Chapter 1

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I looked over at James, he was still sleeping we had been on food hunts all day and only come back with two loafs of bread and some nutella and several multi packs of crisps from Asda. We were trying not to press our luck by staying above ground for long, who knew how long it took for the worms to notice us. We were trying to only go out for bare essentials and that hadn't worked well, James panicked when a old worm questioned why he needed tampons and pads he ended up saying he was day dreaming and picked up the next few things at the end of the isle. Now I had to use leaves and trust me they are not comfortable, my brother was 18 turning 19 in a few weeks we had been on the run for just over two years now.

The first year of the invasion had not reached where we lived in the north of England the second year of the invasion was when we started to notice things, BIG things like when planes turned to spaceships and how politicians changed, a minor but important clue how crap TV got we were all wondering what the hell was up with the BBC?? For example the X factor Simon Cowell 'Mr Nasty' what happened to him? He started telling everyone they were amazing and they should all win! And guess what they did everyone got to have a recording contract WTF was with that??London went first took a year to claim Birmingham which was an hour from where we used to live. A tear welled up on my face as I thought back to the last time I had seen my parents.

We all figured out something was up my dad took charge to move us to our cousins in Australia figuring it was thousands of miles away and it couldn't be worse than here another bonus about Australia was how much space there was out there plenty of places to hide. The UK is titch there are fields but you can easily get spotted in this small country, It was Friday night I was in my cosy bedroom just had dinner it was around 8:30 and I was chatting to my mates on msn we were all going on about the teachers at school that day the head made an announcement that all competitions would be stopped due to it being unfair when you lost we were all like 'Get Real' then that all students were to go to the san (medical centre) on Monday for a health examination due to an outbreak of flu in Birmingham and they wanted to stop it spreading so we were all going to be tested to make sure we didn't have it.

This was odd, well we hadn't heard of this so called 'flu' but anything that would protect us from it sure great whatever apart from I just hated needles, I shivered mentally at the prospect. I was talking to my best friend Tegan this was how our convo went:

xoX Tegan (L) Mathew Xox: says

Hey Saffy! Did u hear wt happened to Mandy in games??

Sapphire Holden x: says

No... I was playing netball wt happened???

xoX Tegan (L) Mathew Xox: says

OMG! Mandy started swearing her head off at Miss H! MISS H!!! 4 god's sake wt was that girl thinking??? And all she did was calmly tell her to report to the head and to calm down, when she didn't she escorted her to the head while Mr. Daniel (swoon) continued the lesson and after we got out of skwl Melisa found her walking round discussing dandelions with the head??? WTF is going on? Everyone I have seen going to the heads office comes out different...

Sapphire Holden x: says

NO WAY! : O not a chance! This is just getting weird too weird my dad doesn't want me to come in on Monday I dunno he has gone OTT (over the top) about this oh well should see you soon I better head off...

As I was typing the last bit Dad came in I pressed enter, as he rushed into my room and slammed my laptop lid down with so much force I cringed as far away as I could go. This wasn't right he was never like this. 'Take this downstairs, add it to the fire at the back James is burning everything now, it's not safe Saffy we can't communicate with anyone now we have to go!' He literally was shouting in my face I just froze with shock five minutes ago my life was not too bad weird but not bad what was going on with everyone why was it changing?

'W...why??' I stammered

'Because we have to there is not time to explain, you go with James in his car he will drive you to Heathrow airport you will board a plane to Sydney and stay with your uncle there...'


'Trust me Saffy; please trust me our lives are at risk pack now.' He stared into my eyes his clear blue dark eyes the same shade as mine he kissed my forehead and put a lock of my hair behind my ear and whispered:


That was it he turned and ran out of the room and into his and my mum's room I could faintly hear them rushing around picking what to take. I was still frozen in shock like I had disconnected from the world, like it had become a stranger to me everything I had known seemed to be changing for better or worse I did not know but it scared the hell out of me. I decided to pack first grabbing the biggest bag I could find it was stuffed at the bottom of my cupboard I yanked it out viciously, next I grabbed as many clothes as I could find then toiletries and a few of my favourite books, a torch and pulled on my thickest jumper it was October after all. I had got it for my 14th birthday it was pink and had SAPPHIRE 14 written in black on the back, tears were coming as I looked round my room who knew when I was coming back when this crazy thing would end when our lives would go back to normal.

After I had packed I took my suitcase downstairs and into the boot of James's car the neighbourhood was quiet I looked at my phone it was now 9:47 pm normally there would be drunken youths about loitering the streets, but not tonight it was disserted as I loaded my belongings into the boot. Then I took my laptop to James at the back I half hoped dad was lying but he wasn't there was a small bonfire at the bottom of out garden out of sight from the house James stood with a hard face looking into the flames. They danced across his face he suddenly looked a lot older than 16 more like he had seen too much for his years.

'Dad is kidding right? He has completely lost it! What the hell are we doing what's going on James?'I half shouted confronting him he turned to face me.

'Shhh! Do you want us to get caught? I haven't got time to fill you in sis just trust us we have to leave before we are next' his voice was scared actually scared but he tried to make himself sound like he wasn't he couldn't fool me.

'What are we hiding from? Who is trying to catch us? What is next??' I retorted in a stage whisper I was too angry to speak quietly. He just looked at me; his eyes said it all pleading fierce and guarding he looked like he was trying to protect me, well if he was acting as crazy as dad he must believe that we were leaving for a good enough reason and it god dam better be for me to let him destroy my laptop, I stared back as my laptop entered the fire and began to burn up. He spoke next in a more resigned voice

'Your phone please'

'What?!' my voice climbed an octave

'They could trace it hand it over' He spoke almost comfortingly. He looked at my horror struck face. 'Please.'

Without a word I handed it over, that's it the world has go mad I had thought I cried as I said goodbye to my contact to the outside apart from my family I regretted not telling Tegan I was going I doubted anyone would let me say goodbye my throat felt tight as I fought tears about what this action meant. James threw it into the fire which was now just smouldering it would be out by daylight. James tugged me gently away from the flames and towards the car, it hit me then James was only 16 he was 17 next Wednesday the car was an early birthday present he hadn't passed his test or anything it seemed weird that in spite of everything I was worrying about this I look back now and think what the hell was I thinking?? I had more pressing matters than James breaking the law sure he could drive he had been taught by my dad in the summer in a field at my aunt's house in Wales but on the road it is totally different I pulled back.

'James you aren't allowed to drive' I spoke quietly his eyes looked pained.

'It doesn't matter anymore I can drive I know how I will be careful I promise you have to trust me Saffy.' His eyes were glinting again as the light bounced back from the light above the garage door all the light was coming from there everywhere else was pitch black. It was then I saw my parents shuffle out of the house carrying suitcases and putting it into my dad's Mercedes my mum's face streaked in tears but she held back the sobs as she packed the car I just stood there this can't be happening it is just a bad dream I kept telling myself but why wasn't I waking up? The cold October wind sweeped across my face as if slapping me back to the present, they approached me and James who had come to stand beside me.

'Okay, this is very important' Dad looked at James as he said this. 'James drive down to London and get to Heathrow take the M40 and then stop at the Oxford services and continue to London get to Heathrow, There's a Map in the front of the car. Saffy you are good at navigating help him. Talk to no one if you can help it keep your heads down when you get there wait at terminal 2 and call us we are going to London international by a different route.' There was so much to take in my head was spinning James was losing his calm facade every second panic replacing it he knew what he was doing no more than I did.

Mum took over then her voice more composed than I expected it to be. 'When you call us say 'Hi how are you?' our reply will be 'all is good see you soon' then you hang up and destroy the phone if you do not get that exact reply James you know what to do.' She looked up at his eyes passing a secret understanding that I did not get. Her face was kind but showed her wrinkle lines made more obvious by stress her hair was short in a brown wavy mess it made her look older than 45, Dad equally looked so much older than 50.

She reached forward pulling us both into her embrace her lavender smell choked me as my tears fell onto her woollen jumper soaking it on the shoulder, she kissed us on her foreheads and stepped back. Dad came next he shook James's hand then hugged be and whispered 'Be safe' before wishing us luck before stepping into his car. I didn't know what the luck was for I was so confused and scared I ran forward but James pulled me back holding me to his side as their car drove off down the drive turning left and vanishing.

James told me to be quiet that he would explain he held his hand over my mouth to stop me screaming and shoved me into the passenger seat of the car he got in and buckled up. I was in hysterics so he ended up doing my belt for me before we headed off down the drive. I looked back on what was to be the last time I saw our house it was pitch black all lights turned off our white garage gleaming in the moonlight as the garages automatic light switched off the windows were dark and cold, it wasn't home now. I didn't know what was.

I was now back in the present I looked around to how we had ended up here in an old abandoned mine miles from civilisation how had it come to this?

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