Author's Chapter Notes:

This version is more graphic then the first version, this is my warning!

Dean looked down at the puppy that Sam held in his arms.

"No," he stated as he walked around Sam. Continuing back towards the trail they had both run off of to catch the creature on, only having turned into be a puppy.

"But Dean!" Sammy whined as he walked slowly over, the puppy slowing the small boy down further. Dean stopped and shook his head. He hated that voice on Sammy; he always wanted to give that boy everything he wanted. And here was Dean at the age of 15 and he would still bend over backwards to give his little brother anything his little heart wanted.

"Fine, but you have to keep it out of sight. Dad won't like it one bit." Dean hissed as he turned and took the puppy from his brother. He unzipped his back bag and softly lowered the dog in. He looked at the small creature and smirked as its tongue rolled from its mouth. He grinned widely and pat the small head then pushed it down and zipped the bag up.

"Dean? Do you really mean it?!" Sam cried happily. The older Winchester nodded stiffly, wondering already what would happen to him once Dad found out.

"Yeah, now come on. Dad will be looking for us," he informed Sam. The little boy nodded and began to run ahead. "Sammy! Wait up." Dean cried as he swung the bag on his back and took off after him.

Sammy was running faster and faster , he was just so excited about the new puppy that he couldn't wait to get back to their home for this week. Sam was so busy with thinking about ways that they could keep the puppy a mystery that he didn't see the tree stump that he tripped until he was flying over the edge of the cliff, the one that they had made a point to avoid when they were walking in. He let out a squeak as he made mad dashes at the lose laying limbs. He caught one and let out a deep breath of relief as he began to swing back and forth, then stopped.

"Dean!" He screamed trying to look over the edge of the cliff, he knew that he couldn't fall, it was too far down for Dean to get him out without the help of their father. And then he would know that they had disobeyed him.

"SAMMY!" Came Dean's strong voice, just as Sam was about to try and pull himself up.

"I'm here!'' Sam yelled again as he moved his feet around to make noise, to draw his over-protective brother closer to him. Within five minutes Dean's face appeared over the edge. He grin is forced and Sam feels horrible about putting his brother in this position.

"Having fun?" Dean forced out with a chuckle, hoping it would calm Sam down.

"Dean, please!" Sammy whined, Dean rolled his eyes at that sound.

"Okay, Okay, jesz." Dean said as he began to pull up on the vine like object that Sam had grabbed, shortly after that Dean had a hold of Sam's arms. He pulled roughly and they were both over the edge.

Suddenly, Dean lost his balance and his eyes widened in fear and a touch of guilt as they both fell back from the cliff-side. Sam landing on Dean, and Dean crushing his bag under his back. He heard a spark cry and a painful movement, as the puppy dug his claws in his back and then there was nothing.

Tears threatened to pour from Dean's eyes as the realization sinks into him. He was so worried about Sam he had forgotten to remove the bag from his back.