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Jack saw Ianto lying crumpled on the floor, bruised and broken. He ran over, He wasn't breathing "No" said Jack this couldn't be Ianto couldn't die. Jack started to cry. Then he sat up, he realised that he was dreaming, he must have slept, that would be a first for him in a while. He looked over at Ianto who was fast asleep on one of the Hubs couches. Jack stared at the gradual rise and fall of his chest, it was rhythmic. He scanned the hub, his eyes stopped at a clock, 8:59 it said, Jack panicked. The team was due in a minute.

Jack rushed over to Ianto to wake him up. Jack looked down on him, he was so adorable when he was sleeping, Jack kissed him and Ianto woke up. "It's 8:59" Jack told Ianto. Fear flicked in Ianto's eyes, he didn't want the team to find out about him and Jack. He frantically took his suit from the arm rest and ran to go put it on. Just as he came back, Toshiko, Gwen and Owen came through the cog door. Ianto glanced behind him to see if Jack was there but he wasn't. Ianto sighed in relief.

Gwen was the first to notice Ianto "Morning Ianto" she said "Something wrong, you look worried" Ianto put on his normal smile, "No, everything's fine" he said at that moment Jack came down from his office to address the team. Ianto started towards the cog door so he could go up to the "Reception". "Ok" said Jack with his usual commanding voice, "Ok, Gwen, I want the report on my desk by lunch time and Toshiko I want that updated copy of the alien archives A.S.A.P. Owen I need that bio-scan and report on that alien from last week, you guys can work on that now. Ianto, I need you in my office immediately. " Ianto rolled his eyes and turned to follow Jack; out of the corner of his eye he saw Gwen and Owen share a glance but he dismissed it and continued.

Jack was sitting down with his feet on the table. As Ianto walked in, he stood up "Ianto" he said as he walked closer and closer to Ianto who had stopped. "Look Jack, the rest of the team is down there, we both have work to do. Later" he said as he turned to leave. But Jack ran around him to block the door, he had a mischievous grin on his face. He started to advance on Ianto again so Ianto backed away, he wasn't going to let Jack have his way this time, Ianto backed into a wall and cursed. Jack smiled triumphantly and pinned him to the wall. "Jack, come on, anyone could come in." When jack turend to look, Ianto seized the chance and tried to break free but Jack held him there firmly and started to kiss him. Ianto struggled but Jack was to strong, he hated it how Jack always got his way. Not that he wasn't enjoying it a little bit. Then Ianto heard footsteps, just as he had thought. "Let me go!" he hissed at Jack but Jack wasn't listening.

Gwen had finally finished her report on rift activity, she'd worked on it all last night and was approaching Jacks office to hand it in. She had suspected what Ianto and Jack were doing; she'd walked in on them accidently before. As she opened the door Jack turned around to reveal Ianto, pinned to the wall blushing a deep shade of pink. Jack looked calm but Ianto broke free, gave Jack a scathing look, passed Gwen and exited the office. "Yes" asked Jack in a gleeful tone, he obviously found Ianto's look funny. Gwen gave Jack the report and followed Ianto out. Jack sighed, He'll get over it, he thought to himself while filing the report away.

Meanwhile, down in the hub, Tosh was working hard on her new Time Lock software when the rift predictor went off. Tosh immediately called Jack down, "we have activity" she said. Jack called the team together to see who wanted to go with him to investigate. Tosh was surprised to see that Ianto didn't volunteer, he always did. Owen decided that this was a job for him. Gwen stayed behind to monitor their progress with Toshiko.

Jack and Owen were approaching the alleyway where the rift activity was recorded. "Seriously!" said Owen, "Why do they always choose alleyways?" Jacks eyes searched the shadows until he saw it. "Who said it was alive..." He said as he picked it up. Owen came over and he saw the object in Jacks arms." What is that?" Jack looked at Owen and said, "It's an Extrapolator. Similar to the one I found with the Doctor a while back, to be precise it's a Tribopysical Waveform Macro-kinetic Extrapolator." Jack burst into laughter at the look on Owens's face. "Come on," he said "we better get this back to the Hub." Owen stood there frozen; he was expecting guns blazing not a piece of space junk with a very long name. A little put out; he followed Jack back to the SUV.

Later that day, Tosh was still marvelling over the technology of the extrapolator, Ianto was still researching its origin, Jack was still running over it with his Vortex Manipulator and Gwen was watching them fuss over it. She could tell that there was something wrong about it but she couldn't tell what. Owen came through the cog door and announced "I'm going to the pub, anyone wants to come?" everyone went except Ianto who was content with his research.

Ianto was typing away on his computer looking for traces of other extrapolators turning up in Cardiff. He looked at the extrapolator but it wasn't there. Ianto was confused; none of the Team had taken it. He walked over to the table where it had been; he looked around but couldn't see it and dismissing it, went back to his station. At the same time a robotic spider not much bigger than a hand, crawled from underneath the table and scurried of into the shadows.

At the pub, Jack was telling stories of his first adventures with the doctor when Gwen's phone went off. Owen started complaining about the reliability of Ianto, while Gwen checked the message. "Need Team back A.S.A.P. Ianto" it said. Gwen took a deep breath before telling them, as expected, Owen did not take this news well. The team got into the SUV and went back while at the hub, Ianto was panicking. As the team came into the hub, Ianto got up from his station and approached them, "this better be important Yan." Owen hissed in an annoyed tone. "It is," said Ianto. "The Extrapolator is gone."

The team searched high and low but the extrapolator was nowhere to be seen. Owen was cursing about the extra work while the rest of the team tried to imagine he didn't exist. Meanwhile, in the air vents, a small robotic spider was climbing towards Captain Jack Harkness's office where Jack was confronting Ianto. "If you hid it because if this is your revenge for this morning or anything like that I really won't be happy Ianto." Ianto looked shocked, surly Jack didn't think this was a joke? "I didn't do anything Jack" said Ianto solemnly, and Jack couldn't help but believe him. High up above a robotic spider was analysing its surroundings 'Earth, Wales, Torchwood hub Cardiff, Ianto Jones: joined two years ago, young male. Captain Jack Harkness: joined in the 19th century earth time, around 160 year old male.' Once it had double checked its findings, it sent them to its master.