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Tosh had got the software working. She gave an exasperated sigh; she wished she was in her nice warm bed in her flat. But no, she was working in the cold, empty hub. Struggling to keep her eyes open. She called Jack over to tell him that she was done. That he would have to go in and end this once and for all. Jack scooped up Gwen's phone from her station and plugged it into tosh's computer. As soon as it was done downloading, he swept of down to the cells.

Gwen yawned as she surveyed the hub, she must have fallen asleep. She checked her watch, 4:25. She groaned, she had gone almost 24 hours without sleep and she was completely exhausted. Rhys would be wondering where she was, what a way to treat your new husband she thought. She looked over to Ianto. He was also asleep, however she noticed his face. Where they tears? She thought. Surly it couldn't be something to do with Jack, could it? Gwen tried to remember if something had happened between them. Well, they had been avoiding each other she thought... She shrugged it off and decided to go she what the rest of the team were doing.

Jack opened the cell door and walked in slowly. He crouched down to pick up the roboform and pretended to measure it, to run some tests. Jack muttered into his comm as if reporting his results. He got to his feet and slid the phone smoothly out of his pocket. As soon as he heard the solid thud of it hitting the cold stone floor. Jack left the spider and the cell in favour off some more cosy surroundings.

Drumming their fingers on their keyboard, the person watched as a figure picked up the spider. The person squinted to see who it was, by the look it was a period military cloak. Cross-referencing this with their information, they knew that this was Jack Harkness, the snobby leader of Torchwood. They snorted; soon there would be no need for a leader because there would be no Torchwood. The person reclined in their chair, relaxing. Then the screen in front of them flicked, it flicked again. Then it went black. They slammed their fist down on the table, not now!!!

Ianto's eyes fluted open; he hadn't meant to fall asleep. He wiped the tears of his face, why couldn't jack be just a little more understanding of his position. Ianto felt as if everyone was always watching him, as if their eyes never wandered from him. Whatever he did, someone would be watching, scrutinizing his every move. Ianto felt as if they still saw him as the man who betrayed them, the man who had brought a cyberman into the hub. This brought on another wave of tears. Ianto got up and tried to pull himself together before proceeding up to the confrere room where he could see shadows moving. That must be where the team is he thought.

The cold pizza from earlier in the morning was finally finished and everyone had a cup of hot, steaming coffe thanks to ianto. Gwen and tosh had left as soon as the spiders memory had been wiped. Jack had given them the day off, Ianto hoped that he would get one to. Owen was leaving through the cog door and Ianto attempted to follow. But he was stoped bye Jack, and that didn't suprise him. Ianto turned to go the other way but Jack pulled him back into a hug. Ianto tried to break free but Jack whispered in his ear "I'm sorry" Ianto rolled his eyes, how could he not exept an apology like that? "It's alright" Ianto breathed back. Jack released Ianto from his embrace, "go home Ianto Jones, I'll give you tomorrow off like the rest of the team but that doesn't mean you can't come anyway. Ianto nodded knowingly and headed out of the hub yawning, it had been a long day.

The person restarted their computer but it wouldn't work. They cursed. They had been so foolish not to keep another copy of their information, one that couldn't crash. They screamed in fury. This was torchwoods doing they knew it. Therefore, they thought. Even if i don't have that information, I can stil take them down. They had tried a straightford aproch and it hadden't worked. Now they just had to have a go sidewards.

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