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I woke up to find this Phil character in my line of vision. I could hear murmurs all around me though. I blinked again and groaned. My head was pounding.

"Bella!" I heard Renee gasp, and everyone sighed in relief. My eyes became clearer and I saw a whole crowd of strangers standing in a circle. Staring at me. Why the hell were they straing at me? What had just happened?

"Mom?" I croaked, my throat was a little dry.

"Oh Bella! What happened? You were standing there and you just...fell." Renee was speaking frantically as she rushed to my side.

"I don't know." I sat up, and tried to actually stand up, but my legs were a little wobbly.

"Don't try to get up so fast." I looked over and Phil was standing next to me with his hand on my back. I flinched away and stood up. There were spots in my eyes, but I blinked them away.

"The hell are you?" I asked, some strange guy I didn't even know was putting his hands on my back. I don't know what had just happened, but that's something I don't want to wake up to.

"Bella! Watch your language. This is Phil, my friend Phil. He's just trying to be nice. I don't want to hear anymore lip from you." Renee had sometimes done this, tried to be stern. But she always sounded like some nagging housewife from the 50s.

"Uh, nice to meet you?" Phil put out his hand for me to shake, but I just nodded at him. I turned back around and walked towards the clothing racks. I could still hear him and Renee whispering behind me.

After picking out three pairs of jeans I walked back over to Renee. She was laughing at giggling with Phil and I impatiently tapped my foot beside her.

"Well Phil, I think Ms. Prissy-Pants here is ready to leave. We have to be heading home anyways. It was good seeing you again." she once again hugged him. I wanted to vomit, I felt so sick. She was openly showing me that she was seriously cheating on Charlie. I didn't know if I would even tell him or not. I needed to go to Alice's house ASAP.

"It was nice meeting you Bella, try not to faint anytime soon." Phil smiled and winked at me. I was stunned, and disgusted.

"You too..." I said dryly. Renee frowned at me, but quickly turned it back into a trophy wife smile. We walked off to a cash register and she bought my jeans. She surprisingly didn't talk to me until we got into the car and were on the highway.

"Bella, have you been eating normally?" she sounded actually concerned like she wasn't canoodling in the mall with her mister in front of my eyes. Typical Renee actually, so I wasn't that surprised.

"Yes mom I have. I have no clue how or why I fainted, it just happened." I pulled out my phone and texted Alice asking if I could come over.

"God I almost had a heart attack. I didn't know what was going on, you just fell and-" I interrupted her.

"How did you meet Phil?"

"Me and your father went to a baseball game a few years back, and we got to meet the whole time. I met Phil, and we just became good friends." I just stared at her. Trying my best to look like I was staring through her.


"Oh Bella, you don't think...did your father tell you something? Because it's not true. Phil and I are only friends. Good friends. He has a wife, I have a husband. Your father's just jealous because my best friend is a guy. Of course I have my other friends, but they're all still single and sometimes you need to settle down." Renee kept rambling on and on when my phone buzzed.

you're welcome anytime.

"It's not like you and Charlie argue about him all the time or anything." I stated. I was kind of fed up, but I didn't give it my all.

"Bella. That is between your father and I. We're trying to sort out problems."

"By yelling? By throwing dishes everywhere? By storming out of the house and not coming back until some godforsaken hour of the damned night?" I was angrily staring out the window.

"Bella! Watch your mouth."

"Maybe you should watch where you and Charlie have your arguments." I was pushing it extremely far if I even wanted to go to Alice's house.

"Maybe you should stop listening in on them? Go join a Goddamned sport! Do something with your life instead of going over to Alice's house all the time! Stop whoring yourself around with those two boys you call "friends". Get some friends that'll actually go somwhere! Jesus Bella! You're trying to rip me and your father apart, but you're the one who has a bunch of skeletons in the closet! Go find them and clean them off, and maybe mature a little bit, then tell me to get my shit together."

Renee had done it. She had cracked. She was talking to me like I was Charlie. I was going to lose it. But I now had a plan. I was going home, packing at least a weeks worth of clothes, and Alice or somebody was going to come and pick me up.

"I can't not listen when you two are louder than a rock concert. I play soccer if you can even remember mom. I'm not playing now because guess what? Season's over! I go over to Alice's all the time because she actually notices me unlike someone in this car. I don't whore myself around, infact Emmet and Edward and Jasper are just friends. If there's one thing that you might have actually helped me with in life, it's to not be a trashy whore. My friends are going somewhere. Way farther than you and dad at least. They've all already picked out colleges and making wonderful grades. At least they won't be 'cops' or 'reporters' for some shitty town that no one cares about!"

We were almost home, and I couldn't be more happy to get there. She parked and was about to say something when I dashed out the car and into the house. I ran into my room and locked the door, frantically packing my clothes. The person that I called for some reason was Jasper. He picked up the phone on the first ring.

"Yello?" his country drawl was mouth watering.

"Jasper, can you come pick me up? Like ASAP NOW?" my breath was short and I could hear my mom climbing up the stairs.

"Uh...sure, on my way now." he hung up and I threw some pants and shirts in. I closed my phone and continued throwing things in my bag. Renee banged on my door like a mad man.

"Isabella Marie Swan! You open this door right now!" I ignored her call and was zipping my bag. She was still banging on my door yelling at me while I watched the window for Jasper. His old VW Golf pulled up and he called me.

"I'm outside."

"I can see. Walk to my room window really quick, I need you to do something."

"Why?" he asked, even though he was getting out his car.

"Don't cut off the engine! Don't ask questions. Just do it! Please? For me?" Renee was still banging on my door.

"Bella! You get off that phone and get out here!" she was screaming at the top of her lungs, I opened my window and saw Jasper looking up at me confused.

"Catch this!" I dropped my bag out the window and heard him make a 'oof ' sound. I looked over the window and he was still looking confused. I had two choices either climb down the tree and with my clumsy luck fall and break something, or open my door and run for it. I figured I'd try my soccer skills and leaned out the window again.

"Get in the car, if I'm not out in 5 minutes ring the doorbell." Jasper gave me yet another strange look but nodded. I readied myself and stuck my phone in my pocket. Renee was still outside yelling her head off and I opened the door. She paused and looked at me wildly, and I dashed for it.

"Bella! Where the hell are you going!? CHARLIEEEEEE block the door!" by the time I reached the stairs Charlie was standing in front of the front door. I immediately ran for the side door, Charlie in pursuit. For a cop, he obviously didn't do many pursuits on foot...or any pursuits in general. I easily made it out the side door and dashed for Jasper's car. He opened the door for me, and I hopped in. Jas sped off, regardless of my dad being a cop and I gave him kudos for that.

"What the hell just happened Bella? And will I be getting arrested?" he had slowed down a litlle and I smiled at him.

"Argument with my mom, I had to leave, and.....I'm not totally sure." he groaned and slid his hand down his face.

"Jesus Bella, you should warn someone before you have me be your get away car."

"You had the right to say no at anytime." I smirked, my stomach feeling light.

"Come on Bella, you sounded like you were in trouble. Of course Super Jas was gonna come and rescue you." I wanted to kiss him right then. He had a little stuble on his chin, and that southern drawl was making me feel excited in places that shouldn't just from the sound of someone's voice. I blushed and turned my head.

"Aww, look at ya' blush." he grabbed my hand and kissed it lightly. This of course made me blush even more. "Anyways, where am I taking you? I assume you're staying somewhere because of the bag, and I'd love to have you stay at my house. But I'm afraid Colleen would not agree." he smirked at me causing my skin, if possible, to get even redder.

"Alice's please, and thank you so much. I don't know what I would have done if I stayed in that house. What makes you think that I'd actually want to stay with you anyways Mr. Whitlock?" I tried my best to sound like some type of lawyer-business woman.

"Well, that kiss last week Ms. Brandon is exhibit A, and the way you blush anytime I'm close to you, exhibit B. So obviously, you wouldn't mind staying the night in the Whitlock estate, with young master Whitlock." he thickened his southern accent if possible. I was now giggling like a Japenese school girl. "That giggling counts as exhibit C by the way..."

"Oh Jasper shut up. But your 'evidence' reminds me, what did that kiss mean?" I was being pretty ballsy today, but I couldn't care less. Jasper sighed and started tapping his fingers on the gear shift. I felt like a might have pushed it a little too far, seeing that he did just do me a huge favor. We sat there in silence for at least two stop lights before I regretting it. "Jasper you-" he interrupted me.

"You know what Bella? I actually don't really know. Don't let that discourage you or anything, I find you attractive. More than that really, but I don't know what that means. Like what we are, so for now, let's just...go with the flow." I didn't know what to feel about what he said. Did this mean we were just going to be makeout buddies? That he didn't want me as a girlfriend? I had so many questions, but I just didn't want to ask. I fel that I was taking to long to respond and sighed.

"Okay." he grabbed my hand and rubbed his thumb over it, before going back to driving. The rest of the ride was pretty quiet, like not uncomfortable, but I didn't feel like I was at some fancy hotel in a king sized bed. Jasper pulled into Alice's driveway and turned off the car. I was about to open the door, but he put up his hand.

"Don't." he got out the car walked over and opened my door. "Colleen raised me well enough to always open the door for a lady, and carry her bags to the door." I smiled at him and got out the car, he didn't move and we were standing extremely close to each other. He leaned in and we kissed and a little piece of me went incoherent. It didn't last long, but it was good enough to last me for a while. He smiled at me and playfully touched my nose before grabbing my bag out the back seat. I led the way to Alice's door and rang the doorbell. Jasper was standing next to me, flicking the fresh toothpick in his mouth humming some song. Alice opened the door shortly with a big smile.

"Bella! Jas! Hello!" she hugged both of us and Jasper sat my bag down.

"Hey Alice, I was just dropping Bella off, I have to go finish some stuff. Nice seeing you both." he turned to go, but I quickly gave him a hug, he smelled of man...if that was a smell. I'd have to work harder to describe it. Jasper kissed the top of my head and got into his car before winking and driving off.

"You two are so cute!!" Alice squealed and picked up my bag, we walking straight upstairs and into her room no questions asked.

"Uh thank you, I guess?"

"So, are you all dating yet?"

"Nope." the monotone in my voice was pretty obvious.

"Then why they hell are you all making out in my driveway!?" Alice was kidding, but kind of not.

"We talked about it on the way here, we're just gonna kind of...go with the flow." I shrugged, feeling all of a sudden tired. I flopped down on Alice's bed, and she sat down accross from me.

"Go with the flow? The hell does that mean? You all should just go out! I'm sure that it'll be easier than going with the flow."

"God Alice! I don't know! I'd rather just date him, but if that's not what he wants, I can't complain. I've spent years liking him without telling him, at least we actually make relationship contact now! I just had a huge argument with my mom and he got me the hell outta there! I just don't know!" I was losing it, slowly and surely, but I was. Alice just walked over and gave me a hug. Sometime, I don't know when, but I started to cry. She just shushed me and patted my back and my hair. I couldn't ask for a better friend, because sometimes words just couldn't fix things.

We sat there like that for what seemed like ages. Eventually my tears dried up and the snot running down my nose stopped, Alice patted me one good time and released me. I smiled at her, even though I could tell I looked like total crap. I stood up and excused myself to the bathroom. My nose looked like someone had pinched the shit out of it with no mercy, and the mascara and eyeliner I was wearing was caked onto my cheeks. I turned on the sink and washed my face, before using some of Alice's makeup for a touch up.

When I emerged back into Alice's room, she was on the phone. She turned to look at me and smiled, holding up her finger. I plopped down on one of the chairs and played with the end of my hoodie. I was thinking, pretty deeply about the whole situation. Was it wrong that we weren't dating, yet kissed like sappy love drunk fools? Was Jasper just using me to have someone to play with? What was wrong with me to allow this if true? Was I really whoring myself around like Renee had implied?

I was getting lost in my thoughts, when Alice interrupted me.

"Bella? Do you mind if we go and eat with Emmett and Edward? I don't want to leave you here all alone..." Alice had her hand over the reciever. Of course I wouldn't mind, anything to keep me from my thoughts, but last I checked Edward wasn't talking to me.

"Depends, is Edward still mad at me for whatever the fuck reason?" mental note: if I'm going out, I need to calm down my language. Alice asked my question, nicer than the way I had said it.

"Uh...he's not mad anymore."

"Then I will eat." I said blankly. Alice finished up the conversation and hung up the phone.

"Ready?" she asked, throwing on a sweatshirt. Apparently this was a casual affair, because usually Alice went all out when anything involved Emmett. I nodded and threw my shoes on, not bothering to change my appearance at all. We hopped into Alice's Porsche, and zoomed down the road to Port Angeles.

The whole time I was pretty much quiet, but Alice was softly singing or humming the entire time. Eventually we pulled up to some pizzeria, that was new by the looks of it, and walked in.

I have to say the place was nice. It had a homey feeling. The floors were wooden and the walls were painted a deep warming red, the booths were cushioned and a warm honey yellow color. Everything screamed warm and comforting, like a hot bowl of macaroni and cheese. We spotted Edward and Emmett towards the back by a window, both sitting on the same side of the booth. I slid in and sat across from Edward and Alice across from Emmett.

"Excuse me ladies, those seats are taken." Emmett smiled, which cracked my depressed shell a little bit.

"Too bad, we like the spot right here." Alice replied opening her menu matter-of-factly. Edward just kind of sat there drumming his fingers, looking distressed. He glanced at me and I looked away, for what reason I don't know, but I did. I picked up the menu and looked through it, though I already knew I was getting the first thing I saw involving sausage pizza.

The waitress went to our school, and had even been my friend when I first moved here. Jessica Stanley was her name. When she realized it was us she blushed, probably embarrassed that people from school were seeing her be a waitress. Alice and Emmett smiled coily at her and I just smiled. I don't even think Edward took a look at her. She pulled out her writing pad and pen, smiling even though she obviously didn't want to serve us.

"Uh, hello and welcome to HP's, I'm Jessica and I'll be your server for the day..." Jessica was attempting to act like she would any other customer, but was failing.

"Oh we know who you are." Emmett waggled his eyebrows and Alice kicked his leg. "Ow! You know I was kidding babe." Jessica was shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot.

"Can I start you all off with some drinks?" she asked, pen ready.

"Coke." Alice smiled.

"Sprite." I said, suddenly I didn't feel like eating anymore. Emmett and Alice were the only happy people here. I was willing to be happy, as long as Edward was.

"Rootbeer." Edward mumbled.

"I think I'll have a beer." Emmett boomed, but no one laughed. He shrugged it off. "Since no one can take a joke, a Mountain Dew will suit me well." Jessica nodded and wrote it down. I stared at her, she really had to write down four drinks? Eventually she walked off to get the drinks.

"So, Edward, how are you? Being a little quiet over there. I almost forgot there was four people at this table." everyone looked at Edward who smiled at us innocently. I raised my eyebrow at him and he returned the favor.

"I'm just thinking, but since you're implying that I join the conversation. I will." he smiled. Sometimes he was such a jerk off and I couldn't stand him. I turned my head, looking for Jessica, she was taking too long with those drinks and I needed a distraction.

"That's why you can't get a girl little bro, you think too much." from the look on Edward's face...that was a low blow. Why? I had no clue, but it didn't fly by Edward.

"You know Emmett, since there is a lady present, I'll get you for that later. When we're at home." I snapped my neck turning my head back to Edward.

"There are two ladies present, I'd hope you would know that as a straight A student."

"I was referring to Alice, seeing as some of us are acting less as ladies, and more as sleazy whores." the table got incredibly silent. I ground my teeth, we were having a stare off.

"I don't know why the hell you're so pissed off at me. But I do know that anything that I have done hasn't been being a whore. I'm not one, and I think you know that. No. I know you know that. So you need to get off whatever the fuck horse you're on and get down on ground level, quick being such a damn baby, get your shit together, and tell me why the fuck you're mad at me. Because I'm sitting here like a dumb shit, worried because good ol' Edward is mad at me and I don't know what I did. So until you apologize and grow the balls to tell me what's up. You can just not bother being around me." Jessica cleared her throat.

"I'm surprised with such a smart mouth, your brain wouldn't be smart enough to process why I was so pissed off at you." I was about readyy to throw my fork at him. He just called me stupid! I was stupid? I had the same grades he did! And took all the same classes! It took all my power not to launch myself at him.

"Well Edward, maybe if you matured a little more and-" now Jessica wanted to show up, when I actually didn't want to be distracted.

"Uh...are you ready to order?" I shook my head, and crossed my arms across my chest. I settled into the booth and glared at Edward. He also shook his head and glared at me.

"I'll have four fat slices of pepporoni." Emmet said.

"I just want a slice of cheese, thanks." Jessica nodded and left quickly, feeling the tension in the air. Emmett frowned at Edward and shook his head, but Edward ignored him, staying as he was.

Time passed as Alice and Emmett ate and talked, while Edward and I had a glaring contest. Someone payed for the tab, and we walked out still as a group. Finally Alice broke the silence between all of us as a group.

"So. Emmet and I are riding back to my house in his car...Edward you drive mine and drop Bella off at my house. That is unless one of you wants to see us grope and make out with one another..."

"I have no problem unless the younger Cullen does." I said my voice full of venom.

"I would love to drive your Porsche Alice." and with that alice threw him her keys and I led him to where we parked. I slid in the passenger side as did he the driver side. For some reason Alice left the radio off, and so we sat there silently in the car, on the now rainy highway home.

It was painful. I wanted to know why, why he was so mad at me. Sure we had little arguments before, but it had never gone this far. And I didn't even know why it had! I turned up the heat, because it had suddenly gotten really cold. Edward popped his knuckles, before going back to gripping the steering wheel until his knuckles were white.

The rain became heavier as we were about fifteen miles out of town. Thank God we were so close, but it still wasn't clost enough. When we finally got into town I noticed that Edward's grip on the steering wheel loosened, and he was driving like normal.

"I'm sorry." his voice was so hoarse, I barely heard him.

"Apology accepted, but tell me...why are you so mad at me?" he sighed and cleared his throat, and I looked over at him. His eyes were soft, and sad. They were actually filling with water...like he was going to cry. I had never seen Edward so....vulnerable. I seriously wanted to hug him and tell him everything was going to be fine, but I was still semi-angry with him.

"Do you want the whole truth? Or just...part of it."

"I want all of it."

"I'm in love with you." my jaw immediately dropped, and my eyes bulged out. What?


Changes things doesn't it?

Let's see what cards Edward's playing it.