Reconciling the Violence in His Heart

Slash AH Jasper & Edward Don't like, don't read. A man who lives for revenge, risks all to save the life of an innocent.

A/N When I first heard Muse's new song "Undisclosed Desires," I had a very clear image of Jasper and Edward together. If you haven't heard the song yet, please go listen, I love how sensual and beautiful it is. I'll post a link to the lyrics on profile page.

This is my first man love story.


I sat at my daddy's bedside. His color was a little better today, but I was concerned with how tired he was. I hated to see the cancer chipping away at him – the man who was always so strong.

His sharp gaze assessed me, and he gave a slight smile. "Jasper, you haven't left this house in a month. You need to get out and enjoy yourself. Find yourself a young man."

I shrugged as my face flushed, "You need me now, Daddy."

He squeezed my hand, "Son, I appreciate you being here, but you need a break. Go have some fun."

Well, I had heard about a new club… "You sure, Daddy?"

"I'm sure. Besides, I have Maria to baby me."

I gave him a gentle hug and left to change. Maria married my father a few years ago. I was glad that he was happy, although I'd been surprised that he'd married someone so much younger than himself. Maria seemed very nice; I'd gotten to know her more over the last month than in the last two years as I'd been away at college.

As I walked downstairs, my eyes glanced over several dangerous and lithe looking people strategically placed at the doors. They had been brought in by Maria for protection. Daddy had been a rich oil man for decades; I wasn't sure what had changed to require this much muscle.

Maria stood at the foot of the stairs flanked by two of her staff, Bruno and Tony. Bruno was built like a house, all muscle but it was tempered by his good looks – black hair, laughing blue eyes, and a quick smile, complete with dimples. Tony was much more reserved. He was slightly taller than me, his hair an unusual shade of bronze and styled in a way that brought to mind Brando or James Dean from the old movies. His piercing emerald eyes missed nothing. The only imperfections to his strong face were a scar near his right eyebrow and his patrician nose had been broken a time or two. But these only added character to his beautiful face. He wore a dark green, silk button-down, black slacks, and Gucci loafers. The man was sex on a set of long, fine legs.

I looked away as I thought about how I'd jerked off thinking about him pounding me into a mattress.

I leaned down and gave Maria a peck on the cheek, "I'll be out late tonight."

She smiled and squeezed my arm, "Have fun, Jasper. You deserve it."

I straddled my new motorcycle, a Triumph Street Triple R (A/N picture in profile), a gift to myself for busting ass on my thesis. I usually wore a helmet even though it was not required by Texas law, but tonight I decided to ride with the warm Texas wind through my hair.

I roared off the estate, barely waiting for the security gates to open before riding off.



"Tonight," Maria clipped out.

I gave a slight nod as I watched Jasper Whitlock lope down the stairs, he wore a white button-down with the sleeves rolled up to his forearms and unbuttoned at the collar. The white drew attention his sun kissed skin. His long legs and fine ass were encased in tight black jeans. On his feet were well worn cowboy boots. I'd never considered cowboy boots sexy until I'd seen them on him.

He carried himself with the easy grace of a surfer, and his honey blond curls and large, soft brown eyes furthered the laid back, carefree facade. But beyond being amazingly handsome, Jasper was kind, generous, and brilliant. His Master's thesis at MIT involved a software prototype which promised to revolutionize computer usage by those with disabilities. The big boys in the tech world were already pounding on his door.

I felt his gaze and saw the heat as he looked me over. As much as I liked knowing that he found me attractive, I had a job to do.

Unaware of the one word order to take his life, Jasper leaned in and kissed his black widow stepmother on the cheek.

"I'll be out late tonight," he said in his soft Southern drawl. My dick, with an agenda of its own, twitched at the huskiness of it.

Maria smiled and squeezed his arm, "Have fun, Jasper. You deserve it."

After he left, she waved her hand beckoning Jane to her, "Take Jane with you," she directed me.

It took everything in me not to grimace. If she wanted Jane there, she didn't just want Jasper dead, she wanted him to suffer.

I gave a cocky grin and a shrug, "Sorry not enough room."

Bruno chimed in with a leer and pelvic thrust, "Unless you want to sit in my lap."

Jane scowled darkly, as Maria clucked at Bruno. "Fine, report back as soon as it's done."

As we exited the house, I watched Jasper tear out off the estate grounds on his motorcycle. He looked like a fallen angel fleeing from the gates of Hell.

Bruno and I climbed into my classic Corvette Stingray (A/N picture on profile). Bruno provided directions based on the GPS tracking we had on Jasper's phone.

We entered the parking lot the new exclusive gay club called "The Equinox." As I pulled to a stop, a gun cocked and was placed against the side of my head.

Bruno growled, "I can't let you kill the kid, Tony."

I calmly replied, "Good, because I plan to get him out of here alive. You can trust me, Emmett," revealing that I knew the true identity of my associate of over two years.

There was an intake of breath from the large FBI agent, and the gun was removed.

I turned and met his guarded expression. "Wait in the car and then meet me around back in 20. I'll get the kid gone."

He scanned my face carefully and then nodded.

"And don't fuck with my music."

"Tony, too much of that emo shit will make me want to off myself." He cracked.

"Classical music is not emo. You'd think you Quantico boys would be more refined." I winked at him.

I provided my ID at the door and was greeted by the owner. Clearly my reputation as one of Maria's enforcers was known here as he nervously welcomed me to the club, offering me what most of the club goers didn't know was available here, drugs and rent boys. I politely refused but accepted a drink as I scanned the bar and then dance floor for Jasper. The club was dark, crowded, loud, but it didn't take me long to spot the man who now starred in all my fantasies.


I smiled good naturedly at the cute, little thing who nervously asked me to dance. While I liked dominant men, I didn't mind giving the younger man some fun. I guided the small, dark haired guy out onto the dance floor, turning him so that his back was against my chest. I gripped his hips and gently grinded up against his pert little ass in time to the techno beat. I felt his body quiver in excitement. I hoped he wouldn't be too disappointed that this wasn't going any further than a dance. I closed my eyes briefly as I thought about Tony. Lord, that man was hot. When I reopened them, he was there, at the edge of the dance area, as if thinking about him had made him appear to me. The clubs lighting shone of his pale skin in an alluring way, giving him an almost vampiric look. Fuck, there was something to add to my shower jerk time. I heaved in a breath at the thought of Tony's teeth anywhere near my body.

As I locked eyes with him, I ran a hand up to my dance partner's nipple and circled it slowly. He groaned at my touch, but my focus was on Tony. He just stood there watching. Gloated on, I pinched the nipple I'd been circling. He squeaked and then giggled before pressing back against my groin with a little moan. Still nothing from Tony. My hand slowly traveled down his chest and flat tummy to cover his erection. Tony's eyebrow raised, and I responded by squeezing the package I was holding. The twink cried out in rapture, and Tony cocked a finger and gestured me to him. There was no doubt that I was going to answer that call. I whispered my apologies to the young man and detached myself. Unfortunately, he trailed after me, not ready to let me go.

As I stopped in front of Tony, the boy started to whine, but stopped after seeing the glare on Tony's face. The little dude stomped off in a huff. I'd normally have felt very badly for my unkind behavior, but nothing else mattered as Tony turned me and pulled me back up against him. Jesus, he felt so good. We danced together effortlessly, and as the song continued on, he pressed his erection against me, and I responded by grinding my ass back against him. We both moaned at the contact. His lips brushed across my ear as one of his hands possessively caressed my stomach.

"Want you so much, Jasper." He husked in my ear, his Chicago accent roughened with lust. My cock jerked as if directly linked to his voice.

I shivered and ground myself back against him in response. His breathe hissed out, and he nipped gently on my ear. I moaned at the unexpected fire that surged through me at the simple touch.

The hand on my hip suddenly tightened and the other on my stomach stilled. He cursed softly and then turned me in his arms, pulling me up close. He nuzzled along my jaw and then whispered in my ear, "Jasper, I need you to trust me. Your life is in danger."

I stiffened, and he tightened his arms around me, "There are men here to kill you. I can protect you."

"Wha…" His lips crashed down on mine, silencing what I was about to ask. He pulled back and said, "Hushpuppy."

Daddy trusted Tony, that's the only way he'd know my childhood nickname. I leaned in and kissed him. "I'll do whatever you tell me," I said against his lips.

He kissed me once more quickly and said, "Good."

He grabbed my hand and pulled me through the crowd to the back of the club.

"Through here," he commanded as we entered a hallway, his eyes watching the crowd behind us.



I felt a surge of jealousy as I watched Jasper dance with the smaller man. I had no right to think it, but I wanted him to be mine. I schooled my expression as he gazed at me and teased me by sending his little twink partner into a tizzy. I signaled for him to come to me, half expecting him to flip me off and continue seducing his enraptured dance partner. I stamped down the pleasure as he quickly made his way to me. I glared at the outraged twink who'd followed in his wake. Apprehension of my presence quickly overcame lust, and the boy stormed off in a huff.

The plan was to get Jasper to leave with the club with me. Emmett would cover us as we left. I'd get him out of town and then explain what was going on.

I turned him and pulled him back up close. I couldn't resist grinding my cock against his denim clad ass, and he ground right back into me. He moaned along with me. I ran my hand over his stomach, wanting…wanting so badly.

"Want you so much, Jasper." I barely realized I spoke out loud.

He ground back against me again, and I hissed out as my cock jerked in pleasure. I nipped his ear, careful not to hurt, and was rewarded with another moan as he shivered against me.

The reason why I'd turned Jasper away from me was so I could watch the entrance without him being aware of it. Two guys that were new to Maria's payroll were arguing with the doorman.

"Fuck." I muttered, and turned Jasper towards me to block our faces from view. I ran my mouth along his jaw and found his ear again. With as much sincerity as I could convey in the loud room I said, "Jasper, I need you to trust me. Your life is in danger."

He stiffened, and I tightened my arms around him not wanting him to run, "There are men here to kill you. I can protect you."


We didn't have time to waste. I stopped him with a kiss and said the word that his father had given me in confidence, "Hushpuppy."

He leaned forward and kissed me in return. My heart gave a double beat. "I'll do whatever you tell me," he said against my lips.

Unable to help myself, I kissed him once more and said, "Good."

I grasped his hand and quickly guided him through the crowd to the back of the club.

"Through here," I instructed as we entered a hallway, watching the crowd behind us.

Emmett was leaning up against the car with his arms crossed, pistol in hand. Jasper stopped, and I dragged him forward by the arm.

"Felix and Demtri came in through the front." I opened passenger door, and Jasper climbed in. "Stay here and stay down." I said, and pulled my gun from the ankle holster as Emmett approached the back door.

Felix and Demtri emerged from the club just as Jane and Alec rounded the corner. I shot Alec and missed Jane before crouching down at the rear of the Vette. A bullet whizzed by as Jane approached. I sprang up and fired. She screamed out as she fell.

I quickly turned to assist Emmett. Felix was down, but Emmett and Demtri were trading shots down the alleyway. Emmett took a hit and went down. Demtri came forward, and I yelled as I targeted and hit center mass. Demtri went down in a heap. I quickly confirmed there were no more threats before checking Emmett.

"You okay?" I asked as I examined the leg wound.

"I'll be okay. Need to get the kid out."

I nodded and punched in the number for 911. I reported the location and officer down. I gave Emmett his gun and my phone and jumped in the car.

I floored it and screamed out of the business district and onto the highway. Only then did I look over at Jasper. He looked scared but alert. I said, "Give me your phone," which he gave me without question. I rolled down my window and threw it out.

"Shit, the tracking." He muttered, and I smiled grimly, thankful that he understood.

In the next town over, I ditched the Vette for a Volvo. Jasper helped me take the bags from the trunk and move them over to newly acquired, lower key car.

As I drove, he dropped into an uneasy sleep.

I dialed my other phone. "Rose, he's safe. What about his father?"

Rose replied, "Maria's lying low right now. Too much attention with Jasper's apparent kidnapping for her to make a move on the dad."

"Good. Let me know when and where it's safe to bring him in."

"Need you to be out for awhile. Maria's still got hitters out."

"Will do. How's your man?"

"He'll live. I'll be sure to nurse him back to health personally."

I chuckled, "You do that for all your men, Assistant Director Hale?"

"Only Emmett."

A/N Answers to who Tony/Edward is and why Jasper's stepmom wants him dead will be provided, I promise.