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Aurora sat in the compartment watching the scenery go by. She had to admit that it was beautiful. Not beautiful enough to distract the nervousness she felt in the pit of her stomach but beautiful enough to gain her partial attention. People were talking about a test she would have to take to be placed at the school. She had spent the past couple days cramming knowledge into her head but she doubted that it would stay, no matter what subject whenever she received a test she knew that her ultimate grade was an F.

Aurora sighed; she could not even believe that she was a wizard! A couple weeks ago she was in a cupboard fighting for food and now she was sitting in a compartment able to eat freely and go wherever she wanted. A smile stretched across her face, for once she felt completely calm and relaxed.

"Uhhh…excuse me?"

Aurora turned and looked into the eyes of a handsome blond.


His face seemed to gain some color as she acknowledged him, as if it was some type of great honor.

"Would it be okay if I sat with you?"

"Yeah!" she said enthusiastically.

He sat across from her and grinned flawlessly.

"So, I'm Draco Malfoy."


"Oh, I know who you are...everyone here does. You're Aurora Potter."

Aurora's face went scarlet; people have been doing that a lot lately.

Oh well it made introductions a heck of a lot easier for her.

"So, are you looking forward to coming to Hogwarts?" he asked gaining her attention again.

"Yeah, I guess." She said shrugging her shoulders. She was eager but she didn't want to let the boy see her flaws with her home life.

"My father and mother went to this school." He said proudly.

"So did mine. Uhh you wouldn't happen to know what they do to sort students would you?" Aurora asked feeling her face become hot.

"Yeah, but it's more of a surprise. It isn't a test like all these bloody morons say it is going to be."

Aurora nodded more relieved knowing she would not have to put any of her newly gained knowledge to work. She smiled for the first time talking to Draco and continued the conversation.

After a couple hours had gone by Draco had left to go and change into his robes. Aurora thought it would be wise for her to do the same. She didn't want to go to school in her secondhand stuff that would be humiliating.

She rose from her seat and left the compartment. She looked to see that there was a line stretching all the way to the bathroom. There had to be another one somewhere. As a matter of fact Aurora specifically remembered Draco mentioning one in the dining car. He never said that it was off limits so Aurora assumed that it would be okay. Maybe she would even be able to grab a small snack. The Dursley's had denied her breakfast.

The dining car was open and there were no students in there, but there were plenty of teachers. Aurora had never felt so embarrassed. She wanted to flee but an old teacher had caught her off guard.

"Miss Potter!" he said excitedly.

She looked and found her staring at the Headmaster. Professor Albus Dumbledore, she believed his name to be. Aurora couldn't help but smile, he looked like one of those grandfather types.

"I see you have found yourself to the dining car. Come here to use the bathroom I expect. The line outside is atrocious!"

Aurora nodded vigorously but made no sound. He looked at her with his twinkling blue eyes and smiled still.

"You are more then welcome to it of course. Students usually do come in to use it but they tend to use it less when the teacher's set up their meetings on the train."

"Thank you Professor." She smiled widely.

There were other things she wanted to thank him for; she wanted to thank him for sending Hagrid to retrieve her from her aunt and uncle. She wanted to thank him for sending continuous letter's and she wanted to hug him because she was so excited to be moving away.

He pointed her in the direction of the bathroom and she walked there rather slowly to get a better view at her teachers. One in particular caught her eye. He was sitting at a table alone reading a book. As a matter of fact it was a book Aurora had read multiple times. It was Phantom of the Opera. She smiled. It was a magnificent piece! Aurora had not been able to put it down once. His eyes shot up from the page and met hers, at first they locked.

His eyes were onyx and fierce. She did not feel intimidated at all even though they looked rather frightening. Aurora could sense something more…there was something else in his eyes.

"Can I help you?" he asked callously.

Aurora looked in the other direction and quickly scurried away.

Severus rolled his eyes and opened his book once more but was quickly intercepted when Dumbledore came over.

"I see you met the young Potter, she seemed intrigued with you Severus."

The answer the Headmaster received was one he had anticipated on. "Humph."

"Now Severus she is more then what you think."

"Please…Albus, I don't need a lecture. She is a Potter…no doubt going to go into Gryfindor, be the center of attention, she will be like her father when it comes to dating, and a magnet for trouble."

Dumbledore sighed.

"And most likely a horrid potion maker that tries to find the easy way out of everything."

"Severus Snape…you seem to forget that it takes two to make a child," Severus' face became red, "Lily is in that girl also, and personally I find her a darling little child."

Severus rolled his eyes and pulled his book back up over his face. It was only that he looked away when he heard Dumbledore's sharp intake of breath.

The Potter brat, no longer looked like a Potter….Now she looked like an Evans. His expression softened and he could feel his lips want to curl slightly into a smile.

"Thanks Professor Dumbledore for letting me use the bathroom." She said quietly.

"You are quite welcome my child." He turned to Severus with a mischievous glint in his eye.

That old fool wouldn't dare-

"Aurora, have you met Professor Snape?"

She looked at Severus and shook her head.

"It is nice to meet you sir." She said politely.

Severus merely nodded.

"Well…I should probably go."

Once Severus was sure the girl was gone he went and turned on his employer.

"You did that on bloody purpose!"

Dumbledore merely smiled while his eyes twinkled with enthusiasm.

"Guilty as charged Severus, but you have to admit that there is a lot of Lily in that girl."

"Her looks maybe…but Potter is in her just as much."

Dumbledore frowned and sat in front of him.

"Severus, I implore you to give the child a chance to prove her self."

Severus pulled his book up and huffed.

"And I implore you to leave me be, Albus." He grumbled rudely.

The Headmaster stared down at him but the eventually gave up and left him be, for the time being that is.

When Aurora had come back to the compartment she still found herself thinking about that one Professor. She did not know why but she yearned to spend more time with him, find out what his problem actually was. When she saw Draco come back in with his robes on and fully dressed she stopped thinking about it.

"How much longer do think before we get there?" he asked suddenly.

Aurora shrugged her shoulders.

"I don't know but I hope it is soon, I want to get the sorting over with."

Draco nodded in agreement.

They waited about ten minutes before they felt the train slow down and then come to a complete stop. Well her wish would soon be granted.

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