( Kevin, Joe and Nick come upstairs and into their bedroom they look like their about to pass out)

Kevin: How many days where we on tour this time

Nick: (nick walks over and collapses into the chair) 3 weeks I don't think I can even move from this chair

Joe: (collapses in the chair beside of Nick) I am so tired shows 10 weeks in a row

(Macy and Stella peak out of the boys bathroom)

Stella: (they sneak up on them) Welcome home

Nick: (wakes up from where he dozed of in the chair) waaa…

Joe: What are you guys doing here ??

Macy: Where here to welcome you back

Nick: (dozing back off) yay…were home (falls back asleep)

Kevin: He's a little grumpy right now

Joe: I'm gonna go to bed come on nick (shakes nick awake) lets go to bed

Macy: Wait !!

Nick: What

Stella: Well we know you've been under a little stress

Joe: A little

Stella: Ok a lot so we got you something

Joe: A hot shower

Macy: No

Nick: A comfy bed

Stella: No

Kevin: A monkey that knows how to play the guitar

Macy & Stella: NO !!

Kevin: What then ??

Stella: A weekend getaway

Macy: To my uncles beach house

Stella: In Hawaii

Joe: Thanks guys but all I want to do is collapse in my bed and stay there for the weekend

Nick: Yea I want three days of uninterrupted sleep

Kevin: And even if we did go where not packed

( Macy runs off set and comes back in a few minutes with three suitcases )

Macy: All packed

Nick: wow your fast

Joe: Do we have a choice

Stella: Nope

Joe: Didn't think so

Macy: Come on

( they all walk down the stairs)