The gang had been friends for years. It all started with Bella and Alice met in the sandbox. Lauren was making fun of Bella's rugrat shoes and Alice stood by her and told Lauren they were really great, and that Lauren was jealous. Sure they were only four, but it was an instant friendship since and soon became inseparable.

In Kindergarten, Bella and Alice met Emmett. Emmett, even for a five year old, was much larger than their classmates. Bella and Alice were often made fun of by the other girls based off of their differences. They weren't like everyone else, and even five year olds knew how to pick on the odd kids out. Emmett was the only boy to stand up to them. He made sure no one stole their lunches and would always protect them. He was the big brother they never had. Then there were three, even more inseparable.

During second grade Jasper moved into town from Texas. His father, once a big wig in the oil industry, lost his job and was forced to move away from his beloved birthplace. Jasper and his family moved up to Washington to be closer to his mother's family so they could better take care of each other. He was the butt of everyone's jokes based off of his thick Texan accent and his Southern manners. Yet again, his differences made him stand out and the gang was quick to accept them into their group. Once they invited Jasper to play tag with them on the playground, there were now a gang of four, even more inseparable.

The gang only grew closer over the years and in fourth grade Rosalie joined the group. She was normally part of the Lauren and other girl group. However, when Rosalie's father walked out on them and took all of their money with them, Rosalie was instantly an outsider. The gang, ever compassionate, quickly adopted her into their group. At first her tough exterior was abrasive to everyone, but she slowly adjusted to everyone. Then there were five, even more inseparable.

It was late into the 5th grade year that Edward Cullen moved to Forks. A wealthy son of a doctor and interior decorator, Edward was moved around due to his father's trouble establishing himself in one area. However, when his father because Chief of Medicine at the local Forks hospital, he jumped at the chance and the family followed. Edward, who was ever the moody child, had a hard time fitting in with the already well-established clicks at school. His troublesome nature made him different, and the gang was happy to have him. He was hesitant at first, but quickly grew to love his friends and their acceptance. Then there were six, even more inseparable.

Starting from middle school on, the gang was always together. Through the highs and lows they supported each other through everything. They were all there to cheer on the boys at their first 7th grade football game. They were all there to congratulate Alice when her clothing designs won the seventeen magazine contest for hottest underage designer. They were all there when Rosalie finished building her first engine, and when Bella won the state literary contest. They were there for every of Edward's recital and applauded when he played his original compositions.

They mourned together when Bella's mother died when she was in the 9th grade. They plotted together in order to get back at Jessica Stanley when she tried to ruin Alice's school play costumes. They all stayed in the hospital all night when Emmett got hurt his sophomore year, tearing his ACL. They were all there during his therapy to ensure that he would play again. They cried together when Edward and Jasper got into a dangerous car wreck last year, and cried happy tears when they were relatively unharmed. They all consoled Rosalie when she found out her mother skipped out on her too, and gave her a place to stay when she thought she had no where to go.

They were each other's first kiss as well as their first time. They always helped each other so no one was left behind. Where Bella would help tutor Emmett in English so he could pass and play, Emmet would teach Jasper how to drive a stick shift. Jasper would help Alice when her design work got overwhelming with her school work, and Alice would help Rosalie when she didn't have enough money to buy her own clothes. Rosalie would help Edward with his repairs on his car, and Edward would tutor Bella in math so her GPA wouldn't suffer. They were friends, they were family. But most importantly they were the gang, and they were inseparable.