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"Iron Fox" – human talking

'Iron Fox' – human thinking

"Iron Fox" – demon/summons talking

'Iron Fox' – demon/summons speaking


Once Naruto and his team were awake they destroyed all signs that they were there before heading towards the tower. Once they were half way into the forest though they felt a spike in a chakra that in no way belonged to a genin. Naruto turned to his teammates with a silent question in his eyes.

They nodded before they headed towards the chakra spike. When they arrived they found Sasuke fighting a grass ninja with Kiba and his partner, Akamaru, knocked out on a tree branch a few feet away with Sakura looking over them.

"You two help Sakura and Kiba while I help Sasuke."

They nodded before they headed towards Sakura. Naruto bit his finger and unsealed two other of his guards. Once he sat them on the branch he began flashing through hand seals.

"Iron Sand Release: Iron Sand Dragon Jutsu."

Sand exploded out of his three guards before taking the form of a large dragon with menacing red eyes. The dragon let out a loud and terrifying roar before speeding towards the grass ninja. Sasuke and the grass ninja turned to the roar and their eyes widened at seeing the giant sand dragon heading towards them. Before the grass ninja could do anything else then raise his hands the dragon slammed into him full force, smashing him through several trees before stopping.

Naruto quickly recalled his sand as he turned to Sasuke.

"Sasuke-san who is this guy?"

I don't know. He gust attacked us out of know where after eating his own scroll."

Naruto nodded before turning to last place the grass ninja was. After a few seconds he saw the ninja return with what looked like half of his face peeling off. The ninja chuckled before he grabbed the peeling skin and pulling it off. Once it was Naruto froze at seeing who was standing in front of them.

Orochimaru, the Snake Sannin.

"Kukuku, very good Naruto-kun. That actually hurt me."

Naruto eyes narrowed before asking, "And what are you doing here, Orochimaru of the Legendary Sannin and traitor to the Hidden leaf Village."

"Kukuku, you even know who I am. Very good Naruto-kun. I see that you have also gained your mother's Bloodline Limit."

Naruto's eyes narrowed to look like slits. He turned his head to look at Sasuke who looked back before nodded at the unspoken question. They had to work together…for now.

The two genin and Sannin watched each other before exploding into action. Naruto's sand rocketed towards Orochimaru while also forming Naruto claws and armor for his Taijutsu. Sasuke flashed through hand seals as Orochimaru continued to dodge the metal sand.

"Fire Release: Grand Fireball Jutsu."

A large fire ball flew from Sasuke's mouth and headed towards the snake Sannin. Before he could dodge Naruto sand encircled him, preventing him from escaping the fire ball. When the fire ball hit it created a small explosion that Naruto's sand contained.

Naruto recalled his sand while Sasuke with drew two Kunai as they watched the smoke, waiting for Orochimaru to appear. After a few minutes they relaxed thinking that he had left. Suddenly Orochimaru appeared underneath Naruto and punched him the jaw before his sand could protect him, sending him flying before his sand caught him.

Sasuke charged forwards, aiming a kunai at Orochimaru's neck. The snake dodged and landed a punched to his stomach with a grin on his face. He jumped to evade the sand Naruto launched at him before biting his finger and drawing blood before going through hand seals before slamming his hand onto the tree branch that he landed on.

A large green scaled snake appeared under the snake Sannin before launching its self at Naruto with its mouth opened wide to eat him, while Orochimaru went after Sasuke who had gotten up. Naruto cursed before using his sand as a spring board to dodge before biting his finger then going through hand seals. He too slammed his hand on a tree branch.

A dark blue Kitsune with silver tipped ears and tails and three tails appeared under Naruto.

"You called, Naruto-sama." The female Kitsune asked.

"Yes Tsume-chan. I need you to take care of the snake before joining me to take care of the snake Sannin."

The now named Tsume nodded before lunging at the snake with a hungry grin on her face as Naruto used his sand to 'fly' towards Orochimaru and Sasuke.

"Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique!"

Naruto looked on as Sasuke used the fire Jutsu down the wire that he had used to trap Orochimaru to a rock. When the attack connected Sasuke grinned but, it was wiped off with Naruto's next words.

"Don't celebrate yet Sasuke-san. This is the snake Sannin. He is just playing with us. If he wanted to he could kill us before we could blink."

Sasuke gritted his teeth as he looked at Naruto. He was watching the smoke cloud that his Jutsu had made but, he could see that he was also watching the surrounding forest.

"Kukuku…very good Sasuke-kun but, you should listen to Naruto-kun. I am one of the Sannin for a reason."

Both the genin's necks snapped towards their left to see Orochimaru rising from a tree branch. Once he was fully reveled Naruto grinned before flashing threw hand seals. Orochimaru watched with interest on his face before his instincts screamed at him to move. He obeyed them and was able to dodge the Tsume who would have ripped his neck to shreds.

"Iron Sand and Lightning Release: Black Lightning Dragon Jutsu."

The snake sannin's turned towards Naruto and saw his sand gather around him and taking the form of a dragon. The dragon roared as its red eyes looked at him before lightning crackled around the dragon. It roared once more before Naruto willed it to attack. The dragon did.

Orochimaru jumped through trees to dodge the dragon but, it proved to be useless as it just smashed through them with the lightning burning the wood. The dragon suddenly put on a burst of speed and opened its mouth before biting down on him.

Orochimaru let out a scream as the dragon's 'teeth' dug into his skin and the lightning set painful bursts into him. Naruto smiled as he panted. He finally got him. His smile dropped when 'Orochimaru' turned to mud. He canceled his Jutsu and recalled his sand to him.

"Sasuke-san do you see the teme."

"No and my Sharingan can't locate his chakra signature." The Uchiha spoke up as he looked around though he did give Naruto a jealous and angry look.

Naruto nodded as he tried to regain his breath. He froze when he heard a chuckle. He turned to see Orochimaru behind him. He quickly launched his sand at him but, he dodged before he punched Naruto in his chest, sending him flying into a tree. Naruto groaned at the impact before looking at the snake. He saw his neck stretch towards him before he bit him on his neck. Orochimaru looked to see that the curse mark took the shape of three foxes circling each other.

'That is new. Must be because of the Kyuubi.'

Orochimaru removed his fangs before retreating his neck as Naruto's sand returned and formed a sphere around him. Orochimaru grinned before shooting his neck towards Sasuke and biting him on his neck as well. He was pleased to see it take the shape of three coma marks.

Orochimaru turned when he sensed chakra signature approaching. He saw Sasuke and Naruto's teams enter his sites.

"What did you do to them?" Sakura asked as she checked on Sasuke, who was sweating and seemed to be silently screaming. Shino and Hinata held back on checking up on their own teammate until Orochimaru left.

Orochimaru let out a chuckle before saying, "I just gave them a gift if you will. They will seek me out for power. Until then kiddies."

With that he sank back into the tree branch and the other genin relaxed before Shino and Hinata rushed to the sphere that covered Naruto. It seemed to sense them before it slowly fell apart before taking the shape of his three gourds.

"Shino-kun will you seal the gourds into a scroll and I will carry Naruto-kun."

Shino nodded as he pulled out a scroll and unrolled it to show nine storage seals on it. He had made it for moments like this. Since Naruto was the only one who could unseal or seal his gourds back into his blood storage seals he had made this to carry them in case he was unable to reseal them.

Once he had them sealed he turned to Hinata and nodded. Hinata returned it before picking up Naruto and putting him on her back. They walked over to Sakura and Kiba, who they had been able to wake up along with Akamaru.

"Sakura-san?" Hinata asked as they neared them.


"Could we join you until Naruto wakes up? It will be safer this way."

Sakura turned to Kiba to see what he thought.

"Sure. I don't mind. Plus they can help us watch over Sasuke." He said as Akamaru backed in agreement from his head.

Sakura turned to them and nodded before asking Kiba to pick up Sasuke. He did, though he did do reluctantly, before they headed towards a clearing a ways off with a big tree that was up rooted that they could put Sasuke and Naruto under until they awakened.

(4th Day in Forest)

"Come on Dosu. When are we going to strike?" A boy with a sound head band asked another boy that was hunched over and covered in bandages with what appeared to be fur covering his back.

"Soon Zaku. Kin be ready. We will strike in one hour."

They nodded before they returned to watching Team 8 and Team 7. They had a mission from their leader, Orochimaru, and they would complete it.

Kill Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki.

(With Team 7 and 8 an hour later)

"Shino-kun, Kiba-kun, Sakura-san we have company." Hinata said as she had her Doujutsu activated.

The conscious members of Team 7and 8 exited the tree to see three sound ninja.

"Alright wake up Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha." Zaku spoke up with arrogance in his voice.

The four rookies looked at each other before getting into fighting stances. Dosu snorted before saying, "You really think you can beat us?"

In response Hinata launched forward, aiming to disable the arm with the metal devise on his face. Dosu dodged before pulling his hand back and prepared to fire his melody arm. He was unable to do so when Kiba rushed him with a slash of his claws to his mid section.

While that Happened Shino had his bugs circle around to the only female member of the team while Sakura stayed back to protect Sasuke and Naruto from Stray objects.

No one noticed the purple chakra that slowly appeared around Sasuke's body or the red chakra that surrounded Naruto's own curse mark.


Naruto let out a pained groan as he awoke in his mindscape. Once he looked around he was laying under a tree. He stood up and looked around before headed off towards his right. After a few minutes he found Hitomi in her giant fox form licking her lips.

"Hey Tomi-chan what are you doing?"

Said person turned towards him before smiling and turning back to her human form with her tails waving behind her.

"Hello Naru-kun. I was just having a small snack."

Naruto raised an eyebrow before asking, "And my I ask what it was that you ate?"

Her smiled turned into a grin as she said, "Oh just a certain snake."

Seeing her container's confusion she explained.

"You see when that Hebi-teme put that seal on you he also put in a small part of his own soul that would have slowly corrupted you. I was able to find him before he was able to do any damage."

Naruto nodded slowly before saying, "what will happen to the rest of the seal."

She walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around his neck as she whispered, "the seal will just dissolve by the time you awake."

Naruto turned his head slightly before saying, "Thank you Tomi-chan."

She pouted as she said, "ah...Naru-kun don't I get a prize for helping you."

"What do you want?" He asked with a raised eyebrow as he turned fully towards her.

Hitomi only grinned before pulling him towards her and giving him a gently by lustful kiss. Naruto's eyes widened before they slowly closed and he returned it as he wrapped his arms around her waist. Her tongue slid against his lips asking for entrance which Naruto happily gave. Their tongues wrestled with each other before they separated.

Hitomi had a smile on her face as did Naruto as they pulled air back into their lungs.

"My prize is your first kiss Naru-kun. Now we will talk later. Your team is in trouble as that Uchiha can't control his curse mark."

Naruto nodded before giving her one quick kiss before leaving his mindscape. Hitomi put her fingers to her lips as she smiled.

"Yes we will talk later and maybe have Kurenai join our talk and get this out of the way faster."

With that she laid down by a nearby tree and went to sleep.


Team 7 and 8 could only look in wonder and slight horror as Sasuke pulled Zaku's arms out of its sockets.

One moment they had been fighting the sound genin when Sasuke stood up with purple chakra and a dark aura around him. Then he vanished in a burst of speed before appearing behind Zaku with both hands in his grasp as he pulled them.

Sasuke let a dark grin appear on his face as he turned towards Kin and Dosu. His grin grew bigger before he sped towards Dosu with his hand out stretched as he reached for his neck. Suddenly a clawed hand wrapped around his wrist, stopping him on the spot.

He turned to see Naruto holding him with little effort, though he did look different.

His once slitted sapphire blue eye that hypnotized many were now crimson red with a black slitted pupil. His nails were now clawed like Kiba only sharper and stronger. His hair was wilder and looked like fur. All in all it was an intimidating image.

"You should stop now Sasuke-san. They can no longer fight." Naruto said in a deeper and beast like tone.

To enforce this he squeezed harder on Sasuke's wrist making him cry out and his curse mark withdraw. Sasuke panted as he dropped to the ground holding his wrist as Naruto turned to Dosu and Kin.

"Leave your scroll and take your teammate and leave."

They nodded their head with fear clear in their eyes before doing so. Once they were gone Naruto let Hitomi's chakra recede back into the seal. He picked up the earth scroll they left before throwing it towards Kiba who caught it.

"You don't want it?" Kiba asked confusion clear in his voice as he looked at the scroll before looking at Naruto.

Naruto only grinned before saying, "We already have both our scrolls."

Kiba nodded as Naruto turned to his teammates who were looking at him with a look that said, "What did you just do."

Naruto sighed before saying, "I will explain once we get to the tower and have some privacy."

They nodded before Naruto turned to Kiba.

"See you at the tower Kiba-san."

Kiba nodded before Naruto jumped into the forest with Hinata and Shino right behind him. After a few hours they arrived at the tower. Once they entered Naruto took out the two scrolls before tossing one towards Shino. They nodded at each other before opening them at the same time.

"Quick Shino-san throw them away. It's a summoning scroll." Shino did so, trusting his teammate and Naruto did the same a second later.

As the two scrolls over lapped each other in an X like formation a smoke cloud erupted. When the smoke cleared they saw their sensei smiling at them.

"Well it looks like you made it with a day to spare." Kurenai said as she folded her arms.

"Good to see you Kurenai-hime," Naruto enjoyed the blush that appeared on her cheeks, "we would have been here sooner but, we ran into Orochimaru."

Kurenai let out a small gasp as she looked at Hinata and Shino for confirmation before turning back to Naruto.

"Don't worry sensei I will tell you how it went when I am done talking to Hinata-chan and Shino-san about my 'friend'."

Kurenai looked confused before her eyes widened in realization. She nodded before leading them to the room that they would be staying in. Once they were comfortable Kurenai left to give them some privacy.

Once the door was closed Naruto flashed thru hand seals before he touched the wall that was next to the bed that he was sitting on. The room walls glowed blue before it died down.

"Alright before I begin, Shino-san can I have my gourds back."

Shino nodded before removed the sealing scroll and unsealed the three gourds. Naruto smiled seeing them before resealing the two back in his fore arm seal and setting his main gourd next to his bad.

"Alright now that that is done I want you both to tell me what you both know of the Kyuubi."

Both looked confused at the statement but, they went along with it.

Hinata decided to go first.

"The Kyuubi No Kitsune attacked Konoha 13 years ago. No one knows why the Biju attacked the village but, it was able to destroy a vast amount of our forces and village before the Yondaime Hokage was able to defeat it at the cost of his life."

Shino nodded when Naruto looked at him as if silently asking if he agreed.

"Very good Hinata-chan. Unfortunately you are only half right."

Both looked even more confused. Wondering what this had to do with their teammate.

"No mortal, no matter how powerful, can kill a Biju. So the Yondaime did the next best thing. He sealed it."

His teammate's eyes widened at that information.

"Unfortunately there is only one thing that can hold the Kyuubi as an inanimate object would just broke seconds after the sealing. A child."

Hinata eyes started to widen at that as see could see were this was going while Shino seemed to become quieter. Naruto could only sigh at this before continuing.

"That child was me. I am the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi No Kitsune."

Naruto lowered his face and waited for the screaming to start. So he was completely caught off guard when Hinata jumped at him while crying into his chest. He looked at Shino confused as he wrapped his arms around her, Trying to get her to calm down.

Once see was she sat down on her bed before saying, "I don't hate you Naruto-kun. If you have been able to live through almost the entire village's hatred and still stay sane then you have my respect."

Naruto looked surprised and Hinata giggled before saying, "If you expect me, a Hyuga, to not notice the villagers looks then something is wrong with you."

Naruto looked sheepes before looking at Shino.

"It is illogical to hate you Naruto-san. You have in no way shown that you are the Kitsune and if I did then I would be a hypocrite."

Naruto just laughed as tears fell down his cheeks. Once they stopped and he calmed down a genuine smile appeared on his face as he said two words.

"Thank you."


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