Wow, I finally got this one written! This is the sequel to my TOS tribute poem "Where No One Went Before," and this one pays tribute to the Next Generation. Once again, it's written in the tradition of DeForest Kelley's "The Big Bird's Dream" - and I think an alternate title to this one might be "The Big Bird's Second Dream," LOL! Enjoy!

Some said that it would never fly,
That it would just grow cold,
But Star Trek was still popular,
Beloved by young and old.

Two decades and a year had passed
Since Kirk made his debut.
Roddenberry said, "Hey! I know!
I'll create something new!"

With pen in hand, the plan was clear
Reflected in his eyes.
Thus Gene dreamt up a brand-new crew
A bold new Enterprise.

A joyful theme rang in its birth
With triumph and elation
And Gene announced his baby's name:
Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Some had their doubts, but many fans
Embraced the fledgling crew
And loved them all right from the start,
From Farpoint and from Q.

Jean-Luc Picard now took command
With thunder in his voice
And courage, and a loving heart
My captain, vive le roi.

Will Riker was the Number One
The captain's right-hand man
Bright blue eyes shone with fun and joy,
Flashed fire in command.

A VISOR was a hindrance and help
On Geordi La Forge's part,
But Geordi didn't need his eyes,
For he saw with his heart.

First Klingon to serve in Starfleet
Was Worf's own honor and right
Courageous, strong, and unafraid
To lead and win the fight.

A doctor must have healing hands
And a fighting heart so true
And Beverly Crusher had them both,
And blood that ran true blue.

Deanna Troi of Betazed
Gave comfort and advice
To those in need of counseling
Or a friend so warm and nice.

Becoming human, nothing more
Was the android Data's dream
But with all the wonder of a child
He was more human than he seemed.

The voyages of this crew ran
For seven golden years
And we lived every one with them,
The triumphs and the fears.

We laughed at Wesley, the little twerp
And cried at Tasha's death
And Katherine Pulaski – what a witch!
We all cheered when she left.

Whenever there was hell to raise,
Old Q would be the one
To make some mischief and tease the crew,
To make the story fun.

Concocting drinks and good advice
Was Guinan's specialty
And so many more friends – Keiko and Ro,
Miles O'Brien and Barclay.

We bit our nails down to the quick
At the showdown with the Borg
And prayed Picard would make it through,
That peace would be restored.

Data's quest for humanity
Was something we all loved,
For though he had no feelings,
He evoked them in us.

Perhaps the thing we loved the most
About Star Trek TNG
Were the friendship bonds that held them close,
The greatest quality.

Four feature films soon followed
When the series' run was through,
The torch was passed from Kirk to Picard,
Adventures began anew.

The Borg returned for one more fight,
This time led by their Queen,
The fight was won, First Contact made,
Bright futures to be seen.

An insurrection was led against
A plan Starfleet devised,
Picard and his crew fought for truth,
To save the Ba'ku's lives.

And then a deadly foe rose up,
Earth's future was in strife,
But Data saved them, one and all,
By giving his own life.

A generation once and for all,
A crew that can't be beat.
To us, they always will remain
The finest in the fleet.

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