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Nehelenia gone. Paroah ninety gone. Galaxia gone. Along with all their problems. Along with all their worries. Along with everything that had anything to do with their mission and battle against evil forces. And for the first time in her life, Haruka was finally at peace.

A smile appeared on her face as she watched her lover practise on her violin. The beautiful sounds the instrument made echoed through the room. Haruka's eyes were closed as she listened to it. It was as if her past was flashing before her eyes on the tone of the music. But this time, everytime she would open her eyes everything would actually be over.

''You seem extremely focussed today, Ruka.'' A voice said causing Haruka to snap out of her thoughts and open her eyes. In front of her stood Michiru. She was no longer holding the violin. The tomboy hadn't even realized she had stopped playing. ''Something on your mind?''

''No,'' The blonde replied, pulling her lover closer. ''Nothing at all. Not anymore.'' And with that she closed the gap between them with a kiss.


Haruka's eyes flew open, sweat dripping down her face and covering her whole body. She was no longer lying in her bed. She was now standing in the middle of a burning land. Was she in hell?

''Haruka Tenoh. For you have sinned. You shall be punished.'' A feminine voice sounded.

The blonde tomboy turned around in shock, trying to find whoever it was who was talking to her. ''Who's there?!''

''Haruka Tenoh and Michiru Kaioh. Both of you shall be punished for your actions.'' The voice went on.

Haruka's heart skipped a beat upon hearing Michiru's name. ''What the hell are you talking about? Who the fuck are you to say those things, what actions, what punishment?!'' She tried her best to hide the fear she was feeling.

''You are crying. Calling out her name worried you. Why?'' The voice demanded to know.

''Crying?'' Haruka repeated. Slowly she moved her hand to her cheek. To her own surprisement she had actually started to cry. Why? This had to be a nightmare. She dropped her hand again and started to walk around in little circles, trying to find her attacker. Whoever this was, whatever was happening, this had to be a new enemy trying to confuse her.

Then after what seemed like hours she caught a shadow in the corner of her eye. Turning to face that shadow she suddenly was struck down by an unknown force. With a loud knock she landed on the ground, in the middle of the burning flames. She wanted to scream in pain but for some reasons the flames didn't seem to burn her. She didn't even feel them. ''What's going on?''

''You are neither asleep nor awake.'' The shadow started to move towards the now shaking blonde. ''Killing human beings, being willing to sarcifice yourselfs and others for a messiah you don't know. And even selling your soul to the devil to kill those who you call your companions. You and Michiru Kaioh truly must be punished.'' The voice said. The figure was now standing only a couple of meters from Haruka.

Haruka could finally see the person who had attacked her. It was a young girl with long blonde hair that almost reached her ankles. Her eyes were pitch black and showed no emotion. She wasn't wearing any shoes, just a torn green dress with flower imprints. ''Yes. You shall be punished.'' She added.

''Who are you?'' Haruka's voice sounded shaky.

The girl smiled. ''My name does not matter to those who are about to die.''

''Die?'' Haruka repeated. She clenched her fists. She had to do something about this girl and quickly. It wasn't her own life she was worrying about but Michiru's. That girl had mentioned punishing both of them. She immidiately raised her henshin. ''Uranus power make up!''

There was a flash of light that blinded the young girl for a moment. And when the darkness came to again Haruka was gone. In front of her now stood Sailor Uranus. One of the sailor senshi serving the future king and queen. ''How impressive.'' The girl said with a small smile on her lips.''Truly impressive.''

''I don't care who you are!'' Uranus screamed. ''I won't let you touch Michiru even if it costs me my life!'' With that she run towards the blonde girl. She tried to land a few punched first but the girl easily dodged them. In fact, she was almost dancing around Uranus' fists.

''Stand still you annoying brat!'' Uranus gave it another try, this time kicking towards the girl as well. Once again she managed to move her way around Uranus' attacks. This went on for a couple more minutes until Uranus was out of breath and unable to get closer to the girl. ''What the hell are you?''

''I don't understand. You keep attacking me although you know you can't win. You know you are going to die and yet you fight. You are truly amazing.'' The girl bowed, surprising Uranus. ''I truly envy you. And for that I shall tell you my name. It's Clarissa.''

''Clarissa...'' Uranus repeated. She could feel her power drain. The blonde senshi knew it would be a matter of time before she'd transform back and lose all of her remaining powers. ''Fine then.'' She raised her hand up in the air. ''WORLD...'' She smirked. ''SHAKING!'' An orange ball of energy formed above her which now moved towards the blonde girl in front of her with lightening speed.

''Yes. Truly amazing.'' Clarissa said. And with that said she caught Uranus' attack in mid-air and threw it back at the senshi.

Uranus' went wide eyed. She wanted to jump aside but it was already too late. Her own attack struck her with full force, blowing her right through a stone wall. Before landing on the ground she had already transformed back into her old self.

Clarissa shook her head and walked towards Haruka who was trying her best to remain consciousness. ''Lying on the ground like an inflated doll. How sad. Yes. Truly sad you are.'' The girl spoke, falling on her knees and stroking Haruka's head, playing with a couple of strands of her hair. ''Not many people come here. Not many people anger the gods as much as you and Michiru Kaioh have.''

She paused for a moment, looking straight into Haruka's emerald eyes. She could clearly see the anger and pain in the tomboy's eyes. ''None of the people send here have ever fought me this much as you. And even though you are fighting to remain alive. You fight for her. Not yourself.''

''Mi-chiru...'' Haruka cried, clenching her fists while facing the ground beneath her. If only she could get up and fight. If only her body would work with her. She could let this girl just kill her.

''I won't kill Michiru Kaioh. I don't want to anymore. I won't kill you either.'' Clarissa said. She placed her hand on Haruka's back, healing the wound she had caused earlier. ''I'm going to make a deal with you. If you agree. I will forgive Michiru Kaioh's sins and will make you pay.''

''Whatever you want. I'll do it.'' Haruka hissed. She slowly got up, feeling a lot better because of Clarissa's healing.

''Ten times you get to use that henshin wand of yours. You already used it once so now it's nine times.'' Clarissa whispered into Haruka's ear. ''With each transformation you'll lose a precious memory of you beloved.''

''What the hell are you talking about, I haven't lost a....'' Haruka went wide eyed. Immidiately she fell down on her knees. Her whole body was shaking in horror. ''I can't....ca-can't r-remember....'' She started, looking at Clarissa with a helpless look in her eyes. Like a little child who just lost everything. ''I can't remember how I met Michiru!'' Haruka was now crying. Unable to stop.

''Yes.'' Clarissa replied. For some reason seeing Haruka cry made her heart feel weird. Weird in a way she couldn't explain. ''After the tenth transformation you'll completely have forgotten about Michiru Kaioh.''

''P-please....'' Haruka looked at Clarissa with an empty look in her eyes while tears kept flowing down her cheeks. ''Give it back. Give it.... give me back my memory.''

''I can't. Once forgotten it can never be remembered. That's the law of the gods.''

''Fuck the gods!'' Finding strenght in her desperate feelings of fear Haruka stood up, raising her fist and finally landing a punch on Clarissa. ''Give it back! Give it back!'' She screamed while throwing herself on the blonde girl. She was now sitting on top of Clarissa and kept hitting the young girl in her face. Clarissa's and her own blood covered her hands. ''Give it back! You crazy fuck! Give it back!''


''Give it back!'' Haruka yelled.

''Haruka! Haruka! Stop it! Haruka!'' A familiar voice screamed causing Haruka to snap out of her thoughts. Bend over her stood Michiru with a worried look on her face. ''Thank god. You were screaming in your sleep. What's wrong, a nightmare?''

Remember. Try to remember. It had to be a nightmare. It had to be. Remember! Remember goddammit! When did I meet her for the first time?! How did I meet her?! Haruka closed her eyes. ''Michiru....''

The aqua haired girl smiled sadly. ''I'm here Ruka. Whatever it was. I'm here now. It's okay.'' She put her arms tight around her lover who was close to breaking down.

Haruka rested her head on her lover's shoulder. How long would it be until this would be a memory as well?

To Be Continued

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