I do not own The Zombie Survival Guide or World War Z. or Rorschach from Watchmen.

Random little drabbles on some equally random prompts. More to come.

Never surrender, never. Not even in the face of Armageddon.


I. Bird's Eye View

Running, big mistake, but panic overrides common sense, he's heading right into a wall of G. Being able to see everything from the air really sucks sometimes. .

II. Stories

Someone has been here, from the footprints, they just left recently. Can't blame them, there are more G here than I've seen in the last few days. Seems like whoever was living here tried to attract all the G in the area and pick them off as they came. From the reports of the search teams, the defenders ran out of ammo and got over run. Well...no point worrying over it, got to sweep the area.

III. Fun

Steel gleaming, splattered with blood and brains. Careful, can't get dirty, blood carries infection. Fun, so much fun. Fun, can't be blamed for killing. Fun, fun fun.

IV. 21

"On three. One, two, three-" 21 rifles fire, morbidly ironic salute to the infected soldiers, as they kill themselves before they can turn.

V. Tag


VI. Creative Use of School Supplies (I)

"Okay…This is officially the first time I've ever seen someone use a plastic ruler to kill a G."

VII. Rat

"What's for dinner?"

"Rat. What else?"

"Can we have something different? Like chicken? We've had rat for so long that I've forgotten what chicken tastes like."

VIII. Resident Evil

"….I'm so glad that we don't have zombie dogs, or sharks for that matter."

IX. Brains

"…Aren't zombies only supposed to eat brains? Why the Hell do Zed Heads eat flesh? It doesn't make any sense."

X. Idiot

"…Dude, it's dead already. You can stop stabbing it you know."

XI. Overkill Y/Y?

"Okay…I understand dismembering and burning the G after hitting it with a Cherry PIE, BUT IS THE EXSORCISM REALLY NEEDED?!"

XII. Knives

"…Dude, you need a better knife than that if you want to kill G. Like…a butcher knife or something."

XIII. Boring

"After a while, shooting G gets really boring. Can we go out and smash their heads in with the Lobo or something? Just for a chance of pace."


XIV. Physics

"…I understand that Zack can't feel anything, but seriously. That G must have been 600 pounds when it was alive, HOW THE FUCK DOES THAT THING WALK?"

XV. Creepy

"Hey, kid. Sarge wants everyone outside in 5. We got a mission."

"Enh. Good. Been bored. Ran out of G to kill around here. Right, be out in 5."

"…Sarge, are you sure that kid isn't related to Rorschach?"