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Chapter Eight

Kagome was sweeping off the front steps of the shop. Things were tense but that was to be expected. It was getting closer for the time limit to expire. Gin was due to appear before the Head Captain in a few more days. It has been four days since Aizen's defeat.

With all that had been going on the last few days, it seemed like long ago. Dealing with Gin and his unusual behavior, Hiei, Ichigo and his friends, even with the Shinigami things were out of sorts. Not to mention that Renji was still not speaking to her. Ichigo was still upset with her and Rukia, well, she wasn't sure how to describe her behavior. It was like she wasn't the least bit upset and then at times she was morose.

Kagome couldn't hold back a giggle at the thought of Renji's predicament. It was suitable. She couldn't give everybody subjugation beads and it was something that didn't do any physical damage, it just affected his pride. It would be a long time before anyone would forget or let him forget.

She had tried to warn him to leave Jinta alone. Poor little guy had to live with Kisuke as it was. He should have heeded her warning. Maybe next time he would take her more seriously. It is the best way to deal with a guy that had a big ego. It would crack it, just a bit.

During a hollow attack while the Shinigami was getting ready to leave their gigai, she switched Rukia's and Renji soul pills. She used enough speed that it wasn't noticeable. Just as they tossed them, she changed them out.

She was just sitting watching the interesting interaction between the new 'Renji' with Kon that was 'Ichigo'. It was the most amusing thing that she has seen in a long time. She needed to laugh and boy did she. Her sides were still sore and she laughed until she couldn't breathe, with tears streaming down her face.

It was a different story once they returned though. Everyone did spare her a glance to show that they knew she had something to do with it but at the same time they didn't want to miss the show.

It was just like when they first met Grimmjow except that it was Renji who was now Chappy and Kon was in Ichigo's Gigai. Between the cooing, yelling and roughing up poor Kon Ichigo, Chappy Renji was just bouncing around enjoying himself.

Ichigo was just an innocent bystander that got caught up in it because as soon the Chappy Renji saw him, it left poor abused Kon Ichigo to cuddle the real Ichigo who was in shock at what he had just witnessed.

Apparently, Chappy remembered him from the other time. Only this time, he was in Renji's body so there was a little more strength and a lot more embarrassment on his part.

Renji was deeply mortified to see himself all on top of Ichigo acting as 'Rukia's dear Chappy'. (You really need to see the episode to get how bad this would be for poor Renji, if you haven't already.)

As if that wasn't bad enough for the poor guy, the other Shinigami witnessed the event. To their pleasure, of course, but Renji and Ichigo were still not speaking to her. Well, they would have to get over it. She was here now and wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Ikkaku and Yumichika were the biggest fans. Though Captain Hitsugaya didn't openly share his opinion on the matter, Rangiku made interesting suggestions about the situation, with his amusement obvious in his light smirk.

Kagome smiled at the images. It was the most that she has laughed and smiled in ages.

Hiei was still lurking in the shadows around the area. He didn't bother to conceal his contempt for the Shinigami or any of the others for that matter. To make matters worse, he would goad Renji and Ichigo into a confrontation. Kagome had to the conclusion that he was bored. So she had taken to sparring with him as often as time would allow. It helped to keep him on a level playing field. He would goad and insult but not as bad as he would with the young Captain. It was odd but he had an instant dislike for the young Captain. It may be the fire and ice deal. Hiei had the constant struggle within himself so maybe it was instinctual?

He wasn't like that with his sister. One could only guess his reasoning. He had he a unique sense of honor and humor so understanding him took great effort and most times left her with a headache, or the urge to break something.

And Gin... He was another matter. He loved to watch her squirm but only if it was the two of them. His tone always held insinuations and innuendoes. Of course, he would play innocent. On the other hand, he was quite charming and had perfect manners when it suited him.

In a way, she thought this was the real person, the one that he only shared with very few. He was considerate almost to the point of being annoying.

Being with Inuyasha for so long, it was difficult to handle someone being too nice. She enjoyed the conversations that they had. He was very intelligent and well versed in most all subjects. He would spar with her, only to end up making her either withdraw because of his embarrassing insinuations or because of his attempts ascertain to certain aspects to her life.

It was really none of his business as to why she enjoyed the company of good looking demons nor why she was still single and 'innocent' despite the life that she had lead.

The following two days were filled with visits from just about everyone. The Shinigami rarely left and only long enough to deal with any situation that arose.

Ichigo and the others would drop by quite often as well. The days were filled with a lot of loud chatter, arguments, prodding, and a lot of provoking. Considering those in attendance, it was amazing that the place stayed in one piece. Kisuke had a lot to do with that, and Tessai who could be a bit on the scary side.

The day of Gin's trail came and he went with the same sly grin he wore most of the time. She sensed the turbulent feelings that he had though. He wanted to refuse, she was sure of it. For whatever reason, he went as though it was an invite to tea.

Watching him enter the Senkaimon made her heart constrict, she was afraid for him. He had committed grave offenses though most were not violent, thank God or he would not be allowed this hearing. Surely his help against turning the tide against Aizen would help his case. One could only hope and wait.

The deep voice rumbled across the room, "It is of no consequence. It will be done with or without the consent of Spirit World. It is out of protocol that you are given notice of these events."

The emotionless tone and cold demeanor still set Koenma on edge. He knew what this demon was capable of and quite respected him for all that he had accomplished over the centuries.

It was this respect that allowed Koenma to overlook a few things as they were not under his control anyway. This was something though that was quite unusual and had not really ever been done before.

Well, only with one and that was not authorized on any level by anyone. It just escalated on its own and happened in a way that worked out for everyone involved. The connections there cannot be severed since their fates are tied.

Ichigo was the son of Shinigami, so that was also something that had happened that was out of their control and once it had happened there wasn't anything to be done.

The boy had gone through many things in his life. When the time came and his life was at the cross roads, he took up the challenge and has refused to back down since.

Koenma secretly rooted for the boy. He was an amazing person so much like Yusuke in that the more danger that those around them faced, the more determined and fierce they became. They were truly exceptional and inspired those around them to push the limits and boundaries set by others.

The sudden chill in the air reminded him of his company, apparently his mind had wandered away and the Demon Lord did not wait for anyone.

Koenma sighed, "It is understood. Though understand that once she is there, she will be out of our jurisdiction. I can offer no guarantee on her safety and welfare. She will be on her own."

Though he thought that Kagome could take care of herself, he wanted to make it clear that there was nothing he could do even if he wanted to. He couldn't cross to the Seireitei.

With a barely audible nod, Lord Sesshomaru turned with fluid grace and with a flare of youki, formed his sphere and was gone before Koenma's eyes could adjust to the bright light.

Sinking back in his chair, Koenma sighed deeply. He ran a hand down his face, before dropping his face down on his desk loudly. He wanted to whine about all of this but the effort was more than he could bear, so he just chewed harshly on his pacifier. He was sending Kagome to train with the Shinigami. His chest gave a lurch. He knew that most were honorable and held high beliefs and did the sworn duty with pride. There were some though that was worth the worry.

Raising his head, he yelled for George.

The large blue ogre came running in to see what had happened this time. Normally, he would listen at the door but since it was the Demon Lord, he knew not to take his chances.

As George came to stand at attention at his desk, he called for Botan.

There was lots of paper work to be done and there were a few that were not going to take the news well. Sometimes, he really wished that he could just take off like Yusuke did.

Returning home, Sesshomaru waited impatiently for his brother, though no one could really tell that he was impatient. He always wore the same blank calm expression. Behind that mask, the torrent of thoughts was giving him a headache. He knew what to expect from Inuyasha and Shippou, the same for the wolf tribe.

They had all waited so long for her return and once again after a short reunion, she had to leave again. He knew that this was the right course. They would abide his decision. They had no choice in the matter, his pride in that fact only visible by the tiniest of smirks.

Even after all the years, Inuyasha still hasn't bested him. Though he couldn't trounce his brother as soundly as he did in the early years, he was proud that his bloodline had succeeded in the way that it had.

Not only had Inuyasha overcome and grown into the power of his demon blood but he also gained the respect of his brother, something that most thought would never happen.

It was a given that Sesshomaru would defeat and destroy Inuyasha as he was the living proof of his father's so called disgrace. Sesshomaru was never one to follows dictate though. Inuyasha grew into Sesshomaru's regard thanks to the girl, a human girl that was no more than a pup herself.

She had risked her life in order to save his time and time again. She had even stood before him without a weapon, using only herself as a human shield to protect his little brother.

At the time, Sesshomaru didn't understand her reasons. Over time and more encounters with their group, he and come to think her a puzzle.

Sesshomaru loved to solve riddles and she was an oddity then. It even led him to spare the life of one little human girl in order to understand.

It was one of the most amazing miracles that had happened to the Demon Lord. The little human girl didn't speak in the beginning. It was after he revived her with the Tenseiga that she introduced herself to him.

Rin was one of the greatest of gifts that he could thank his father for. It was the gift that he did not want and despised for so long, only to have it bless him with little human girl that would change his life in ways that he never imagined.

The yell and slamming open of the door announced the arrival of his dear little brother. It was going to be enjoyable after all. He could work out all his tensions; all he had to do was inform him of the plans for Kagome. Chuckling silently to himself, his eyes gleamed with the anticipation of the battle that would shortly incur.

Tessai and Kagome were still in the store room. It was filled with a variety of weird items that Kagome could only guess at what they were for.

Kisuke had been gone for most of the day so it was just her, Tessai, and the children. It was really an uneventful day except that Kagome was on pins and needles waiting for word of what was happening.

She had a word since they had left the morning before and no one had returned either. Kisuke was already gone when she woke up that morning.

Hiei had been called by Botan. He had left a little earlier and hadn't returned.

She was beginning to worry that something had happened. Everyone seemed to be called away. It was enough to set her nerves on edge. She couldn't help it. It was as if a sixth sense was telling her that something was about to happen.

She had learned to trust her senses and it was a struggle to keep her composure and not let Tessai know that she freaking out. It was bad enough that she was asking about Kisuke or word from the Soul Society or if any of the Shinigami had returned.

She was almost to the point of going to ask Sesshomaru if he could find out when she walked by and saw Tessai serving Kisuke tea. At first she was excited that he was back, she knew that he knew something. He always did. Then after the initial reaction, she got angry that he had returned and Tessai hadn't even let her know.

She had been asking all day about news of any kind. Kisuke should have known that she wanted to know. They were just sitting and talking about the shop. She was almost boiling now but she pulled herself back. She would let it get to her. She knew Kisuke and his behaviors. He would only let her know what she wanted to know, if he knew, when he wanted her to know. She was still irritated though.

It wasn't too long after that she felt the return of the Shinigami that she had the most contact with. She was surprised to say the least that so many had retuned so soon.

Rukia and Renji as she understood came by often but the others only came when there was something going on. Both, she and Tessai, went to greet them and see what their errand was.

By the time that had made it to door of the shop, Kagome felt the return of Hiei and Kurama as well as Shippou. Now, she was really getting concerned that something had happened.

Trying to give them a good greeting, she smiled and nodded briefly at the arriving Shinigami, but her focus was on her demonic friends. She was afraid that something had happened to her family. She was barely able to contain herself as they finally came in to shop yard.

Captain Hitsugaya was really annoyed at play this game of fetch. He didn't like it or the fact that the girl was coming to the Soul Society. Orders were orders and he would carry out those given to him but that didn't mean that he had to like it.

Rangiku on the other hand was excited. She always was when she got the chance to come to the Living World and finding out that they were to bring that girl back made her stunned then euphoric. She thrived on gossip and the like. She couldn't wait to get her hands of this and find out the real scoop.

It really grated on his nerves though that another outsider was given such a welcome. It made him uneasy as to the future of the Soul Society. Then getting brushed off at their arrival was icing on the cake. It was another mark against her as far as he was concerned.

Kurama was the first to greet Kagome. His welcoming smile and easy manner had calmed her nerves somewhat. If it was a pressing matter that had brought them here then what could be so important that had drawn them here all at once?

Shippou's being here was the biggest worry of all. She knew that he rarely left his duties and he would only come if he news or if she hadn't kept her promise to come see them at the promised time.

Shippou stepped forward, he was apprehensive about this. He didn't want to send his mother among the Shinigami. There was too much unrest in the Soul Society. He knew that it would make her breath easier to see what happened to the one that had returned to face the charges against him. He would do this for her though. She never really asked anything from them and this gesture was sure to ease her mind, so he would accept it.

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