The scene changes to the next night Macy is walking around in the kitchen she's wearing her pj bottoms and shirt Nick is laying on the couch and Kevin is sitting on the floor beside him watching TV they are also wearing their night clothes

Kevin looks at Nick "See I told you an bear could play a trombone"

Nick looks at him "It's a cartoon"

Kevin smiles at him "but it can be done"

Nick gets up and walks toward the kitchen "Yea for someone that can't tell the difference between TV and Reality"

Kevin overhears him "I heard that !!"

Nick turns to Macy after opening the fridge " Is there anymore ice ?"

Macy looks at him and walks over "Your head hurt again ?"

Nick looks at her "Yea that's the last time I surf"

Macy looks at him "Well what distracted you where doing good for a little while ?"

Nick looks at her "I saw a girl"

Macy gives him a look "Nick the beach was covered with girls"

Nick gives her a look "I know but it was a certain girl she was wearing a grass skirt and had on a bikini and"

Macy cuts him off before he can finish "I think you've been out in the sun a little to long"

Nick gives her a look as he follows out of the kitchen and back into the living room " When are Joe and Stella going to be back with the pizza ?"

Macy looks at him "I think they where going to drop by the market real fast before they came back"

Joe comes bursting threw the door he is still wearing his bathing suit, tee shirt and flip flops "Look what I found"

Macy turns around while Nick and Kevin continue to watch TV "what is it ?"

Joe runs over to her and hands her a bottle "Check this out"

Kevin and Nick turn around as Macy starts to pull something out of the bottle

Kevin jumps up on the couch beside Nick "Cool it's a note in a bottle"

Joe sits down on the arm of the couch "Not just any note" he grabs the paper from Macy "it's a treasure map"

Nick looks at him "Do you really believe this is a real treasure map ?" he looks skeptical

Macy walks over "let me see it" she grabs the map and starts looking at it "Hey this actually looks like the island about ten miles off the beach we could get there by boat"

Kevin latch's onto Nicks shoulder "Can we go huh…huh can we ?"

Macy smiles at him "Sure how about tomorrow ?"

Stella smiles at her "sounds good"

Joe smiles "this is going to be awesome"

The scene changes to the early the next morning someone walks into the living room nick is sleeping on the couch Macy and Stella are sleeping on the other section of the couch that has been folded out into a double bed and Kevin is sleeping on the floor all of a sudden the lights flip on and Joe walks in wide awake and dressed "Rise and shine"

Kevin rolls over "Huhhh…"

Stella opens her eyes and looks over "What time is it ?"

Joe smiles "it's 6:00"

Nick rolls over "6:00" looks around "6:00 !!"

Macy looks over from where she is now sitting up " I'm just going to take a shot in the dark here but he's not a morning person is he"

Nick is now rolled over on his stomach his arms wrapped around his pillow " I love the mornings this is the middle of the night"

Stella rubs her eyes and looks at him "Joe what's going on ?"

Joe looks at her "treasure hunt remember"

Kevin rolls over "yea at like 9:00"

Joe looks at him "Awww…come on"

Macy looks at Joe "The boat rental place doesn't even open for another hour"

Joe looks at her "Well we'll eat breakfast first"

Nick looks at him "I would rather sleep for another hour and a half"

Joe looks at them "fine you party poopers have it your way" he turns back of the lights and storms back down the hall

The scene changes to the next day Nick, Kevin, Joe, Stella and Macy come walking out of the woods

Joe looks upset "What a rip off !!"

Nick looks at him "I had a feeling that there wouldn't be anything"

Macy looks out at the ocean in a panic "Who was supposed to tie up the boat ?"

Joe looks at her "What do you mean ?"

Macy points the boys turn around to see the boat drifting away from the shore

Nick turns around "Oh boy"