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Speaking of, I'd suggest this story to all those Paul lovers: The Devil You Know by Unseelie Sidhe. I'm currently in LOVE with this story. It's great! Hopefully that will keep ya'll occupied until I get the next chapter up for you guys.

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A cup of orange juice sat on the table in front of her and silence rang through her ears. All the vampires had left before she had woken, something she was thankful for. Bella still wasn't completely sure on how to go about her day now. She felt as if she were first shoved into the supernatural world once again, and this time it was significantly harder to roll with the punches. She wasn't an open-minded seventeen-year-old girl anymore. She was a woman, moody and confident. Whether anyone like it or not.

To kill time, she strolled into her living room, once again happy for it's emptiness, and took up her laptop. She quickly typed out her newest song and sent it to her manager, not bothering to check the other emails. She could do it another day.

So she picked up her phone, and did the thing that helped her feel the best. Called a chauffeur and went shopping.

She returned several hours later, flipping on the lights to the kitchen as she went through. She noticed the living room lights were on, and although she heard nothing, she knew the vampires were back.

She loaded her bags up the stairs, or at least was headed that way when she was suddenly empty-handed. Jasper stood in front of her, all the bags hanging from his elbows to his hands. He shrugged sheepishly and muttered something about his mother raising him right, before disappearing up the stairs.

Seconds later he was in front of her. He didn't look expectant, just looked at her.

"I really am sorry. I went all about this in the most fucked-up way I could imagine, and not even on purpose."

She weighed her response carefully. "Well… you certainly made it interesting. And I was getting a bit bored with singing, which is why I haven't done anything recently. "

He took her response with a smile, tugging her by hand into his arms. Her curves melted perfectly into his muscles, causing them both to sigh with awareness.

"Ya know, you never did give me that little fashion show, darlin'…." He purred into her ear.

She smirked, "Oh you'll get it. I promised, after all. But now you have to earn it."

Groaning, he replied, "Didn't I do enough cleaning already?"

Upon hearing their playful banner, the other vampires suddenly appeared in the kitchen, their expressions ranging from tentative smiles to full-blown grins.

She addressed them all. "I love each one of you, or am beginning to. There's no way I could ever push you completely out of my lives. Even when I didn't see you for years, I still thought about you from time to time. But there's no way in hell I'm letting you all stay here. Fuck no, not gonna happen. You're all more than welcome to pitch up a fucking tent in the backyard, or rent a trailer and park it by the lake, but you're not staying in my house. In my personal space. Just no. Fuck no. So, get lookin', because you have until tomorrow. If you're not gone by them, I'm buying a shit load of garlic, onions and other smelly human food ya'll hate to run you out."

Jasper, Peter and Emmett shared a wicked grin, and Bella then realized that, come tomorrow, she may have a trailer parked near her house.

"Fuck guys, I didn't mean that literally!"

"No take-backs!" Emmett sang, dashing out the door.

Bella groaned, looking to Char and Rosalie for sympathy. Naturally they just shrugged.

"Bitches." Bella didn't bother to mutter it, knowing both of the women would hear it anyway.

They shrugged again, grinning and not denying it even a bit.

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