Disclaimer and notes: I don't own Harry Potter, or that fine 12 year old that plays him. (ew.....) Also, I use a lot of slashy humor in this story, but I don't mean any of it. Just laugh people, lighten up! Sirius and I might have several conversations during this piece, so don't be surprised. This takes place in their fourth year. Will you make my day and review? Please????
James was awake before he opened his eyes. It was the first day of the Christmas holiday. There were no classes, and no reason to get up. He felt warm. He felt happy. He felt....crowded. Opening his eyes, James was surprised to be staring into the sleeping face of Sirius Black. He looked to his left. Peter Pettigrew. And why were his feet so warm? Remus Lupin, curled up at the foot of the bed. James felt rather uncomfortable. Not that he didn't love his friends, but a man has his limits. He jabbed Sirius in the ribs.
"Ouch! You know, you could think of a nicer way to say `good morning'," he grumbled.
"There are a few things I don't want to see first thing when I wake up," James said, "number one, anything that was made in potions class; number two, Snape; number three, anyone who is in my bed that shouldn't be. That means you three."
"Aw Jamsie, I know I'm not as pretty as Lily, but that doesn't mean I don't have feelings!" Sirius stifled his laughter in his, er, James', pillow.
James was a fairly patient person, but it was early. Too early for this. Enough was enough. "What are you doing here?!"
"I got cold."
All this commotion woke Peter up. He flopped over onto his side, and unknowingly further incurred the wrath, okay okay, annoyance, of James.
"And you! What are you doing here?" he asked Peter.
"Well, I kinda, I kinda, I had a nightmare," Peter said, "and I saw Sirius crawl over here and, I dunno, I guess-" "We made a party!" Remus shouted, jumping up at the end of the bed.
"Oh good God," James groaned, "what's your excuse?"
"Everyone else was over here, and I was feeling lonely," Remus shrugged. He yawned, rolled off the bed, and stretched his back into a position that no human being should be able to make.
"No human being should be able to stretch like that," Sirius commented for the author. (A/N: Thanks, Padfoot.) "No problem," said Sirius.
"No human should turn into a wolf once a month either, but hey, I'm special," Remus said, actually yawning the last half of that sentence out.
Peter rolled over and went back to sleep, cuddling the bright blue bear he had cleverly named "Boo Bear". Sirius gave a small grunt and snuggled back into the warm covers. "Sorry to impose on your masculinity like this," he said.
"It's okay. After four years, I should be used to it," James replied.
Remus gave a sudden jolt from across the room. "See you bed bugs later, I have a date with breakfast." He sprinted out of the room.
"Damn his early morning peppiness," Sirius grumbled and went back to sleep. James silently agreed, and climbed over Sirius to get out of bed. He got dressed and decided to go join Remus at breakfast. He looked back at Sirius, Peter, and Boo Bear, all three sleeping soundly. Unconsciously, Sirius threw one arm over Peter. James shook his head and walked out the door. No amount of coffee was going to be able to fix this morning........
Little did James know that as soon as he left the room, two white socks scuttled out from under Peter's bed and slowly made their way across the room, plotting doom and demise for all. (A/N: if you don't understand this, please read "Harry Learns the Facts of Life", also written by me. you still won't understand, but it will be funnier, I promise. :)