Throughout her entire pregnancy, Haruhi was still... Haruhi.

Her stomach got huge, and for almost a whole year, she was not the cute little Haruhi that I had fallen in love with, but a huge, swollen monster whose sole purpose in life was to order me around to fit her needs. She yelled and screamed and complained and ordered me like an evil dictator. But she went to work nonetheless, working in the courts putting her amazing brain and outstanding argumentative skills to work. I admired her, even when she was screaming at me to buy her ice cream or watermelon or the most coveted fancy tuna. I would send out the servants into the terrifyingly cold weather- for the baby was due in the early spring and so most of the pregnancy was in the winter- to get her demanded food.

And then, one night at around one in the morning, seven months along, her water broke. My first though was, our baby is ready to meet us! While the limo drove us to the hospital, I called each member of the Host Club.

When we got there, she was immediately rushed to the ER. There was blood everywhere and it was two months too early for the baby. Haruhi yelled out in pain, but she never once got angry at me or yelled at me, like I expected. I thought that when the baby was born, she would yell at me like in the sitcoms and we would go home a happy family. When she didn't, I felt like I was falling, falling, falling and that I would never stop. I was pushed out of the delivery room to make room for all of the extra doctors.

I sat in the waiting room amongst happy family members waiting for their new baby with my arms crossed over my knees and my head buried in my arms. Tears gushed out of my eyes like raindrops from a storm cloud, huge, cold, and wet. At one point, it took too much muscle for me to sit in a chair and I fell out onto my hands and knees, although I didn't even notice it happened.

I felt two strange hands on my back. Without even looking up I sobbed, "she's going to die!". My arms gave out, and I rested on my head, ignoring the physical pain.

"Tono!" Hikaru cried, his voice calm but terrified. "What are you talking about?"

"It's only a little premature! These are the best doctors, so don't worry," Kaoru assured.

I looked up at them, and they grew pale.

"Are- are there other complications?" Kaoru asked very slowly.

I drew in a deep breath to calm myself, but I exhaled a loud sob. I gripped my arms and gritted my teeth. They were still very brittle. They needed me to be strong. I tried to compose myself, but the tears kept coming.

Thumping footsteps. Hikaru ran up to the nurse in charge and grabbed her by the collar. "Suou Haruhi! Tell me her situation!"

Kaoru left my side to pry his twin from the nurse. "Hikaru, stop that! Let go; it's not her fault!"

"There is a massive amount of bleeding," she stated sadly, "and the baby is very premature. It's not a safe time for either the mother or baby. It's very dangerous."

Hikaru backed up, the was at my side again. "It's ok, Tono. She'll b-"

"Haruhi! Where's my Haruhi?" another voice sang. I looked up to see Ranka with a huge teddy bear and flowers. "Tama-" He caught sight of me and froze. The presents slid from his weakening grasp and he let out a soft, "God, no." He ran over to me, and I couldn't help but notice that he had trampled on the beautiful bouquet of roses he had bought.

The twins went over it with him, and Kaoru pulled me up. He laid my head in his lap and cried on my shoulder. Somehow, I managed to fall asleep.

The next thing I heard was, "Tama-chan. Tama-chan, wake up!"

I opened my eyes to Honey-senpai- I never could get out of the habit of calling him that, it made me feel empty- bending over me with a worried look in his eyes. "Wh- Haruhi?!" I bolted upright to see the entire waiting room staring at me. The clock ticked three. AM? PM? I didn't know.

"Tama-chan, you're still crying," he said as a tear slid down his own chubby cheek. "It's ok. Haru-chan is ok. Do you want to see your baby now?"

I stood, shocked. The nurse led me to my wife's waiting room. She was in the hospital bed, sweaty, and wrapped in blankets that were still a little bloody. The sun came in brightly from the window and my stomach growled.

"Oh, Hi, Tamaki," she said when she saw me. The tears hadn't stopped yet, and she saw them. "Are you ok?"

I rushed to her and fell to my knees. I took her hand and kissed it so many times that she had to pull away out of annoyance.

"What?" she asked.

"I- I'm just glad you're ok."

She smiled at me. "I'm ok."

I spent the next few days with her in the hospital, but we didn't get to see the baby. The doctors were very conscious of their patients and reputation, and for several weeks, our child was out of our sight.

Two months later, we go the call that it was perfectly safe to take the child home. We hadn't yet found out the gender.

"I hope it's a boy!" I exclaimed on the way to the hospital. We had painted the room blue already, with mirrors on every wall. "I'll teach him to be a wonderful host! He'll learn to love women and treat them right, and I'll be his role model! He'll learn manners from me, and I'll teach him sports! He'll become a perfect man, just like me, and not like Hikaru or Kaoru!"

Haruhi just smiled softly the entire way there.

When we got into the hospital, Ranka was waiting for us, holding a beautiful baby swaddled in a soft pink blanket.

I froze. "It's a... girl?"