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"Charlene Witwicky?" The teacher asked, her sharp eyes darting around the room. I sat up a little taller in my seat.

"I prefer Charlie." I grit my teeth in exasperation as Mrs. Ravenport heaved a sigh and glared at me over her glasses.

"Well I prefer Charlene." My face grew red as slight giggles echoed around the huge lecture hall. "Daniel Zimmerman?"

As I slouched back down, a piece of paper flew over my head and landed on my desk. I rolled my bright blue eyes and flicked my long, dark brown hair behind my ears.

"I prefer Charlene" HAHAHAHA! Dude, I love this teacher! The familiar scrawl of my best friend's handwriting made me smirk. He obviously had been trying not to laugh.

Taking out my pencil, I twirled it lazily in my fingers for a few seconds before writing my own response.

Shaddap Frankie! She calls you Frank so you aren't one to be talking now, are you?

I glanced up, looking for Mrs. Ravenport. She was standing at the front of the lecture hall, scribbling some trigometric functions on the front board. I tossed the folded note over my shoulder to Frankie's desk.

Luckily, he sat behind me.

"Now class, who can tell me what Theta will equal in this equation?" Ravenport looked around the hall, and her piercing gaze landed on me. "Charlene, why don't you tell us the answer?"

"Yeah Charlene." Frankie whispered behind me. I grit my teeth and looked over at the board, the equation running through my head. Luckily, I had done some of the problems from the book already, and this was one of them.

"Is the answer…54.5 degrees?" Ravenport looked a little shocked, but then recovered.

"Yes it is. Now Mr. Tulsa…" I heaved a sigh of relief, then smiled as I looked down and saw the note back on my desk.

You are one lucky hoe.

Ha, I know, because I have you as my bestie (;

You know it baby!

Lmao. What I don't understand is why the hell did you take Trig? You barely passed Calculus last year!

Well…I still managed to pass thank you very much. And it's called that I need this class to be able to take Engineering Tech next semester. Will you help me?

Frankie, why even ask that when you know the answer is yes?

I have to ask to annoy, duh.

A giggle escaped my lips at that and Ravenport's gaze zeroed in on me.

"Something you want to share Charlene?" In a flurry of panic, I shoved the note deep in my folder of math notes and equations.

"No, nothing at all Mrs. Ravenport." I sent her my angelic smile that I inherited from my mom, Mikaela Witwicky.

"Bullshit." Frankie mumbled. A few laughs from the female portion of the room followed his comment. Ravenport glared over my head.

"Mr. Forman, no more vulgar language or I will have you sent out. As for you Mrs. Witwicky…no more disruptions or YOU will leave. Am I clear?" I nodded.

"Yes ma'am." Ravenport nodded then turned back to torture someone else.

You are an idiot. Another note fell onto my desk, this time with my name scrawled across the top.

Your fault I'm on her naughty list.


You are such a boy.

No, I'm a man hoe.

Psh, you're the hoe. I'm your pimp remember?

Never in a million years bih! I fought to keep a giggle down.

Take notes and pay attention for once in your life will you!

Never! It's against my morals.

I rolled my eyes and sat up in my seat, leaning forward, and began scribbling down the equations on the board that I already had learned in my sophomore year of high school.

Man, I rock.

That's when it hit. A roaring sound ripped through the room, the glass rattled, the lights shook, a window burst inwards, showering the room with glass. half the class was thrown from their seats, including me. I let a string of choice words out as some glass scratched down my arms and back.

"Ow! Damnit, what the hell was that?" I asked, rubbing my head. Then it hit again, this time followed by a flash of light through the windows. My head jolted forward, hitting against the corner of my desk, making me see stars.

"Shit!" I heard Frankie yell in pain. I whipped my head around to see a gash down his arm.

"What the hell Frankie? You okay?

"Glass. Damn this hurts." I reached over, placing my hand on his shoulder, and his dark blue eyes looked into mine.

"Keep pressure on it."

"I know I was the one who went to med camp remember?" He grit his teeth as he looked at me. "Now go see what the hell that was." I shook my head, feeling a trickle of something drip down my face. My hand shot up, and when I pulled away, my fingers were red with blood.

My blood.


"Shit Charlie. Here, look at me." He dropped his own arm, grabbing my face gently with both his hands. "Just a scratch but you better go to the school doc soon as possible."

A sharp scream pierced through the room from the broken window. One of the preppy blonde girls was staring outside, screaming her head off.

Frankie was on his feet in an instant. He reached down and pulled me up, his tall frame towering over mine. We rushed through the mess of students and desk to the closest window.

There, standing on the outside of a smoking crater, was a huge mechanical organism. Something my dad had told me about. Something that I owned. A transformer.

"Holy shit." Frankie said, wide eyed. His gaze turned to me. I nodded, my own face a mess of confusion and shock. My hand darted to my pocket, yanking out my cell phone. I hurriedly dialed, then placed it to my ear, praying they would pick up.


"Dad, it's Charlie. They are back."

"Who's back?" I rolled my eyes in exasperation.

"The transformers Dad." Another yell shot through the air as the transformer pulled out his guns, aiming them through the windows, at us.

"Shit!" I heard him yell. "What kind?" The transformer seemed to lock eyes with me, then his cannon was up, right at me, then I was thrown to floor as the beam shot through the space my body had occupied.