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My Yellow Rose


What to do today… What to do? Sleep, go to school, piss the teachers off, sleep some more, eat like I haven't eaten in years, piss some more teachers off, oh and last but not least go on patrol with the pack. Isn't life great? Note the heavy sarcasm.

Ever since this wolf transformation thing, my life just hit rock bottom. My dad left me and my mom when I was born, since then my mom has been pouring herself into her work and neglected me, all the girls love me but I hate them, my only friends consist of dumb wolves – literally – and finally every single god damn one of those 'friends' have imprinted. I'm not joking, Sam was the first and his imprint is Emily, then there was Jared who's imprinted on Kim, Jacob imprinted on Leah; who is the only imprint that doesn't know about us being werewolves because Jake is a pussy and won't tell her he is in love with her. There's Quil who imprinted on Three-year-old Claire. Three! The only one's that so far hasn't imprinted is Embry, Seth, Brady and Collin, but they just got into the pack, which was about…FIVE FUCKING HOURS AGO!

And then there's me, Paul Landers, I'm good looking and can get any girl I want. But I want a fucking imprint! And what sucks is that the imprinting is fucking rare! Well at least we think it is. I was interrupted from my thoughts when I heard a honk outside.

"Paul! Get your ass down here!" I heard Jake yell. I sighed and got up from my bed, and went to my closet. I pulled a random shirt and some jeans on, I looked in the mirror and just ruffled my hair and I was done. I grabbed my bag, my black jacket, went down stairs, grabbed some toast and I was out the door.

"Dude, you really going to wear a plaid shirt and worn out jeans? That's like shit clashing with formal" Jared said from inside Jake's rabbit, he just finished it after months of hard work. I looked down and saw what I pulled out, it was a white plaid shirt and a little worn out pants. (Link to the outfit is on my profile)

I looked up at Jared and shrugged, "I really don't care; besides I just pulled this from my closet. Also when did you care about fashion?" He glared at me and muttered 'Kim.' I burst out laughing; thank God for werewolf hearing cause I never would have heard that. I climbed into the passenger seat, and then Jake drove to the school.

"Hey I heard there is a new girl at school, who do you think is going to imprint on her?" Jake said to break the silence.

"My money is on Embry." Jared said.

"Mine is on Paul." I gave Jake a look, was he mad? "What? I have a feeling this is going to be your chance to have an imprint."

I rolled my eyes, "Well, I'm going for Seth, he seems like he needs to tell someone about this whole werewolf thing. Since someone won't tell his sister." I looked at Jake. He blushed and tried to be angry with me, key word 'tried'.

"Hey! I don't know how she'll react, for years we hated each others guts and went for the other's throats now suddenly I'm in love her? She'll laugh, kill herself, rise from the dead, then kill herself again before she'll go out with me. No, consider of going out with me. I'm not risking that chance dude. I rather she hate me than think I am a total nut job." He looked like he was going to break; I hear from the guys' minds that imprinting is our reason to live. They cannot be away from them for a minute; we can't understand how Jake does it. Not only he pretends he has no feelings for Leah when she is around but he yells and argues with her to keep up the act. We all idolize him for being so strong, well except for me, Embry, Seth, Brady and Collin that is. We are the only ones that don't have an imprint so we can't understand.

When we got to the parking lot we saw Embry, Quil, Seth, Brady and Collin in the corner of the lot. We climbed out and went over to them. "Hey, ready to place the bets?" Quil said.

"Yeah, Embry I'm going for you, 20 bucks." Jared said putting the money in Quil's hand.

"20 on Paul." Everyone looked at Jake, "I'm going with my gut." He placed a 20 on top of Jared's 20.

"My money is on Seth." I said placeing my wager.

"Embry." Seth said.

"Collin." Brady said.

"Brady." Collin.

"Mmmm…I'll say Brady." Embry.

"My bet is on Embry, so 60 on Embry, 40 on Brady, 20 on Collin, 20 on Paul, and 20 on Seth. Total is 160 dollars right here remember that." We nodded, then the bell rang we all said our goodbyes and went our separate ways to our classes.

Brady, Collin and Seth were sophomores while the rest of us were juniors. I had first period with Jake. Which was English, "Dude why did you bet on me? I've been in the pack a year more than you have and you were one of the first wolves to imprint."

"Well, like I said, I have a feeling that this girl is your girl. No one else's, besides it's my cash, and if you do get an imprint we'll split the 160 in half, you get 80 and I get 80. Deal?"

I sighed, "Sure why not, it's not like…" When we entered the classroom I froze, there stood a goddess. She had short brown hair that was up to her ears and she was very paled skin, not that I mind. My eyes travel down to her clothing, which consists of a long sleeved deep blue shirt that was a v-neck and gave me a good few of her cleavage. It also went well with her skin, it made it look like a cream color, and her jeans fit just at her perfect curves and were a little worn out. (Again, link on my profile.)I went back to her face and almost gasped, she was looking right at me and I saw her beautiful chocolate eyes, they look right through me as if she was looking into my soul. It felt like my whole world was surrounded on this one girl…Holy shit.

"Did I just imprint on her?" I whispered so low that I doubt Jake could hear. I could feel his eyes looking back and forth from this angel and me.

"Told ya, never go against my gut. Let's greet her." I nodded fiercely, and he laughed at that but I didn't care.

When we approach her she broke off the gaze, which made me frown. Why was she looking away? "Hey, you must be the new girl. I'm Jacob Black, and this is…"

"Paul. Paul Lander." I said smiling. She looked up and smiled too.

"My name is Isabella. Isabella Uley." My eyes widen.

"Uley? As in Sam Uley." She nodded, "You're related to him?"

"He's my older brother. I just moved here this morning, he was considering on making me wait till tomorrow but I wanted to get this whole first day of school thing over with."

"Wow, well we know Sam, he's really close to our families. You can meet the rest of the pa—gang. You can meet the gang at lunch. What is your schedule?" I said almost saying pack.

"That's cool, and here." She said while handing me a piece of paper. I grabbed it and smiled.

"Well, we have almost all our classes together, except for Biology and Pre-Cal." She smiled too.

"That's a relief; I thought I was going to be all alone today." I nodded in agreement. The bell rang again signaling that class has officially begun and we should be in our seats. I waved Jake a quick bye before I took my seat, which happens to be right next to Isabella.

"Hey, can I call you 'Isa'? Isabella seems so long." I asked hopefully.

"I usually go by 'Bella'," I frowned, "but if it's just you then yeah. You can call me Isa, but just you." I smiled.

"Cool." I said while putting part of my attention to class, but most of it was on Isa.

By the time was over, I all but ran to Isa's side. "So, ready for our next class?" I asked.

"Yeah, let's go." Se said grabbing the last of her stuff. I grabbed her book bag and swung it over my shoulder. She froze for a second making me regret my action but then she smiled and grabbed my hand into hers. I griped it tighter and we began walking hand in hand to Government.

"I was wondering…" I began.


"If…um…you would like to go out…with me…" I asked hesitantly. This is what she does to me; no one has made me – Paul Lander – a scared little pussy. One word from her can either make me or break me.

"Yes. I would love to." She said kissing me on the cheek. I smiled wider than I ever smiled before. Then moved my hand from hers and around her waist, she immediately relaxed in my touch. I was on cloud nine.

~:~ ~:~

The rest of the day till lunch was like this, we enter class try to get her close as possible to me in the seating, class finishes, I get her bag and wrap my arm around her waist, and we walk to our next class. Except for when I had Biology she had Pre-Cal, so I walked her to her class before running at full speed to the other end of the school for my class. Then after words I was back to pick her up before she was out of her class and the routine started again.

We just came out of Spanish when I started to ask her a few questions. "So what is your favorite color?"

"Grey." I smiled, that happened to be my fur color when I transformed. "Yours?"

"White." Then she smiled, I wonder why, "Favorite flower?"

"Yellow roses, I just love them! Favorite pastime?"

"Running, wrestling with the rest of the gang, and – now – anything that involves you." She playfully hit my arm, I laughed. I just noticed that she was almost my height. About 6' 1" while I am 6' 6". "How about you?"

Oh, ohhh, ohhh oh, oh…

I hang up the phone tonight

Something happened for the first time

Deep inside

It was a rush, what a rush

'Cause the possibility

That you would feel the same way about me

It's just too much, just too much

Why do I keep running from the truth

All I ever think about is you

You got me hypnotized, so mesmerized

And I just got to know…

Isa's phone rang, she answered it, "Hello?" she said in an annoyed voice. We stopped walking so she could talk. I could hear the voices on the other end, thanks to my werewolf hearing.

"Hey! Alpha, guess what?" a male voice answered, jealousy rushed right through me. Why does she have Crush by David Archuleta ring tone on a guy?

"Chase, why the hell did you mess up the ringtone again? I had it on Gives you Hell by the All American Rejects because it fit you perfectly, plus what is the number one rule when you call me?"

"Never call unless it's an emergency." A chorus of voices said.

"So what's the emergency?" she asked.




"Whoa!" They all shut up, "Now, what is the emergency?" (If you can tell me where I got from 'what is the number 1 rule' from you can be the imprint of either, Seth or Collin.)

"Need you back Alpha!" They all said at the same time.

"Actually, no. They pack is only exaggerating and is scaring the new guys." A guy said. "In truth Alpha, I was calling to tell you we have three new guys. Their names are Jay, Mason, and – you won't like this but – Connor."

"Connor? As in little Connor?" Isa was shaking. I rubbed her shoulders to try and calm her and amazingly it worked. What is this Alpha talk? It sounds like when the rest of us talk about Sam.

"Yes, it was a shock for us too but think about it, he is 15, Alpha, he isn't little anymore."

"Yeah but when I think of Connor I think of the little boy that follows me everywhere I go and demands my every attention."

"Oh god, please Bella don't mention that!" a voice said in the background followed by a roar of laughs.

"Hey Connor!" Isa said happily. There was a faint 'hey'. "Well, I have to go I'm starving."

"Your always starving Alpha!"

Isa laughed but whispered, "Not that way." She looked at me, I felt myself getting hard, oh god please tell me that was my imagination.

"HOLY SHIT! ALPHA DID YOU JU—" Isa shut the phone before they continued.

"That was certainly entertaining." I said kissing her on the nose. She giggled before turning and facing me.

"Just some of my friends." She said looking at me.

"Whose Chase and 'little' Connor?" I asked.

"Well, Chase is like the second boss in my gang at school. And Connor is a boy a year younger than me that was always demanding my attention when we were little. I guess you can say that I was like his mom cause his died after he was 5." She frowned. "His father tried to be his mother but he just couldn't so I took that place." She laid her head on my chest. "I miss everyone."

"Come on, you said you were hungry." I said trying to make her perk up; I can't stand my imprint unhappy. Dang, now I know how the rest of the gang felt like. She looked at me with grateful eyes. "What?" she shook her head, I looked at her eyes and leaned down. She leaned forward and I brush my lips on hers. She responded by pressing her lips onto mine. I titled my head to deepen the kiss and she tried to press her body to mine, removing all space between us. My hands went from her shoulders to her lower back and waist while hers went up to my neck and into my hair.

We were interrupted when cold water was dumped on top of us. We broke off the kiss and step back from each other. I looked to the people that were dead and there was Jake, Quil, and Jared laughing their asses off while Seth, Collin, Embry and Brady were standing in shock.

"What the HELL!" I heard Isa yell.

"That …was…. the most … funniest… thing …I ever saw! You… should… seen…your faces!" Jake said between laughs.

"Look who's talking, at least I have the guts to ask my girl out." He stopped laughing and glared at me.

"BELLA!" We all turned our heads and saw Leah with her mouth open.

"Oh, hey Lea—" She was interrupted when Leah crushed her with a hug. Jake was too shocked to say anything.

"Why the hell are you wet?" Leah asked.

"Well, actually I don't know."

"Quil and Jared poured something cold on us." I said glaring at Jared and Quil who stopped laughing and looked scared shitless.

"Well, let's go Bell; you don't want to hang out with these losers, especially with their ring leader Jacob Black." Leah sneered at Jake's name, I looked at him but he seemed so composed.

"I was about to warn Bella about you Leah," he glared at her, "Now I know where she gets her attitude from, and here I am thinking it was from her brother. Apparently I was wrong; she gets it from the other side of the reservation." Then he and Leah started to have their routine fight. Wow, Jake has guts. Saying that to his imprint, 'hating' her, when he really wants to do is make out with her.

Isa managed to get away from Leah's hold and made her way to me, "So I was right. That's Jacob Black, that she was talking about." I looked at her crazy.

"What do you mean by that? Who is 'she'?"

"Leah, I've been friends with her since I was born here but when I moved we barley spoke. However, when we did all she can talk about is how handsome, strong, kind, and warm-hearted Jacob Black is." My eyes widen, "When I first met him in English today I thought it was him but then again I never really seen the guy." She said.

"Leah; as in Leah Clearwater, complementing Jacob Black?"

"Yeah, why is that weird?" I though about it, then an idea came to me.

"If I do something will she get mad at you?" I asked.

She laughed at my concern, "I'll be alright," I nodded and turned to the soon-to-be couple.

"Hey! Just shut up and kiss already, Leah you like Jacob, Jacob you love Leah, stop acting like you guys hate each other's guts and tell what you really feel!" I yelled, but just enough so the whole school won't hear.

Leah and Jacob both blushed, "B-Bella!" Leah whined. Isa rolled her eyes. Leah and Jacob both looked at each other but this time Jacob didn't cloud the love in his eyes. I pulled Isa by the waist and pushed the rest of the gang towards the cafeteria. To give them a little privacy.

"Wow Paul, who knew what a girl would do to ya." Jared turned to Isa, "Names Jared Stan and you are?"

"Isabella Uley, but call me Bella." She answered.

"Isa let me introduce you to the gang. There's Quil Ateara, you know Jared, Embry Call, Seth Clearwater, Brady Jaden, and Collin Simon." I said while pointing to each one of them, "Guys this is Bella Uley, Sam's little sister." Then I gave them, 'So behave' look and they nodded.

I pulled Isa towards the line, "What do you want?" she shrugged her shoulders, so I got two of everything.

"I hope that's all not for me." She said.

"Of course not, half is mine." I said while paying for the food. And leading her to our table, it was the one in the corner that over looked the cafeteria. Soon the rest of the gang joined followed by Kim.

"Hi, you're the new girl right? Isabella right?" she asked, "I'm Kim Taylor."

"Bella, nice to meet you."Isa said before digging into the food. I stared at her, a girl who is almost as tall as me, who speaks what's on her mind, and eats like she doesn't care who is watching? It is official I have the best imprint, I grinned at my new establishment and dug into my food myself. I could feel the gang's stares at us but I just ignored them. When I was about to grab my drink Isa was doing the same, she narrowed her eyes at me and I did the same. We both had the same crazy idea and it is scary, next thing I knew I was chugging my drink at the same time Isa was doing the same. I slam my glass and swallowed the last bit of my drink, a millisecond later Isa slammed her drink.

I pumped my fist in the air, "Yeah." I said.

"I demand a rematch." Isa said with a determined look on her face.

"Babe, you can't beat this." I said a little cocky I admit.

"Please, I can beat you at anytime, anything, anywhere." She said. Our faces now only an inch away from each other.

Then I kissed her roughly, she tried to resist, oh so that's how it's going to be huh? I lightly trailed my fingertips onto her arm, slowing trailing up and down. She shivered; I almost smirked but then controlled my self because I knew it would snap her back into reality. She began to kiss me back with such need, I pulled back after a while and looked her into her eyes, "Now…what was that?" she melted and I knew I won.

"Bastard," she whispered before throwing herself onto my lap and tried to kiss me, but I turned my head slightly so she got the corner of my lips.

"Say it." I whispered before slightly kissing her neck and trailing my lips down her jaw line.

I heard her sigh, "You, Paul Lander, can beat me, Isabella Uley, at anything." She purred low, so low that I doubt that the rest of the gang could hear, but I was mistaken when I heard a few gasps.

"You bet that." Then I kissed her on the lips while she buried her hands into my hair. We kissed for a few moments until I pulled back and kissed her nose. She turned in my arms so that her back was pressed against my chest. We continued eating like nothing happened while the others were looking at us with open mouths.


"Mmm?" I answered Isa.

"Do they always look like gold fish?" she asked innocently, and almost instantly they shut their mouths.

"Well, I usually skip lunch, so I don't know." I told her, she was looking at Brady a little but I shrugged it off. Maybe it was my imagination, the bell rang. I got up and grabbed Isa and my things before grabbing her hand and dumping our lunch.

"Paul, where are you going?" Jared asked.

"Dropping Isa off." I said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"And you think you can make it to class which is the other end of the school?" I shrugged.

"Go Paul, I think I can make it." Isa said, obviously not wanting me to be late. I sighed; of course I can't disobey my imprint.

"Brady." He turned, "Do you think you can show Isa the way to her Bio class? Since it's just the classroom next to yours?"

"Sure, come on Alpha's sis." He said while motioning Isa to follow him, I gave her a kiss before giving her, her bag and letting her go.

I turned and glared at Jared, he visibly shrunk, "You couldn't keep your mouth shut?" I almost growled.

"Sorry, but what will she think when you get a detention for being late?" I sighed, he's right: she might blame herself because I was walking her to her class. "And dude?" I looked at him, "She is perfect for you. Did you know how tense that was? One minute you both were shoving the food down your throats, then the next you guys were looking at each other with your hands on your glasses. Then you were chugging the drinks down, I swear it was like you two were thinking about the same thing without saying anything. I don't think I never met a girl who doesn't care about how her table manners were." He gushed.

"I know right? Sometimes…I think that I'm going to wake up and find out that all of this is a dream. Her, me imprinting, everything. I can't explain what I feel in words." I pause, "Not to mention that she is Sam's little sister. He is going to kill me when he finds out that I imprinted on her."

We got to the classroom at the knick of time, "Well, maybe or maybe not." He shrugged and went to his seat, I sighed and made my way to my own. Then I found Tiffany Stewart fluttering her eyelashes at me.

"Hello Paul." She purred, trying to be sexy.

"Hello." I simply said, trying to keep it short so she would get the point. She was about to say something else, but then my phone buzzed, signaling that I had a text.

I opened it and it was an unknown number, I raised my eyebrow but answered it.

Hey Paul, it's me Isa! This is my number I got yours from Brady. I got a question for you about him…

I xoxo

I smiled and answered her back,

Hey Babe, and I have no problem about answering your question. What is it?

P xoxo

I send it and programmed her number onto my phone under the name 'Sexy Imprint Girlfriend'. She isn't my girlfriend, but I am hoping to ask her when she finds out about us being werewolves. My phone buzzed again.

Well, I just talked to him on the way to my class and asked him if he was hiding something, like if he had something inside he didn't want anyone to know. Then he broke down, he cried and said that his father blames him about something and something about his mother. I couldn't fully understand what he was saying because he was talking to fast. I want to talk to him on my way to gym. Do you know anything? I just feel so helpless when I seen him like that, it reminded me about little Connor. Omg I can't believe I am gushing all this onto you.

I xoxo

I smiled, so I guess Brady trusted Isa enough to break down like that. I caught a glimpse of his life when he changed, it did sounded similar to Conner's situation but with a few differences.

Well, I don't know details but I do know that when he was born Brady's mother left him and his father. So his father drinks, beats, and blames everything on him. We all try to comfort him but it's a little hard since we can't really be there. Maybe talking to you will help him; I can tell you will have an impact on everyone in the gang Isa.

P xoxo

I'm sure Isa will have an impact onto Brady's life, by the way she said about Connor, I can tell she is going to be an amazing mother. Whoa, slow down Paul, are you really just imagine Isa as a mother? I was interrupted from my thoughts when my phone buzzed again.

THAT'S HORRIBLE!!! What kind of father does that!? Oh Paul, now I feel terrible. I just brought up those thoughts! What can I do?

I x

I immediately text her back.

No babe, you were trying to help him out. You did nothing wrong, all of those thoughts were always there it's just he has no way to bring them out. And the best thing for him is for you to be there for him.

P xoxo

Like how? As a mother? A friend? HOW PAUL!?


Oh god, now she is really stressing out.

As a mother I think is the best way. Emily, Sam's fiancé, tries to connect with him but even with her he never cried in front of her. And the way you talked about Connor earlier, I think you can be a wonderful mother to Brady.

P xoxo

P.s. I am missing your kisses. x

I grinned at my last comment, hopefully she would see me trying to cheer her up. But I mean every single word I said, she'll make a wonderful mother figure for Brady.

Thanks, so if I ask him if he wants me to be his mom when he is escorting me to gym, do you think he will accept?

I xoxoxoxoxoxox

p.s. thanks for cheering me up. xxx

Defiantly, if he cried in front of you and gushed about his life in such a sort time, then I think he will.

P xoxo

p.s no problem babe.

The bell rang, was that really 45 minutes? I shrugged, which meant I didn't listen to the teacher bragging.

Ok, so I'll meet you at Gym, thx Paul.

I xoxoxx

No problem, I love making you happy babe. I'll see you at gym.

P xoxo

When I put my phone in my pocket I was meeting face to face to a very pissed off Tiffany.

"Why the hell did you just shut me off with that….that…skank Paul?" she sneered.

"What the hell are you talking about? I was texting with my girlfriend, it has nothing to do with you. And talk like that about her again, I'll make sure you regret it." I glared at her. I walked passed her and stomped to Gym. Yes stomped, I am pissed, how can anyone talk about my Isa like that? When I got to the double doors in front of the gym I waited for a few minutes before I saw a happy Isa running towards me. I open my arms and she went straight into them, I picked her up and twirled her.

"Paul, Paul, where art thou thy Paul?" I heard someone say in a female voice.

"Thou art here, thy Isabella. " I put Isa down and glared at Jacob and Leah. Great now that they confessed their love for each other they are acting all couple, I liked them better when they were fighting all the time

I turned to Isa, "So I guess everything turned out perfectly?" I asked her.

"Yes! Oh my god, it was so cute when he agreed. Thank you so much Paul!" I chuckled and kissed her softly.

I pulled away, "I love you," I said softly, she smiled and pressed her lips onto mine.

"Me too, I love you to death." I breathed out the breath that I realized I was holding. I hoped it didn't crossed any boundaries, I want to tell her everything, me being a werewolf, imprinting, everything. "What?" she asked when I was looking at her.

"Nothing, it's just I can't believe this."

"Believe what?"

"I'm just thinking, is this really happening?"

"Oh, well of it makes it better…I was thinking the same thing." She grinned, I placed a small kiss on her lips before heading towards Gym. I will tell her, soon.


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