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Chapter Two: Enter Vermont

New York frowned. "What's this I hear about you trying to take my room, New Hampshire?"

New Hampshire, who was flopped down on an armchair, grinned lazily. "Not your whole room, new York; I just was going to move the wall back and make that little annex mine. Your room's too big, anyways."

"But that annex's mine; you know that!"

"Actually," a new voice broke in, "I'm that 'annex'."

New York continued. "If you think I'm going to cede half my room to you, you're severely mistaken, sir!"

"Don't be dramatic. It's not half your room. It's a tiny little portion."

"It's not that small," the seemingly unheard voice added, in a louder tone. "And I think I have just as much a right to statehood as you. I helped a lot in the revolution."

New Hampshire stood up. "You're so bloody arrogant, New York. You think everything belongs to you, don't ya? Well, my room could use a bit of expansion, and you won't miss that little bit at all! It's practically a broom closet!"

"I say!" the invisible voice said, indignantly. "I'm not a broom closet! I'm Vermont!"

New York stepped up to New Hampshire, crossly. "That's part of MY room and I'm not giving it to ANYBODY! And that's FINAL!"

America walked into the room, hearing his state fighting. "What's going on?"

"HE'S BEING UNCOOPERATIVE!" both northern states yelled in unison.

America scratched his head and groaned. "this is about that little bit of New York's room again, isn't it?"

There were only glowers as answers.

America ran a hand through his hair and thought. From the way that the two were glaring at each other, this wasn't going to be solved unless…

He smiled, suddenly. "Okay, then. Vermont! From now on; you are a state!"

New York frowned. "…who're you talking to?"

"Yeah," New Hampshire snapped, irritated, "There's no one-"

And then, suddenly, both of them noticed the new comer.

He was a small, dark haired boy with pale skin and…a large hatchet in his hand.

Vermont grinned. "Thanks, America! You have no idea how long these two have been bickering!"

America patted the boy's shoulder. "No problem. I'll fix up your room later today, 'kay?"

New York and New Hampshire were both speechless. Then New York exploded.


America laughed a loud, I'm-so-the-man laugh. "BUT I JUST DID! I HAD NO IDEA IT WOULD BE SO EASY!" still laughing, he left the room.

New Hampshire suddenly chuckled.

"What's so funny?" New York snapped.

"Oh, nothing…just…your face when Vermont appeared…Oh goodness…" New Hampshire also laughed his way out of the room.

New York still felt a little irked.

Suddenly Massachusetts waltzed into the room, singing.

Wonderful. His day had just gotten about ten times worse.

"New Yooorrrk~!" Massachusetts trilled, "I heard you lost some territory~!"

New York scowled. "None of your business."

Massachusetts pouted. "You could try to be friendly," she complained, twirling in her long skirt. "I was just trying to be nice…"

A few weeks later, Massachusetts' little brother Maine moved into his own room, and New York felt a bit better.

At least he wasn't the only one.

Maybe I should detail a bit of history for you who are wondering.

What is now Vermont was a disputed territory between New York and New Hampshire until 1791...and Maine was a part of Massachusetts until 1820.

I really love the idea of Vermont being a sort of closety thing between NY and NH...oh you silly states you.