super giddy, and my heart sped up a little. I grasped onto the metal links and tried to hide my huge smile. I felt Jasper hands grab the links above mine and-

"Sike!" He picked me up from behind, sat me on the ground, and quickly took my spot.

"Hey!" Edward doubled over, and he and Jasper high fived. "It wouldn't kill either of you to just push me one measly time!" I was turning a bright red from embarrassment and anger. They laughed even harder when they saw this, which only made me blush even more.

"Come on Bella, you know we love you. Just push." Edward said, after they finally finished laughing. I sighed and stood in the middle of them. I put all of my might into pushing them, seeing as they both weighed like twice my size. This only made them chuckle at me and I rolled my eyes.

"You guys gain like twenty pounds every time we do this. Lay off the junk food." I was starting to pant pretty hard. They were getting a little higher with each push, giving me a work out.

"We're growing boys." Jasper smiled.

"Yeah." was all Edward had to put in. I groaned and continued to push them. Everyone was staring at us now, trying to figure out why I, a 5'4" girl was pushing two 6' and taller guys. I blushed a little and tried to look away. I think both Jasper and Edward noticed because they had smug looks flash across their faces.

"Higher! Higher mommy higher!" Edward squealed, attempting to imitate a small child.

"Yeah mommy! I wanna go to space!" Jasper shrieked. My face turned tomato red, and I immediately stopped and walked away. Leaving them swinging and bellowing with laughter. I walked about halfway to the nearest resting area before they both caught up.

"You guys are jerks." I mumbled sitting down at a picnic table, that's wood was still wet from earlier rains. They both flanked my sides and sat down.

"Tis all beith out of thine love, my lady." Jasper said pinching my cheek. It immediately began to burn at his touch and I loosened up.

"Whatever you say."

The only thing left to do was either find something to entertain ourselves, or just wait for Emmett and Alice to run out of breath. Which was nearly impossible seeing as they were both on the swim team. I sighed and saw my breath in the cold wet air. Soon enough it would be summer, and not as bad.

We ended up just sitting there in a comfortable silence. Edward was listening to his iPod and Jasper was mindlessly playing with the ends of my hair. I kept poking his thigh and he'd sigh or smile a little. This could only mean we were pretty close. But I still felt like if I didn't tell him about Charlie and Renee, our relationship would be a lie. I sighed and slumped down a little. Edward had somehow fallen asleep, and was softly snoring causing little puffs of air to show.

These were about the only times that he was nice, when he was sleeping, or eating good food. Jasper stood up and dragged me quietly with him across the park to where the benches circled around the large fountain. We sat down on a one of the only benches not underneath a huge leaking tree.

"What about Edward?" Jasper smiled and pulled out a pair of keys with Volvo etched in them. "He can't leave us, what harm is done?" Jasper smiled. I playfully pushed his arm.

"You sly dog you." He smiled even more and leaned in. Our eyes locked and my heart rate picked up and my breathing slowed. If this was what I think it was, I hoped it was going to happen. I began leaning in too with my eyelids heavy. He grabbed a hold of my neck, and out lips touched. I instantly melted into him, finally having what I've always wanted. He was a good kisser, with nice smooth lips, not the dry nasty kind. My hands went into his hair and I began curling it in between my fingers. He moaned into my lips, causing a tingling sensation to take over my body.

"Well, well, well, look what we have here." our eyes snapped open and we immediately separated from each other. We both blushed and faced Emmett, who had his arms crossed. Alice was behind him, attempting to hide her smile. There was a groggy looking Edward behind them, attempting not to look either of us in the eye. I looked away kind of ashamed, touching my lip, which still had a tingling sensation.

Emmett boomed with laughter at high fived Jasper. Alice bounced over to me and grabbed my hand, leading me to the car. She wasn't even talking, only making little high pitched squealing sounds. I smiled, still in a daze at the events that just happened.

"Bella, I'm so-" Alice squealed and hugged me tightly. Though she was little as I don't know what, Alice had a death grip.

"Alice- you're- choking- can't- breath..." I managed to gasp. She let go and clapped her hands excitedly.

"I just knew something was going to happen today!"

"Well, tell me about it when we get to your house, here they come." the guys were approaching slowly. Emmett was talking excitedly about something while Jasper just smiled, and Edward was sulking in their shadows with his hood up shading his eyes. Deep down somewhere in there I felt for him. Here we were pairing off, leaving him alone. Sure there was Rosalie, but she seemed interested in everything else. As long as it didn't involve Edward. For some reason she kind of hated him, so they wouldn't work out. Maybe I could hook him up with Jessica Stanley, she was a sweet girl...


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