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At Gathering

Firestar:We have found some loners in our were wondering if you saw them too.

Blackstar:Why yes,we have.I say we follow them to see what they're hiding!


In bushes

Phoneixstar:Perfect!We'll trap them and have a giant truth or dare game,where cats and twolegs can dare them or make them answer questions!

Silvertree:Are you sure?Last time you did this you made them leave to join the moutain tribe.

Sunpaw:Big sister,how are we going to get them to camp?

Thornpaw:I know how.

Phoneixstar:You do?

Thornpaw:Yep!Okay,we go out there and all those cats will follow us back to camp!

Silvertree:Thornpaw,what a brillient idea!

Phoneixstar:Yes, jump out now!

Back at Gathering

Onestar:Hey,what's that,in the bushes?

Phoneixstar:(Jumps out with three other cats following)

Leoporedstar:There they are!Get them!

PhoneixClan Cats:(Run away back to camp)

Cats at Gathering:GET THEM!(Chase after the cats)

At PhoneixClan Camp

Flamekit:Hey what's wrong?Looks like you just ran away from alot of other cats for your lives!

Silvertree:Yes we did.

Phoneixstar:I want to play a truth of dare game!

Firestar:Where are we?

Sunpaw:Welcome to PhoneixClan camp!


Firestar:NOT AGAIN!

Phoneixstar:Belive it!Any way I'm Phoneixstar.

Onestar:So you built a clan named after yourself?

Phoneixstar:NO!My ancester started this clan.

Other clan leaders:Oohhh.

Flamekit:Well that wraps this up!

Sunpaw:Don't forget to read...

Thornpaw:And review!

Did you like it? It's only my second story,the first being"A new Sonic truth or dare".