Chapter One: A New Adventure Begins

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The four adventures exited the magical realm of Grimmauld Place to disembark on a quest; a quest to fix Hermione's mangled hair. The orange mop was hidden underneath Ron's old homemade Chudley Cannon's stocking cap, which was fraying slightly at its worn ends. The faded orange and black striped lines of the cap offset the few fly-a-ways Hermione had.

"Why are Weasleys so drawn to orange," Hermione grumbled under her breath.

"Maybe it's the hair," Tonks whispered back with a snort.

Hermione's lips twitched at the ends as she fought the smile attempting to break free. The shopping mission was going to be slightly dodgy with supervision, Hermione thought to herself as she cut her eyes to the bubble-gum pink haired Tonks. How am I going to get everything I need without raising too many questions? How am I going to complete all my shopping without the peanut gallery, twins included? Maybe I can drop them in, that won't work. I could get them to go to, they would cause too much trouble there. I wonder…

Hermione's musings were cut short when the twins turned to her.

"How are we getting to this 'department store' of yours," Fred asked.

"The Knight bus," George inquired.


"Floo powder?"


"Subway," Hermione countered.

The two pure-bloods cast a questioning look at Tonks at the foreign word when she squealed.

"I haven't been underground in ages," Tonks exclaimed as she bounced around only to trip over her own feet.

The twins snickered.

"I figured you two would enjoy something new," Hermione said to the twins as she helped Tonks back to her feet.

"That's great Hermione—," Fred hedged.

"—but what we were wondering was this—," George continued.

"--'underground' part," the twins questioned together.

Hermione tilted her head slightly as she regarded the two. How would she explain the subway? "Think King's Cross but underground," she paused and shrugged her shoulders, "and the train is faster and more crowded."

"So is this why you picked out our clothes," George asked.

"Yes and no," Hermione said as she looked at her three companions.

Fred and George were dressed very similarly in long sleeve shirts and jeans. The only difference was the shirts. Fred was sporting a burgundy top with a single white line wrapped completely around him that was parallel to his shoulders and a white t-shirt peeked out underneath his shirt's collar. George on the other hand was wearing an off-white shirt with a single thin black line near the top. It took three outfit changes each before Hermione was satisfied with their appearances. For some reason, the word 'inconspicuous' to the twins meant bright colors and strange fabric combinations.

Tonks had taken less time to find an adequate change of muggle clothes. Being a Metamorphmagus, Tonks could magically alter her outfit to Hermione's stipulations without too much fuss. She was wearing a waist-length, short-sleeve black top with the zipper half down over a long sleeve shirt that matched her hair and fingernails. Her black pants hugged her legs like a second skin and flared slightly over her black ankle boots. Her hair was styled in a short, spiky cut that showed off her multiple ear and eyebrow piercings.

Hermione's own outfit tried to conform to the normal teenage fashion, but only after Tonks magically altered a pink top orange to match the stocking cap. She wore an off-white jacket over the top that ended right above her faded boot-cut jeans, which partly hid her white Mary Janes.

Refocusing her attention on answering George's question, Hermione continued, "We need to blend, yes, but also, the place we are going requires more than simple t-shirts and tennis shoes. If we are going to Harrods…"

"Wait," Tonks interrupted, "we're going to Harrods? Knightsbridge's Harrods? That Harrods?"

"Yes," Hermione replied with a smile as she took in Tonks' renewed excitement.

"What," Fred asked.

"Why are you so happy," George questioned.

"Harrods is only like one of the biggest department store in the world. I heard it has over 330 different stores inside," Tonks gushed. "This is going to be great. I've always wanted to go but never got a chance between school and Auror training. Let's go." Tonks grabbed Hermione's arm and started off down the street.

"Uh...Tonks," Hermione began. "The Tufnell Park tube station is in the other direction."

"Right," Tonks stopped, spun around, and started walking the other way. "I knew that."

The twins shared a look and followed the two ladies. Today was definitely going to be an adventure.

AN: Short start but more is coming soon. Oh, and according to the Harry Potter Lexicon, Grimmauld Place is located somewhere close to Tufnell Park because JK remarked in OotP that it was twenty minutes walking distance to King's Cross Station.

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