A/N: Here's a bittersweet little story that'll make you want to hug your (grand)parents.

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Peach turned the page of the old photo album and laughed until she ran out of breath, sides aching and tears streaming from the crinkled corners of her eyes.

"What is that?" exclaimed Junior, pointing to one of the pictures.

"Oh, on one of our old adventures, long before you hatched, I landed in the court of an odd man named Booster who wanted to have a wedding. Mario and your father had to work together to save me and then…well, everybody wanted a kiss so I just got out of the way."

Junior looked astonished; his father had kissed Mario?

"We wanted a kiss from you!" Bowser snapped from his seat. "I saved your Mama Peach from being married to a freak and all I got in return was a mouthful of moustache." He shuddered, still remembering the oddly soft feel of Mario's lips after all this time. Although, he had been an idiot for mistaking those hairy imposters to the beautiful lips of the woman he loved.

"Ugh, gross, can we turn the page now?" asked Junior.

A servant came in to deliver drinks to the royals; he was well versed in the summer afternoon usuals. Iced sweet tea for Peach, iced black coffee for Bowser the elder, and a diet soda for Bowser Junior when he came to visit. Though Bowser was still technically King of the Darklands and would be until his game was over, it had been years since he moved away to a seaside retreat and began allowing Bowser Junior to rule in his stead. Junior was a firm and fair ruler with a good heart and great advisers in his siblings as well as his mother and father, who he visited as often as he could.

Bowser grasped Peach's wrinkled hand firmly and she smiled at him as they sipped their iced drinks and watched the sunset together as they did every afternoon. Sometimes Junior wished he could just curl up between them like how he used to in the old days and let the burden of kingship slide off his shoulders and radiate in the warm love between them.

It broke his heart to see how quickly time could pass, sapping his mighty father of his strength and his beautiful mother of her energy, but when they held hands in the warm glow of the golden sunlight, it was as if time had never passed at all. Junior would spare no expense to make sure they were well attended to and would want for nothing in their golden years.

Looking around, one could notice the accouterments of a beautiful life, from the half-finished crossword puzzle they worked on together that morning, to the fragrant hand lotion Bowser dutifully applied to his wife's hands each night.

As the sunset turned to dusk, Junior kissed each parent on the forehead and slowly backed out of the room, leaving them curled up in one another's embrace.