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"Iron Fox" – human talking

'Iron Fox' – human thinking

"Iron Fox" – demon/summons talking

'Iron Fox' – demon/summons speaking


(October 10-8 years old)

Naruto stared at the black sand that danced around his body as he waited for the Sandaime Hokage, who he calls old man, to come back into his office. He had been attacked again today by drunken villagers and a few shinobi. Before they could hurt him though, this black sand appeared in front of him and protected him from the drunks.

The weird people with masks, which the old man said were called ANBU, saved him before anymore trouble could happen. They also arrested all the drunks and took him to the hokage's office. Though it took awhile to get him there since he had to walk, as the sand refused to let anyone touch him.

The old man said he was going to explain what the weird sand was but, his secretary came in and said that the council had summoned him. He said that he would be back soon and explain what happened.

Naruto was broken out of his thoughts as he saw something out of the corner of his eyes. He turned to see that the sand had been taking different shapes as he thought. He slowly and carefully raised his hand and willed the sand to come to him. Since he was still slightly scared and confused of the sand he jumped when it did what he wanted.

When he saw that it would do what he wanted his confusing increased but, the scared feeling he had disappeared and was replaced with excitement. He spent the next hour playing and making shapes with the sand. He made different animals, shapes, and things that he had seen around the village.

He was interrupted in his pay time by the old man coming into the office with a tired and furious look on his face. Naruto watched as he walked to his desk and sat in his chair before pulling out his pipe and lit it. He took a breath of the lung damaging smoke before turning to Naruto to see that his sand was still circling his feet in an almost lazy manner.

He took another breath before he heard Naruto say, "Um...old man what did the council want?"

Sarutobi looked at Naruto as he though back to the meeting.


Sarutobi walked calmly toward the council chamber. He had an idea about what the meeting was about and he was going to stop it. When he entered the chamber the members of the council quieted as the third fire shadow sat in his seat before he turned his attention to them.

"Now then could someone tell me what this is about? I am busy."

A fat council member stood up. You could tell by the way he stood and carried himself that he was a civilian and was arrogant.

"Hokage-sama. It has come to our attention that the dem-"

He stopped when Sarutobi glared at him before he continued.

"It has come to our attention the boy known as Naruto Uzumaki was attacked again. This time though something interesting happened."

Sarutobi narrowed his eyes at this. He knew the council would try to use Naruto as a breeding factory if they knew of Naruto's bloodline.

"When he was attacked sand stopped the attackers. Is this true?"

Sarutobi's face was blank as he answered.


"How is that possible though? The only sand users are from Sand and there are not that many to begin with."

The monkey summoner rubbed his temples. He could feel a headache coming. He was hoping to tell them after Naruto had been trained in his bloodline at least somewhat.

"Naruto Uzumaki possesses a bloodline that allows him to control iron sand. Just like the third KazeKage."

The room erupted in chaos after that. He heard many people (mostly civilians) saying to use the boy as a breeding factory, while other wanted to use him as a weapon. (Danzo) He felt his head hurt worse before he shouted,


Everyone did as Sarutobi released his Killing Intent (will be KI from now on) and glared at the members.

"I will not use Naruto as breeding factory or as a weapon. He will live his life as he chooses. Now none of you are to tell the village of Naruto's bloodline until he has had some training in it. You fail to follow this rule you will be killed without trial. That is all, dismissed."

He turned and headed back to his office as he ignored the cries of outrage from the civilian council. He mentally patted his back for keeping a straight face.

(End Flashback)

Sarutobi shook his head before telling Naruto that it wasn't important before he went to the back vault. Naruto saw that he was carrying a small scroll with the Uzumaki swirl on it that he also had on his black pants and red shirt.

"This Naruto-kun was written by your mother before she died. She died giving birth to you and before you ask the letter she wrote will explain why I did not tell you sooner. Sarutobi handed the scroll to Naruto and watched as he opened it carefully, like it was a fragile glass object.

Dear Naru-chan,

Hello Naru-chan, my name is kushina Uzumaki, if you are reading this then you have unlocked your bloodline. Now before I tell you what it is let me tell you where our clan came from. Our clan was originally from the Land of Iron. We could control iron sand and it acted as an absolute defense.

This means that it would protect us from any and all threats. Now this does not mean that we were all powerful. The defense is only so fast. You see the more chakra you fuse with the sand the faster it will get. This allows it to protect us faster and use less chakra to get it to do what we want. Since the chakra is fused with the sand it will only obey the person who fuses the chakra with it.

Now enough of that, you will get to read more about it later. Now our clan left iron some hundreds of years ago. Most of us went to the Land of the Whirlpools, while a small amount went to the Village Hidden in the Sand.

During the third ninja war though, the Village Hidden in the Rock attacked our land for its resources and the trade routes. I was the only survive of the attack and I was able to save most of our history scroll and jutsu.

After that I traveled to Konoha. I became a ninja here and met your father a few years after I settled in. It was love at first site. We dated but, we had to keep it a secret since we had both gained enemies during the war, both in the village and outside it.

I was so happy the day I learned I was pregnant with you. I would talk with your father and Saru-chan about what I was going to teach you and everything but, unfortunately the world is not always fair.

The Kyuubi No Kitsune attacked our village. Because of its potent chakra I went into premature labor. The doctors had told me that I had lost a lot of blood and would not survive. So I had Saru-chan get all the scrolls I saved on our clan and I sealed them into this scroll at the bottom.

Now do NOT blame yourself for my death. It was not your fault no matter what you say. Remember this though, I will always love you and I will watch over you as you grow into the great ninja and man that I know you will become.

Also find yourself a good wife and live a happy life. I wish you luck on your journey and I love you.

Your loving mother,

Kushina Uzumaki

P.S. If you meet a man named Jiraya kick him in the crotch for me.

Naruto did not bother to stop the tears of happiness and sadness that fell down his whiskered cheeks. Happiness because he now knew that he had a mother that loved him and sadness because he wouldn't be able to meet her.

The old man hugged him and he cried on his shoulder until he calmed down. When he was calmed down enough he asked if his mother had a house or apartment. He saw the hokage smile at him as he nodded. He whooped in joy as the old man chuckled. Once Naruto had stopped Sarutobi gave him directions to the apartment and the keys along with directions to unseal the items in the two storage seals.

Sarutobi also added a jutsu to Kushina's jutsu scroll that he knew wood come in handy for Naruto on his path. Sarutobi chuckled as he watched Naruto run to his mother's apartment as the sand circled him. When he saw the sand he thought, 'why did the sand let me hug Naruto? A while ago the ANBU could not even get to close to him without it lashing out at them.'

He pushed that out of his mind before he turned back to his greatest enemy. Paperwork.


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