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Jay Clemens couldn't stop staring at his newborn son. William "Will" Jasper Clemens had arrived after a very short labor – fifty-four minutes to be exact- which had surprised everyone. In fact, he hadn't gotten to the hospital on time. With her mother at the time she had gone into labor, Hallie had driven Rita to the hospital and was by her side as Will was born.

"You holding him again?" Rita asked her husband. Despite her short labor, she was exhausted and sleeping when she could.

Jay nodded. "Yeah, I am. Go back to sleep, honey. I just want to tell Will all about the stuff his daddy has kept for him in the garage". Jay couldn't wait to take his son home. It was going to be fun.

The Clemens family was sure to spoil their newest member, and they were all very happy with Will. They couldn't wait to see what the future brought.