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This really does not follow the story line on any of these anime but I recently got hooked on Bleach and when this idea hit me; it just wouldn't leave me alone. What can I say I love the silent, arrogant types as well as the loud, gruff and secretly sensitive characters. I am not sure yet who I want Kagome with (There are so many wonderful ones to choose from!) so if you want to drop a line to let me know who you think would be the best couple, please do so but I don't think that I can put her with Inuyasha or Ichigo but anyone else is up for consideration.

Chapter One

Kagome was praying non stop. She could do this. Her friends were counting on her. Please don't let me screw this up. It was her mantra. She was so insecure about her skills and fear that she wasn't strong enough that it was causing her to sweat and her hands were getting cold. Looking down at her cold hands, the now complete Shikon Jewel sparkled in the sunlight. They had just defeated Naraku and now the wish had to be made before something else could happen. The jewel needed to be destroyed before it could cause any more harm to this world. They had been so much pain, torment and betrayal brought about by such a small thing. Whole villages had been slaughtered. Families had been destroyed and torn apart. So many lives have been ruined by those that sought the power of the jewel. The taint had been removed from the jewel but her heart was still heavy with the pain and sadness that this thing had caused.

In a way she felt that she had been the beginning of it all and it weighed heavily upon her soul. She had brought the jewel here and she was the one that shattered it. It was her actions that lead to all of the tragedies and atrocities that happened here. She would shoulder the responsibility for all that had occurred and carry its burden as a penance for her actions and lack of skills to correct those actions. Her thoughts revolved around those thoughts, if only I had the strength to protect them and if only I had the power to end this sooner…. Those were the main thoughts that burned the back of her mind. She would not let them endure such pain again that she would promise them.

Kagome stood clutching the jewel to her in the clearing where they had just defeated the half demon. Her friends were now assessing the damages that they had incurred and the wounds of their companions. No one had sustained critical injuries so they were very thankful for that. Again they were forced to protect and shield her. It saddened her greatly that her skills were not as useful to them as she wished they were.

Even so, all of their spirits were high. It was finally over. They were so jubilant but at the same time grief hung heavy in the air. They had lost so much to this monster because he sought this power, she thought as she looked back down at the jewel once again. She didn't know how long she had stood there just looking at the jewel and praying that she could get rid of it forever. She did not want anyone to ever have to suffer like this again. Her thoughts whirling about she didn't hear Inuyasha until he was just inches from her face giving her a concerned look. Snapping out of her daze, she gave him a small nod and bright smile to let him know that she was alright. To which he gave a gruff 'keh' and walked back to their friends.

The relationship between her and Inuyasha had altered a bit over the last three years. She still loved him as deeply as ever but she had come to realize that it had only been a crush not the deep abiding love that she had thought it to be. Inuyasha still loved his Kikyo and she could profoundly respect that. After all of these years, his love for her had never wavered. That was the love that she was looking for, one that stood the test of time. She hoped that one day she would meet someone to share that special bond.

Walking to the others as they stood expectantly, no one spoke as a silence came across the clearing. Everyone knew that it was not certain what would happen when the wish was made. They all knew that it had to be a selfless wish or the entire jewel would go corrupt and the cycle would begin anew except worse because the wish would become warped as well. They had discussed the possibilities of what could happened long ago and decided to say goodbyes then so if anything unexpected happened they could accept that fate and go on with their lives. She had come to call those gathered here family and no matter what happened when the wish was made she knew that she had no regrets coming to this era. They all knew that it was probably not possible for her to stay in this time because of the strain on the time line. Any small thing could change history and have disastrous results.

Smiling she gave them a nod that said that she would destroy the jewel and free them of those that wished to posses it. She took several steps back and prepared herself, looking again of the group of companions, she was so lucky to be able to have met these individuals and even more so to call them friends and more importantly family. Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku, Koga and his tribe, and even Sesshomaru and his pack, they were all a large part of her life and she would miss them all. Looking back down to at the jewel, she promised herself that she would destroy the jewel so that they would be free to let the past go and to build a better future. She would not let the evil that Naraku had brought to this world continue in any way. Because of him, a lot of lower class demons were destroyed and those were not were always look for the power of the jewel. They would not be safe unless it was known that the jewel no longer existed.

Her resolve fortified, Kagome brought the jewel closer to her heart and for the first time since the defeat of Naraku, she spoke. "Shikon no Tama, grant me this wish. I wish for The Jewel of Four Souls to be destroyed with the souls of those contained within to be released to find peace."

When the wish was complete Kagome was enveloped in a bright light. It cast a warm glow around her that was as bright as the rays of the sun. Her friends made the move to rush to her aid thinking that something was wrong. It was then a strong feminine voice spoke, "Don't be alarmed. Kagome is well. You will see her again. It may not be in this life but the next but know that you will see her again." With that smiles came to the faces of those that were in the area and joyous cries were heard. Well all except Sesshomaru, although if one knew him well enough, you could see the relief in his eyes and softening of his posture. No one was really sure what to expect and was waiting to see what would happen with their dear friend. They were beginning to get concerned when a few minutes had passed and still Kagome floated a couple feet off the ground still enveloped by the light. Inuyasha approached cautiously when again the voice was heard halting him. He had only taken two steps when the words reached them, "With that said you must keep your word to her and live your life free of the sadness and pain of the past. Find the happiness that she so desperately wanted for you. It means more to her than you will ever know." The glow flared once more turning from white to blue causing a few gasps and a few others calling Kagome's name. It was then that the voice was heard once again, "When you meet again she will need your help so prepare yourselves. Kagome's light draws darkness so heed this warning and be ready." The light that was surrounding Kagome began to swirl brightly white and blue. It was starting to encompass the clearing with it intensity. When it was at its peak the voice left these parting words, "Remember, until then create memories to share with her. You are the ones that give her the will to fight. Remember…."

With a final flash of light Kagome was gone. Each member of the group was struck with the loss of the friend. Kagome had come to them in their most desperate hour and in different ways had saved each of them. So much had happened that it was hard to image life without her in it. If the presence and the voice were correct they would find her again. She would need them and they would be ready. In the meantime, Kagome would have wanted them to happy. They would remember and they would prepare. When it was time, they would stand together once more.