Chapter 7: Introduce Me

Of course it was Sakura. She had just finished grocery shopping and now stood quietly regarding the gathering that stood in front of one of her favorite paintings. There was a boy with a bowl cut, insanely bushy eyebrows that looked like caterpillars, and a blindingly green jump suit with orange leg warmers. Next to him stood Hinata's cousin Neji, but Sakura only knew that because Hinata told her, and he had the same white eyes. Also, he was probably the only Hyuuga who would talk to Hinata, let alone come to her house.

There was a boy with brown hair that looked like a pineapple who was asleep on her couch. She then saw a chubby boy with spirals on his cheeks stuffing his face with a familiar looking bag of chips. "Aren't those the chips that I just bought?" Sakura thought. Next to chip-snatcher was a boy wearing a hoodie with fur around the edges. He had triangles on his face and was scratching the head of a HUGE white dog. Sakura felt mildly jealous. But that was okay, because the egg in the cage was due to hatch any day now…

There was also a…boy…? She couldn't tell because the collar of his shirt went up to his nose, and he had on black shades. Sakura suddenly became aware of noisy scrabbling inside her closet. Muttering an "Excuse me" and dropping her bags on the floor, she strode over to the closet and yanked the door open. A peculiar sight met her eyes. The girl with the brown hair and purple eyes…what was her name? Emi, Omi? Ami! That was it. Ami was trying to stuff as much diamond jewelry into her purse as she could without it busting open. She as wearing a pink halter top with a with cropped jacket over it with a white top and some heels. And there was another girl there with long blonde hair in a high ponytail and baby blue eyes. She was wearing a purple outfit with a lot of fishnets.

Ponytail girl had been trying to estimate the value of Sakura's wardrobe, but she had to keep stopping because the math was hurting her brain. She was huddled in the corner now debating out loud whether or not she should take a note from Ami's book and just grab an armful and run. Sakura shook her head and went to Ami first and grabbed her arm. Ponytail girl was too far gone into her loony world to notice. Ami froze, and then whipped her head around to glare at whoever dared to put their hand on her sacred arm. Her face paled when she saw that it was the pink haired freak who had thrown her through three houses. Sakura smirked at the scared expression on her face.

"And exactly what are you doing with my jewelry, Ami-chan?" Sakura drawled mockingly. Ami almost wet herself when she heard the barely concealed malice in the girl's voice. But she tried to show she wasn't scared. Keyword: tried.

"Well if you must know pinky, I'm trying to do an inventory of my new teammate's supplies." She said snootily. Tch. OBVIOUS lie. Sakura idly wondered if she should break her arm now or wait until they were properly introduced. Manners combined with amusement won over anger at being called pinky. Sakura towed Ami to her feet and marched her over to the thoughtlessly babbling blonde girl in the corner. Said girl didn't even notice the two approaching her until Sakura reached out and grabbed her by her ponytail. With a sharp cry of pain, Blondie (Ino) looked into the eyes of a small, pink haired girl who was…dang it! Prettier than her. Ami took this moment to scramble out of Sakura's grip, snatch her purse off the floor, and run towards the window. What? You act like you've never heard of a closet with a window. Any way…

She didn't get three feet before Sakura had taken a step forward, reached down, grabbed Ami's foot and yanked, sending the girl crashing down face first. Next she kicked Ami's purse under a clothing rack so she could reclaim her jewelry later. She then proceeded to drag a flailing and screaming Ami out of the closet by her feet, and a confused and whimpering Ino by her hair. Ino had to crawl on her hands and knees because she couldn't stand up. And it seemed like Sakura took extra care to ram Ami's head into the door frame on her way out.

Everyone was staring at the weird pink haired girl who was hauling two of their female teammates out of the closet. She deposited Ami and Ino in a heap in front of them.

"Now, who's doing all the screaming?" Sakura asked.

"Sakura! Naruto fell into one of your paintings and we don't know how to get him out." Hinata cried. So now everyone knew who the green eyed girl was. "He tripped over Akumaru." She pointed at the huge dog.

"Really? No way! How could anyone be that stupid? How could he not see that dog?!" Sakura laughed, but then stopped when she saw how worried Hinata was. "Oh, uh, I mean 'Well why didn't you say so? All he has to do is walk out."

"Yes, but the dogs are chasing him, and he can't get to the opening."

"So why didn't one of you go get him?"

"Because we…" Hinata and everyone else sweat dropped.

"Let me guess, you just thought of it. Don't worry I'll get him." Sakura said with a smirk. She walked around to the painting and looked at it. Sure enough, there was a blonde kid with spiky hair running around in circles, getting chased by big, black dogs. TenTen came and crouched next to her and whispered,

"I can hardly believe Hinata likes him. But he's a pretty good guy, always sticking up for others. Sakura smiled and leaned towards the painting…

Inside the Painting

Naruto was seriously about to pass out. And the dogs didn't even look winded. He knew this because he'd looked over his shoulder, but he'd quickly turned around again because the dogs' faces were too close for comfort. He had learned the hard way that the painting canceled out chakra. In the beginning, after about five minutes of running, he'd decided that enough was enough. He had spun around quickly and run back towards the dogs, making the hand signs for a clone. He'd thought he could Rasengan them to high heaven. The dogs had stopped, and had looked at him in confusion. He was just running towards them with his hand out to the side like he expected something to be in it.

When Naruto had reached the lead dog, he thrust out his hand, smirked, and closed his eyes. But after about 10 seconds he wondered why he didn't hear any dying yelps of pain. He opened his eyes and looked to see a very angry, very hungry dog wondering why he was touching his toe nail. Yes people, he was that big. Naruto looked back at his hand and saw that there wasn't even a scratch on the toe nail. So there wasn't anything left for Naruto to do but turn around and haul tail…again.

Naruto looked up towards the opening in the painting to see an unfamiliar girl climbing through it. "Don't do it!" he screamed. "They'll eat you ALIVE! Uh wait, save me first!" the girl only laughed and jumped in front of the dogs.

Wow. I'm writing shorter and shorter chapters. Oh, I just want to inform you that most likely this story and my other one will be deleted. I'm not happy with this one at all. I'm writing two or three more stories that are much better. I'll most likely do a rewrite of this one, You know, squeeze some chapters together to make them longer. And there was a lot of mistakes in this, soooo yeah…Ima fix that. Hope you won't have to wait long.