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Newborns and Scars


The rest of the day was a bust; either a Cullen or another Forks' kid was in our class and made the whole class unbearable. It was even worse when I was in a class without Isa. I just sulked all through class; though it was fun messing with Carrot top's head.

"I swear dog, if you call me Carrot top one more time I'll end you." See? So much fun. He growled again but ignored me this time.

I sighed and tried to get through this last class before I resort into finding some other kind of entertainment.

"Ok, before the bell rings I'll assign today's homework, I want you to read pages 132-137 in your textbook." The bell rang when the teacher finished and I gathered my stuff and got out of there before Carrot top.

"Stop calling me that!" I ignored him and went to my locker to get my bag.

"Hey babe." I heard Isa call from beside me, opening her locker as well.

"Hey, how was the rest of your day?" I asked slamming my locker close.

"Terrible!" she growled. "Who the hell knew something so damn small can be so damn annoying!"

"I take you met the pixie of the Cullens." She nodded and pulled me to the parking lot.

"I want to get the hell out of here before my nose is permanently burned with their stench." I snickered at her as she clamps her nose shut with her other hand.

When we finally reached the fresh air we both breathed it in, "Now this is heaven." I said as we walked over to my car. I opened the door for her and took her bag before closing the door. I went over to my side of the car and tossed the bags in the back seat before sliding in myself.

"Let's go to my place first, I need to get a change of clothes and then I need to tell Connor, Jay, and Mason to patrol while we are talking to the Cullens."

"Are you going to tell us what's up with that before hand or are you going to surprise us?" I asked as I turned on our street.

"It's a long story and I rather not tell it twice." She looked outside with an expression on her face, "All I can say is that things are getting bad down in the south and I am afraid it will only get worse if we don't do something soon." I grabbed her hand and squeezed it.

"We are behind you, never forget that." She nodded and rested her head on my shoulder.

When we reached my house I pulled into the driveway and Isa climbed out, running to her house. "Hey Paul." I looked up and saw Chase. "What's up?"

I climbed out and grabbed our bags, "Long story short, Isa is going to give us and the Cullens an update on your problems in the south." He gulped and nodded before running into the house, telling the others the same I assumed. I walked down the pathway and went into my house, tossing the bags on the couch.

"Did Alpha tell you who she wants to patrol?" Chase asked me.

"Connor, Mason, and Jay." I said sitting down waiting for Isa to return. He nodded and gave Jay a look before going upstairs. Jay ran outside and not a few minutes later Jessie came back in.

"So she is keeping the pups out of it huh? When is she going to learn?" he said sitting down in the chair near me.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"You'll be confused if I explain it now, but what I can say is that these vampires we are dealing with are no joke, we almost lost Alpha while fighting them." I jumped out my chair, knocking it over, and looked at him with a murderous look "I know, it was because of Taylor, he was the newest pup and they saw that so they went after him. He was surrounded and when Alpha went to help him, they managed to get behind her and shattered her right shoulder blade. My father was the tribal doctor and managed to save her." I started to shake but it lessened when Isa wrapped her arms around me.

"It's also better that they don't know anything for the time being, we need some wolves on the sideline to protect Rebecca." She said as she pulled back. "Maybe talking to that Jasper will shed some light on what we are up against. Besides I heard some interesting things from the few Vampires we manage to gain information from."

"Things like what?" Sam asked as he walked in with everyone behind him.

"About the famous God of War, the man who was feared, and still is, all around the Vampire world. If he knows something about these Vampires then we need to know it too." He nodded and turned to the others.

"Alright, I would like Seth, Embry, Collin, and Brady to stay here with the imprints, Bell who is patrolling?"

"I have Jay, Mason, and Connor patrolling the area." She crossed her arms, "Also Sam, let me get something straight here. This may be your land, but this is my pack, so any order that you give them has to go through me first, same goes for your pack, but when and if we go to Texas I am calling the shots because you don't know the area like we do."

"You don't know this area either Bells." He narrowed his eyes at her.

"Yes we do cause remember I was the one you basically made a map of the forests as a kid because I explored them so much and when I phased the guys saw the same thing. Also I am a native to the land, you are not the only one who knows the land here, and we are not running blind. I'll bet my position in my pack that the old tree that fell when we were kids is still 6 miles west of the La Push first beach." She glared at her brother.

"She's right Sam." Jake said after thinking about it.

"Fine, but we get to know everything that is going on Bells."

"By all means oh big brother of mine, I was planning of doing so anyways. Now are we just going to let the leeches wait or are we going to go?" Sam sighed, knowing he wasn't going to win with her, and walked out of the house with everyone following him. When were at the tree line Isa turned around, "Be back soon." She waved to the new pups before jumping in mid air and phasing. I stripped my closed off and tying them to my ankle before phasing myself. Her mind was blank to me, but she nodded towards the direction of the clearing before we both started to take off. As we were running I noticed there was Jessie by me, Chase by Jake and Isa was a nose ahead of Sam. He noticed and tried to out run her but she stayed a nose ahead. We finally reached the clearing with the Cullens waiting; everyone went behind the trees to phase back but Isa just phased in midair again in front of the Cullens, again with her clothes still on.

When I phased back I went by Isa's side, "Hello Cullens." She smiled.

"You could wait you know Bella." Sam grumbled as he stood on the other side of her.

"I know but I am impatient just like you, Sam."

Our attention was brought back to the Cullens as the Blonde leech, Jasper, spoke. "So you wanted to talk about the wars in the south?"

"I know nothing of any wars, all I know is that small groups of Vampires are attacking the towns and cities near the border between Mexico and Texas. Some border patrol officers are being killed because they are thinking they are immigrants." Isa spoke; I noticed her tone of voice was slightly different.

"So they are trying to expand, idiots." He mumbled.

"What do you mean?" Chase asked, stepping in.

"Have you heard of a term of Vampires called 'Newborns'?" He asked ignoring Chase.

"We came by it once in a while but don't know what it means." Isa said.

"It's a stage we all Vampires go through; it's the stage where we are the most powerful because our human blood still lingers in our tissues. However, when it is where we are at our most powerful, it is also when we at our most out of control. It's very difficult to kill a newborn and if you don't know what you are doing, you could get hurt. I am surprised that you went through so many attacks without being scared." Isa's pack flinched as she grasped her right shoulder. "I see, so you were attacked from behind huh?"

"Yes, but I also noticed that there were some more controlled Vampires in the group. None of them survived though." Isa said.

"Then that confirms my theory, they are either trying to expand the war zone or they simply wondered off the path they were supposed to take." Jasper walked to the middle of the clearing. "They are very different from us, they are only into this world for a few months but they fight like children. They have no skill, or strategy, only brute strength, and they tend to fight amongst themselves. That's why you see a more controlled and expert Vampire among them. They keep them in check; well try because they are so messy that they sometimes…slip." He turned to Isa's pack, "Before I go further I would like to know what you know first."

"We don't know much, sometimes we will catch a newborn, as you call them, as a hostage and they sometimes slip names and places but that is it. All of them say a chick named Maria created them and they were set out to find something to eat. Nothing else, but the numbers are growing with each attack and quicker than the next."

"Looks like I am going to have you tell my story." He took off his jacket and we saw bite marks all over his neck and arms. Everyone hissed by instinct except Isa and her pack. "I see you are use in seeing bite marks."

Isa also took off her jacket, "I got bitten so many times I am immune to the pain. For some reason the venom doesn't affect me, we haven't checked the rest of the pack but I am not taking any chances." She too had bite marks all over her arms.

The Cullens looked at her in awed, "That's outstanding, you have an advantage then, but we will get to that later. Compared to the Northern covens the Southern coven are uncivilized, they have no care if the humans notice or not that they are feeding off of their families." I felt a cold feeling running through my spine but when I looked at Isa she had this expression on her face that I never saw before. "They only come out at night and spend the day time plotting their next move, a constant war that has been going on for centuries."

"But what are they plotting for?" I asked.

He smirked, "Territory, you see in the south not many people notice others going missing, a single Vampire living in a city, let's say San Juan, he can feed two or three times a night and no one will notice. He will like to find a way to get rid of the competition, over the years many other thought of the same way and many had different tactics. Some more effective than others, but the most effective one was discovered by a Vampire, a young one in fact, names Benito. He came from somewhere north of Dallas and killed off two small covens that shared the area near Houston. Then not even two nights later he took on a stronger group of covens that controlled Monterrey in Northern Mexico. Once again he won. I think you can guess how he won."

"By using the newborns, what I don't know is how." Isa said.

"He created an army of newborns, since he was the first one to think about it he was unstoppable. Though they were young and powerful, they were wild and almost impossible to control. You can reason with one newborn to teach it to retrain itself, but ten or fifteen together is a living nightmare. They turn on each other so easily, and he had to make more because they fought amongst themselves so often.

Though even though they are dangerous they could be defeated, if you know what you are doing. For the first year they are incredibly strong and they can crush an older Vampire with ease, but they act on instinct and that is what makes them predictable. Like I said before, they had no skill only muscle, also don't forget the overwhelming in numbers.

Then when the Vampires in Mexico realize that Benito was coming for them they acted quickly and started to create their own newborn armies, all hell broke loose. During this time, it was not a good time to be a human in Mexico, the number of population dramatically decreased, but the histories blamed diseases for that, in a way they are right. There was a disease, a disease for power and bloodlust."

"But it had to stop at some time." Sam spoke.

"Yeah, when the Volturi finally stepped in."

"The Volturi?" Isa asked.

"They are like the Vampire royalty, they keep the Vampires in check, make sure no humans know of our existence and such. In this case keeping our existence a secret, they brought their entire guard down and executed every newborn they saw in the bottom half of North America. They started with Benito when he was about to take the prize city, Mexico City, then they moved to the smaller armies. It took the Volturi an entire year to play clean up duty, as much as so many Vampires hate them; we owe them for our present way of life." Jasper shuddered, "However when the Volturi went back to Italy the survivors went immediately back to claim their lands in the South and it didn't take long for the covens to start fighting again. Since the idea of newborns was still fresh, some weren't able to resist but they were more careful this time. They were selected more carefully and more training was put into practice. No one gave the Volturi any reason to return and the wars were resumed on a much smaller scale. This is how I came into this world.

I was living in Houston, Texas; I was almost seventeen years old when I joined the Confederate Army in 1861. I lied to the recruiters and told them I was twenty; I was tall enough to get away with it. My military life was short lived though, but very promising. I was promoted quickly through the ranks, people always seemed to like me, and they listened to what I had to say. As a human, my father said it was charisma, but now I know it was much more. But whatever reason, I surpassed the more experience men. By the first battle of Galveston I was the youngest major in Texas, and that's when they didn't even know my real age. During the time I was put in charge into evacuating the women and children from the city when the Union's boats reached the harbor.

I remember the night clearly, we reached the city after dark and I stayed long enough to make sure everyone safely situated. When everything was done, I got a horse and headed back to Galveston. I just got a mile outside the city where I found three women on foot. I assumed they were stragglers and immediately got off my horse so I can offer my aid. I won't go into details; the three women were named Nettie, Lucy, and Maria." Isa and her pack growled at her name. "They changed me because I was young, strong, and an officer and I was proven more useful when I was born into this world with a gift. My ability to control emotions gave them the advantage to control the newborns.

I was one of the Vampires that managed the newborns; she would produce them and grow the numbers while I and some others kept them discipline. Though soon Maria started to feel like her comrades were going behind her back as we started to conquer more and more lands, so she had them executed as we continued our rein in Mexico. I was one of her puppets; she controlled me by making me believe that she loved me.

However decades later I befriended a Vampire who proven himself useful and was one of the few privileged to live longer than a year, his name was Peter. Then he fell in love with a newborn Vampire that joined our army later but when Maria ordered me to dispose of her I let her and Peter free. I was severely punished of course but it was worth it for my friends. Later though they came back for me and told me there was a world outside the wars so I escape with them and here I am.

I keep in touch with them once and a while but I never knew what happened after I left Mexico. If you want I can teach you how to kill the newborns, and maybe offer my assistance, if they are getting pass the borders then it is not good. The Volturi will start to notice the disappearances in the bigger cities in American verses Mexico."

"We would like that very much, but how can we make them stay in Mexico? Is there a way to make them stop completely?" Chase asked.

Jasper shook his head, "As long Mexico is a place where people won't notice disappearances than it will always be a warzone." He walked more towards the middle, "I would like to know your story, how did it start?"

Everyone looked at Isa for the story, "It all started a few months after Jessie joined the pack. I was patrolling, we only had two or three older Vampires killing in Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston, so when I smelt not one or two but six or seven Vampires in the area, I called the rest, at the time it was five of us, Chase, Kyle, Lander, Jessie, and myself. We found the group and killed them off, no one was hurt or bitten and we thought that was the only one. Then a month later another came by, again we killed them off with no problem but when Taylor joined three weeks later they came again.

This time we had trouble, Taylor was new and inexperience, this group had ten newborns not counting the two older Vampires, I let Chase and Jessie take care of them as I was helping the younger ones with the others and when four ganged on Taylor I jumped in but one wrapped himself on my back and shattered my right shoulder blade.

Then another bit my front left leg, I wasn't considering about the venom at the time, just about getting Taylor out of there. However, I couldn't move with a shattered shoulder blade so they took multiple bites out of me. That's when I noticed I didn't feel the pain of the venom that was said to be poisonous to us. Soon Chase and Jessie finished their Vampires and helped me out. When all of them were dead and burned they took me to Jessie's father who was a doctor that knew of our existence and treated me.

He told me it was a miracle that I survived the bites; it took me two days to recover but the bite marks never faded. Then a week and a half later they showed up again, more than last time, but Taylor was more experience by then and we finished them more smoothly than last, though they did get a few bites out of me. Mostly because I took the hits for the other guys in case they weren't as lucky as me to be unaffected by the venom, I don't take chances on cases like that." Isa explained as she traces her scars. I grasped her hand and wrapped her in my arms. "I left soon after the fifth attack since my shoulder incident to come here for help; I was kinda hoping the wolves here were phasing and possibly you Cullens. To at least kill that Maria chick because she is starting to piss me off." Isa growled, putting her jacket back on.

Jasper did the same and put his hands behind him, "Alright…how about for the next week or so we train at a nearby place that is big enough for all of us to train together? My mate Alice can keep a look on the Maria's movements and see if they're going to attack somewhere pass the border. That way you guys can have a little heads up on what's to come." We looked at Sam and Isa who looked at each other.

Sam spoke up, "Alright, we want at least a few wolves stay here just in case we need the back up during that actual fight. Today we'll just watch on how to deal with these newborns. And what do you mean 'keep a look on Maria's movements?"

"My mate has an ability like me but she can see the future based on a person's decision. When Maria decides on what to do with her army then Alice will find out." Jasper smirked again, "Alright, the two most important things you should always remember while fighting newborns is that you should never let them get their arms around you, Isabella is an example of that." Isa nodded, "The other, don't go for the obvious kill. They will be prepared for that, keep going at them from the side and keep moving, that way they will be confused to respond effectively. Emmett?" He called and the large bulky Vampire stepped forward with a huge smirk on his face. As Jasper walked toward the north end of the small clearing Emmett moved forward. "Emmett is the best example for a newborn attack."

Emmett growled, "I'll try not to break anything brother."

Jasper smirked again, "What I mean is that he relies on his strength like the newborns, he is very straightforward about how he attacks. The newborns are just like that," Jasper backed up a few more steps and I could see that his body tensed up a bit, "go for the easy kill Emmett."

Then it all happened so fast that I almost missed it, Emmett charged at him like a big bear, quickly too, and it looked like he was going to get Jasper but when his hands had him, his fingers were clenched around nothing. Suddenly Jasper was behind Emmett and had his teeth an inch around his neck. Emmett cussed as Jasper got off of him.

"As you can see as long as you keep moving you have the advantage, they will keep charging like bulls and the best way to handle them is by moving and decapitating them right afterwards. Don't hesitate though; I think it might be best to keep the much younger wolves out of the killing part as much as possible."

"Why is that?" Sam asked.

"Isn't it obvious?" Everyone looked at Isa, "The main reason why the newborns got around me was because Taylor froze when killing a newborn, he knew how but he didn't know if he could do it. Thus hesitating, the pups don't know how to kill yet, and they are very young, 15, 14 years old do you think they can kill at that age without proper training?"

"What Isabella is saying it true, you see it in newborns too, if they haven't killed before they get scared when the actual battle comes and get killed off easily. You can see it when they are being trained as well, they cower away from the others hoping it would be nothing but a bad dream."

"But we can't rule any of the pups yet…a lot can happen in a few short weeks." Isa spoke and Jasper nodded again. "So big bro, when do you want them to train, we are going have to adjust the patrols so everyone can train equally."

Sam nodded, "We haven't had any nomads wondering lately so how about every other day? In two days everyone attends and we see from there." We looked at the Cullens and they nodded.

"That sounds both reasonable and understandable; we want everyone to get as much training as we can. Now when do we head out?" Carlisle stepped in beside Jasper.

"Depends on what Alice sees, if she see them coming we'll leave right away, our tribal elders can give us an excuse from being absent. But I want to avoid our wolves missing school as much as possible so I want to do this in our nearest long term vacation."

"You want to do this on Christmas vacation?" Carlisle asked.

"Not really but I want this bitch out of this world as soon as possible." Isa clenched her fist as Sam spoke. Jasper looked at her and narrowed his eyes.

"What are you hiding Isabella?" Everyone looked at him confused, "I can feel your emotions, no use hiding it from me."

"Nothing is wrong." Isa said but Jessie stepped in.

"It's no use Alpha, they'll find out sooner or later." Isa growled at him but sighed and looked at the Cullens again.

"I didn't lie to you, we did kidnap some newborns so they can spill information, but what I didn't mention was that we…we had another wolf in our pack." We all looked at her confused except for her pack, who looked away, "His name was Drake Moore and he was the original Beta of the pack. I also didn't mention that we actually met Maria." Jasper gasped.

"What you didn't think that was important?" he growled.

Isa growled back, "Sorry for not wanting to have my pack relive the moment she brutally murdered him right in front of our eyes!" I wrapped my arms around her so she could calm down, "And it's not like she just bit him, or ripped his head off. She slowly tortured him tearing off a limb one by one while tossing the pieces at us. We tried so hard to get to him but the newborns she had with her kept us from doing so. Then they just disappeared, without a trace, Drake never made it to Jessie's father. He didn't have a chance." Tears started to spill from her eyes and when I looked back I saw that Chase, Jessie, Taylor, Kyle, and Lander crying too. "That was the last attack she pulled on us, you're right we should have told you but I wanted to say it when the rest of your pack was here because they were closer to Drake than us, they always wanted to know how he died since a car crash wasn't enough."

"I am sorry for your loss, and I understand hiding it, but next time, just mention it then we can go into details later. We can't work together if we keep secrets from each other."

"Alright, there's nothing else, just that a member of our pack was killed in battle by that bitch." Jasper nodded and stepped back as Carlisle once again stepped forward.

"So we'll see you in two days?" We nodded and made our way to leave but Isa didn't hesitate to phase and was the first to be out of here. I quickly went to the tree line and stripped down to phase and chase after her.

I never knew. I heard Sam think.

None of us did Sam, don't blame yourself. I said trying to push myself so I could reach her.

It's not like it was a big secret though, I heard Jake's voice.

What do you mean by that? I asked as I turned where scent was.

Think about it, why the boys came, they wanted Bella to convince her something. I just know it. I think Bella blames herself for not being a good Alpha and protect her pack. I'm sure Sam would feel the same if one of us died while fighting a bloodsucker.

It's true, I wouldn't forgive myself if I let one of you guys die on my watch. Sam said as he bowed his head.

But it's not her fault! Jared growled, She is a sweet, loving girl, who will stop at nothing to protect them. She tried her hardest trying to save him, why does she feel so responsible!

Because she was after me. I looked up to see Isa at the cliff near La Push beach looking out in the sea. Maria was at first after me, thinking I was the most vulnerable one in the pack, I wasn't phased at the time, I was human so obviously she thought I was the weakest. But as she made her move to get me and I was about to phase to attack, Drake jumped in front of me to block her attack. I was about to help him but the newborns block my way. There was so many of them, and then I started to hear Drake's screams in pain as she tortured him. I could see the scene play out in her head; I winced every time I heard a scream. I can never forget that laughter as she toyed with him, She growled. I went up to her and brushed my muzzle in her fur, she relaxed at my touch. Drake was the eldest out of us all, I think about Sam's age, so he was like an older brother to all of us. And despite being a new pup he tried his best to hang out with the younger kids, like Connor, Mason, and Jay. We was a true role model for them, then that bitch went off and kill him in the most disgusting way! She shouted.

But he died protecting his loved ones Isa! I shouted back, He died knowing you were safe, knowing it was him instead of you. I sighed, All you can do know is remember him of who he was before he was killed by Maria, and train so we can make sure no other wolf or person is killed by her hands again.

She nodded and curled up in a ball, I wrapped myself around her as she cried, I just need a moment. I nodded and rested my head on hers.

I felt the others phased back as we laid there and after a while I started to hear Isa's breaths getting more even and calmer. I knew she was sleep now; I slowly closed my eyes and fell asleep beside her, not knowing what's to come next.


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