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Counting Seconds

"He hugged you for more than three seconds last night."

Roxas stared at his brother, Sora, as if he had just said, 'Go to the window and flash your neighbors'. He didn't say anything for a while, seeing as he didn't know what the hell he could respond with that statement. He opened his mouth, "You are counting the seconds of my hugs with Axel…why?"

Sora shrugged, dragging his feet along the sand as he sat on the swing, "If he hugs you for more than three seconds, it means something."

"What kind of rule is that?" Roxas said skeptically, "Sounds like a rule you made up yourself."

Sora turned red, "I did make it up. But it sounds logical."

"Key word: sounds," Roxas rolled his eyes, "We're just friends, I think. Counting the seconds of hugs does not mean anything. I don't get it."

"Well, if he hugs you for maybe one second or two, then it's okay, because it means you're just friends, like this," Sora got up from the swing and embraced his brother for a brief moment, "There, see? That was friendly. But if it was like this…" He took Roxas into his arms again and hugged him tightly. Roxas stood there, immobile, but he was aware of how close his brother's beating heart was near his chest. After what seemed like minutes, Roxas suddenly felt uncomfortable.


"SEE?" Sora sprung apart, "That's too long. And that was only for like, seven seconds! Seven seconds of hugging is like seven seconds of cuddling time!"

"Noooo," Roxas protested, "That was almost 30 seconds, I swear!"

Sora shook his head, "Nope. Seven. I timed it," He showed his watch to Roxas and indeed, the digits did say seven seconds. Roxas scowled,

"I still don't think it means any—"

"Hey, Roxas."

The two boys turned around to see a familiar face under all the spikes of red, crimson hair. Green eyes met the two pairs of blue, and they twinkled in amusement as Axel cocked his head to the side, "What are you two talking about?"

"Nothing," Roxas said a little too quickly.

Axel stuck out his tongue, "Oh, reaaally? Why's your face all red then?"

Immediately, Roxas's hand flew up to his cheeks and he felt the warmth from the blood in his face. The fact that Axel had mentioned it probably turned his cheeks even more pink. Axel smirked, but Roxas's glare kept him silent. "Why are you even here?"

Axel shrugged, half-glancing in the direction of the street ahead of them, "Mom sent me out to go grocery shopping. But I saw you two and I thought I'd say hi. What's the time, Sora?"


Axel let out a low whistle, "Aaand I'm running late. I'll catch up with you two later, 'kay?"

Roxas nodded quietly, "Kay."

For a moment, the three of them didn't move. Then Axel spread his arms. Sora took the hint and went in for the hug. For some reason, the earlier conversation had now made Roxas want to count the seconds. And so he started counting:


"Aren't you gonna give me a hug, Roxy?" Axel grinned, letting go of Sora. Roxas stared, mouth drawn in a tight line. Sora wiggled his eyebrows behind Axel,

"Come on, brother. Time's ticking," He pointed at the watch.

Roxas turned red as he walked up towards Axel, arms held out as well. Axel pulled him into a warm, tight embrace, and as Roxas breathed in the comforting scent of cappuccino on Axel's sweater, he automatically started counting in his head.


Roxas blushed.


Anytime now…



The blond gasped as he realized that he was the one holding onto Axel's waist. As he pried himself apart, he noticed that Axel's face was slightly flushed. The redhead hid a small smile behind his hand, "Alright, I'll…see you later…?"

"See you later," Roxas replied, turning his face away. He heard the slight crunch of autumn leaves as Axel walked away. As he glanced back up, he noticed that the redhead had looked back once, waving with a smile to Roxas, before taking up a slightly quicker pace. Roxas couldn't help but grin.

Then he gave Sora a death stare.

"What?" His brother asked innocently.

"This is all your fault."

"How so?"

Roxas sat back on his swing, toeing at the sand near his shoes, "You're gonna make me count the seconds of Axel's hugs for the rest of my life." There was a long pause, then a blush crept up into Roxas's face.

"What's it mean if it's for twenty seconds?"

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