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Chapter 11: Home Sweet Home

"Boss!" Ziva called, "we have a location!"


"S-shit…" Luna stuttered wrapping her arms around herself "is it always this c-cold?"

Reid looked over to her, his arms wrapped similarly around his own skinny body. "Yeah," he nodded, "e-every n-night."

There was a pause, then, "H-how long have you been here? I don't know any details…"

"About five days…"

"Oh, sorry…"

Another awkward pause.

"Luna," Reid began again, "you said earlier that your dad is Agent Gibbs, right?" Luna nodded. "Why did you volunteer yourself to this case?"

"Well… I don't really know… it just kinda seemed like the right thing to do…" There was another long and awkward silence. "Also, he asked for someone more valuable than you… no offense… so I offered myself. I mean to my dad, I am more valuable than you."

"You have a good point…"

"Man," Luna whispered, "I wish they would just hurry up." Reid gave her a questioning look. She scooted over to the FBI agent. "I've got a tracking device in my bra." She muttered.


Gibbs was glaring bullets at Gideon and Hotch. He was absolutely pissed that neither one was willing to barge into the warehouse. They had been waiting for almost five hours! Five hours that Gibbs knew he was putting his daughter in harm's way. Not that she did that anyway, but if she died, it would be like watching Kate, Kelly, and Shannon die all at the same time. Not only that, it was F***ing freezing outside! The un-sub had left the location and still hadn't come back. It was the only reason that kept Gibbs from barging into the place himself. A soft whirring noise caught everyone's attention. Both teams were on alert; the un-sub had finally arrived.


"Are you serious!" Reid hissed back.

"Yes! I am serious! I'm not sure why they aren't here though…"

"The un-sub is probably gone then…" It was then that they heard a whirring noise, the sound of a car. There was a sudden loud commotion, yelling, gunshots, and silence. They then heard footsteps running above them.

Then there was a call, "REID! LUNA!"

Automatically, both jumped up.

"DAD!" Luna yelled, "DOWN HERE!"

"HEY I HEARD THEM!" Hotch's voice could be heard. The noised were right in front of them.

"Luna! Reid! Back away from the door!" Ziva called. The door was burst down, and all the agents were running in.

Gibbs was the first to get to Luna, Gideon the first to get to Reid.



One Week Later…

"Hey, is Agent McGee going to be alright?" Reid asked Luna. They were video chatting via Garcia.

"Yeah, his memory came back a couple days ago. He's staying with Abby. How are you holding up?"

"Just great, the doctor says I'm perfectly fine."

"That's great! Unfortunately, my Mom and Dad won't let me out of their sights," Luna laughed, "I suppose that's the price for being 'a dangerous little squirly' as my mom puts it."

"Finally," Reid said smiling, "everything is normal, and we're home."

"Luna agreed, "Yeah, home sweet home."

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