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The Geeks of NCIS and the FBI

By: Ilovemiax

Chapter 1: Kidnapped!

Timothy McGee started for work, a smile on his face. Driving his stylish black Porsche, he just passed a green light when he hears a loud screech. He saw a black van heading towards him. Desperately, he twisted his wheel to get out of the way. He was a moment too late. McGee's car collided with the black van.

Before passing out he heard someone say, "Quick grab him before the cops get here!" The darkness over took him.


NCIS Bullpen

"Tony! Would you shut up already!?" Officer Ziva David exclaimed.

"Awww! Come on! You've never heard of Angelina Jolie in Tomb Radar? It's a classic!" he said back.

"I have not seen it! Now drip it!"

"It's drop it, Ziva."

"Whatever," Ziva said exasperated, "Now shut up or I'll kill you with a paper clip!"

"I'd do it DiNozzo." Gibbs said strolling into the bullpen, coffee cup in one hand.

"Shutting up boss." Tony said.

"Where's McGee?" Gibbs barked.

"He has not shown up yet Gibbs." Ziva said.

"Find him"

"I will call his mobile." Ziva said dialing.

"And I'll call his home." Tony said fallowing Ziva's example.

Just then Gibbs got a call which he promptly answered.

"Gear up!" he shouted. Tony and Ziva grabbed their gear and followed Gibbs.

"What is it boss?" Tony asked.

""McGee was in accident this morning on the way here. It was a hit and run."

"McGee, is he ok?" Ziva asked.

Gibbs' voice was soft.

"There were no apparent survivors."


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