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chapter five

- Bitter sweet -

Uranus kept running and running through the dark hallways of the castle. She had no idea why she was running. She didn't know why she was being chased by some silver haired woman. And she sure as hell had no idea where she was or where she was heading. The blonde closed her eyes for a moment. Trying her best to focus. She could feel her attackers energy all over the place.

''There you are, little fairy!'' A voice suddenly yelled.

Before Uranus even knew what was happening she was attacked. Out of nowhere the silver haired woman jumped on top of her, pushing both of them to the ground. With a hard knock Uranus' head landed on the stone floor, sending waves of pain through her whole body. Almost knocking her out. ''I don't know what trick you pulled. But if you think you can beat me by putting on another outfit you are mistaken!''

The silver haired woman raised her hand. Once more turning it into a claw. ''You're dead.''

''''W-wait,'' Uranus started. She tried her best to remain conscious. Her head hurt a lot. ''Why the hell are you attacking me? Can't we settle this with some wine and dinner?''

Her attacker seemed confused and slowly pulled her hand back. ''You were here to kill my master. You wanted to take his mistress away from him. What trick are you playing now?''

''No tricks. I swear.'' Uranus said as she turned back into Haruka. ''See. I don't want to fight. I don't even know who you are.''

The woman smirked. ''You sure are an idiot.'' With that she raised her hand again. This time moving in for the kill.

Haruka flinched before kicking the woman off of her. She quickly rolled away from the other, looking for something to attack the woman with. She didn't have enough strength to use her henshin wand again. Her eyes landed on a large pipe.

Noticing the other get up from the ground Haruka took the pipe in her hands and hit the other without hesitation. The first hit didn't seem to do much besides confusing the silver haired woman. The second hit had a little more impact. And with the third hit she finally went down.

Haruka took a deep breath, leaning to the stone wall in relieve. ''Michiru.'' She whispered.


''She's coming.'' Eteocles spoke while putting an arm around his lover. ''Once she's dead we can finally...''

''Haruka.'' Michiru whispered interrupting him. She didn't know why she felt like saying that name. She just could feel someone call out to her. Something told her it wasn't right to be here. But her thoughts were quickly shadowed by a darkness. And suddenly everything faded again.

Eteocles clenched his fists. Keeping control over Michiru was harder than he thought it would be. No matter how much darkness he used on her. For some reason she wouldn't stop remembering that damned Haruka Tenoh. Maybe it would be a smart idea to keep those two away from each other. He could easily kill Haruka himself. But on the other hand, Michiru was a powerful goddess now. Having her kill Haruka would make sure their love would completely vanish from her heart. He was sure of it.

It was easier to forget you killed your lover than to live with the guilt.

Just when he was about to say something to the aqua haired girl the doors flew open, revealing a wounded blonde woman. It was the first time Eteocles had actually met Haruka. ''So you're the woman who gave Clarissa a sense of humanity. I'm impressed.''

Haruka just stood there, looking at Michiru with an empty look in her eyes. Her breathing was heavy. Blood was streaming down her face and her clothes were partly torn. It didn't take a genius to see she was on the verge of collapsing.

''What do you want from us Haruka?'' Eteocles asked. He could see Michiru move closer to his side. It seemed seeing each other hadn't done much to reverse any of the spells placed on them. ''Do you even know why you're here?''

The blonde tomboy smiled a bit before putting her hand in her pocket. Slowly she pulled out a piece of paper which she held up for both of them to see.

''And what might that be?'' The black haired man asked as he pushed Michiru to the back of the room.

Haruka threw the piece of paper on the ground. ''Look for yourself asshole.'' She replied. He was obviously too far away to read what it said. ''You probably can't read anyway.'' She went on. ''Let me read it for you. Goodness of my heart.''

Eteocles raised an eyebrow. This wasn't what he had expected. Haruka should've lost all her memories of Michiru by now. Why did it look like she was planning on fighting him anyway?

''Save Michiru. Don't ask questions. Just do it.'' The blonde took her henshin wand out of her other pocket. ''Signed by me.'' She added. Haruka could see the aqua haired woman move uneasy upon seeing her henshin wand. ''You're Michiru, right?''

''So?'' The aqua haired goddess regained her composure and smiled evilly. For some reason Haruka just didn't find it a fitting smile for the girl. ''You want to save me? I don't need saving. But I could give you a reason to fight if you so desperately need one.'' She made a few steps towards Eteocles again. ''Let me kill her.''

The black haired man was more than amused by her words and nodded. Things may not have gone how he'd like them to go but this version was alright with him as well. ''Go ahead.''

''Michiru. I might've forgotten about you. And you don't seem to remember me either. But,'' Haruka raised the henshin in the air, ready to transform. ''But starting today we'll start making new memories together. May it be as enemies.''

Michiru could feel her heart skip a beat. For a moment she hesitated. Until she heard Eteocles voice on the background telling her to kill the blonde. She blinked a couple of times until all her doubt had vanished again. Then she run towards Haruka with an incredible speed.

The tomboy who was still about to transform into sailor Uranus just smiled. And then, surprising as well Eteocles as herself, she threw the henshin aside. What am I doing?

The last thing she could remember was Michiru jumping towards her. Haruka closed her eyes and put her arms around her attacker. ''It's alright if you want to kill me.'' she whispered before everything went completely black.

''You know what terrifies me the most Haruka?'' A girl asks and I look at her. My heart filling with warmth. ''The thought of losing you. I could never live with myself if something happens to you.''

''That's my speech.'' I reply as I hold her close.

''Who are you?'' She suddenly asks. I look at her. I'm not holding her anymore and we're not in the livingroom we just were in. Flames surround us. Are we in hell? I try to look at her but I can't see her face. She's just a shadow now. What did she look like before? I can't even remember. Didn't I hold her in my arms just a few seconds ago?

''Who are you?'' I asked. Repeating her question as I slowly watch her fade. It doesn't matter who she is. She scares me. She makes my heart feel like it's been stepped on. Did she just break my heart?

''You're dying.'' Suddenly a voice said. Immidiately Haruka snapped out of her daydream. She tried to move but couldn't. Just when she was about to ask what was going on the voice already answered that question. ''You're in my care now.'' She knew that voice from somewhere.

The blonde tried her best to see something but her vision stayed blurry. As if she had been crying for a long time. ''You probably don't remember. My name is Eteocles. My beloved girlfriend just tried to kill you. You know. Michiru. The girl you wanted to save.''

Haruka could hear him walk towards the other side of the room. He was picking up some instruments. Judging from the position she was in this was going to hurt. ''But that's not what's killing you.'' The man went on. ''That nasty hole in your head. The one you had when you barged into my room. The bleeding one,'' He laughed slightly. ''That didn't come out right. Your blood is all over the place. Michiru fucked you up good.''

''What's wrong with my eyes?!'' Haruka screamed.

''How would I know. Maybe that blow you received on your head is causing your vision to fade. Who cares. Thanks to you I lost Clarissa. You forced me to kill her. You and your stinking human emotions.'' Haruka could hear the anger in his voice. ''But on the other hand I should thank you. You brought me Michiru.''

''What are you talking about, who's Clarissa?'' Haruka sneered. Suddenly a wave of pain washed over her. It felt like someone was hitting her on her head with a hammer. It wasn't until then Haruka remembered fighting that silver haired woman earlier. And the hit her head took when she fell to the ground.

''You really should've left when you could. Go to a hospital or something.'' Eteocles said as he pushed a scalpel to Haruka's cheek. ''I'd like to cut you open and see what makes you tick. Why you wouldn't give up. Then I want to feed your insides to a dog. Serve it to him in a bowl that used to be your skull.''

Haruka flinched. Preparing for a lot of pain. Much to her surprise it never came. She could feel the scalpel being pulled away from her. ''But I'm a decent god.'' Eteocles said. ''I'm way above killing a little insect like you. I want to go to heaven after all. Killing you would send me straight towards that devil man.''

''That's why you need other people to do your dirty work.'' Haruka tried to pull herself lose from whatever was holding her. In vain.

The black haired man laughed. ''Not 'people'. I don't need your filthy kind to work for me. Gods. I use other gods to do my dirty work.''

''You're not a god. You're just...'' It hadn't been until now Haruka realised there was someone else in the room. She could hear someone else's breathing. ''Michiru?''

There was no reply but Haruka already knew the aqua haired girl was there now. She smiled sadly. ''I threw my henshin away. Stupid. Wasn't it?''

''Indeed. Rather stupid. That henshin is the reason you're feeling confused right now. You used it to transform. You idiot. Only to throw it away in the end. Humans really are a sad and disgusting kind.''

''I wasn't talking to you. Asshole.'' Haruka said, closing her eyes. She tried to picture Michiru in her head, standing in front of her. ''Do you know why I did it? Because I don't. But I do know that my instinct told me not to hurt you.''

Eteocles rolled his eyes and handed his lover the scalpel. ''Here my love. Do with her whatever you want. I'm tired of this crap. Meet me once we're done.'' He placed a small kiss on her cheek and walked away. Leaving the two woman alone.

Michiru slowly moved her hand to her cheek. Touching the place he had just kissed her with his cold lips. ''Something is missing.''

''I know.'' Haruka replied. She could feel a tear slide down her cheeks. Whatever she was missing had something to do with the girl who was standing in front of her. ''I feel it too. It has something to do with you.''

''Yes.'' The aqua haired girl whispered. She could also feel tears well up in her eyes. ''Let's create some new memories. Be it as enemies now.''

Haruka smiled sadly. She knew what was going to come. In the end she didn't save anyone. ''Let it be as lovers in a next life.''

''Goodbye. Whoever you are.'' Michiru raised her scalpel in the air and slowly walked up towards Haruka. There was no time to think now. As she got closer to the wounded blonde tears fell down her cheeks. It was as if she could see Haruka's heart beat through her chest. As if she could feel the sudden ease that had washed over the blonde.


''Is it done?'' Eteocles asked when Michiru returned from the dungeon. By the look on his lover's face he already knew the answer.

The aqua haired goddess put up both her hands which were covered with blood. ''Yes. She's dead.''

''Took you long enough.'' He said and pulled her closer. He took one of her hands in his own and licked the blood covering it. It tasted weird. He pulled back a little. His red eyes now filled with shock and horror.

Michiru smiled sadly. ''I'm sorry.''

He looked down at her stomach which was now bleeding as well. The blood on her hands had to be her own. What did this mean? Did Haruka escape? ''You bitch!'' He yelled and pushed his lover towards the wall. ''You filthy human bitch!''

''Ever heard of the styx, Eteocles?'' Michiru asked. Both her eyes were closed. ''That's where we will meet again. I killed her. And now I'm going to die as well. But I'll be with her.''

''You're going to hell. You know that, right?'' He clenched his fists. If she hadn't already been dying he would've made sure she would now.

''Yes.'' Came the reply. ''We would've gone to hell anyway. Punished for our sins. She didn't even remember me.'' Tears were streaming down Michiru's face. ''I remembered the moment I put that knife inside of her. I remembered everything. I killed the woman I love.'' She didn't know what hurt more at this point. The wound she inflicted on herself or the fact her heart was breaking.


''You have to pay for your parents' sin Eteocles.'' Michiru whispered. She could feel herself being pulled away slowly. ''Just like we all have to pay for something. Gods. Humans. Devils. In the end. We're all the same.''

The black haired man could feel something in his chest burn. Slowly he walked towards Michiru. When he reached her he kneeled down and held her in his arms. He didn't know why but for some reason he was crying as well. ''I'll tell Haruka....'' She coughed up some blood before opening her eyes and placing her hand on Eteocles' cheek. ''You didn't mean for this to happen.''

With that she closed her eyes and dropped her hand by her side.

''Thank you.'' He whispered placing a kiss on Michiru's lips.


The Styx

It was quiet around her. Too quiet. Michiru noticed she was lying on her back on some wooden floor. But she couldn't exactly tell where she was. It was warm. No, it was hot. Incredibly hot.

''This is the styx.'' A familiar voice suddenly spoke.

Michiru sat up. She was sitting in a small boat that was slowly moving. They were surrounded by water. Black water and complete silence. When Michiru looked up to see who was navigating the boat she was greeted by a blonde woman in a hood. ''Clarissa?''

The girl nodded. ''Yes. This boat is bringing you to the gates of hell. But you already knew that. Suicide is a severe crime which leads you right into the depths of hell.''

''Why are you here?'' Michiru wanted to know.

Clarissa smiled sadly. ''Unfortunately I'm being punished for my crimes as a goddess. It might not have been what I wanted but I did it anyway. I ruined a lot of lives before I met you and Haruka.''

''Haruka...'' Michiru repeated. ''Was she here as well?''

The blonde nodded. ''Yes. I brought her here earlier. This boat can only ferry two people at the same time. I would've waited for your soul to arrive. So you could atleast enjoy a slight moment of happiness together. Before you got to that terrible place.''

''I don't care. I told Haruka before. I don't care being consumed by the flames. Not if it means being with her.''

Clarissa took a deep breath as if she wanted to say something but couldn't. ''What's wrong?'' She could hear Michiru ask.

''Finding Haruka won't be easy. Hell is a big place.''

''If time and space is the only thing to seperate us then there's nothing I'm worried about. I've got an eternity now.'' Michiru replied. She put a hand through her hair. ''I didn't expect things to end like this though.''

''It's not the end yet, Michiru. Before I became a toy of Eteocles I used to be a senshi as well. That was a couple of centuries ago. I was the one who wielded the garnet globe.''

''The garnet globe? Just like Setsuna?''

''Yes. Sailor Pluto wasn't always the keeper of time and space. I have seen this future a long time ago. It doesn't have to end like this. You and Haruka can still escape.''

Michiru shook her head. ''No. Why would we escape only to go back to earth and wait until we die just to be put back here again.''

''I'll turn back time.''

The End

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