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Phoenixstar:Welcome back to Dare the Warriors!

Silvertree:Also, we have some new warriors!

Phoenixstar:I now introduce you all, to Sunwhisker and Thornjaw!

PhoenixClan:Sunwhisker, Thornjaw! Sunwhisker, Thornjaw!

Thornjaw:And If nobody remembers us, we were Sunpaw and Thornpaw.

Sunwhisker:Now we're warriors!

Blackfang:We also have a new apperntice, Flamepaw.

Flamepaw:I'm an apprentice!

Phoenixstar:Now, Thornjaw can annouce the dares.

Thornjaw:Thank you Phoenixstar. These are from Pandagirl66.

dare them to play with a little twoleg! muh-ah-ha

Firestar:What?! No way!

Silvertree:Move it, riverfront cats move it!

Nightstripe:He is a good deputy.

Phoenixstar:That's why I chose him.

Nightstripe:Why did you choose me to be your mate instead of the other cats?

Phoenixstar:You weren't flirting with me 24/7.

Cats that were dared: Help!!! It's going to kill us!!

Nightstripe:Next dares please.

Sunwhisker:These are from Thebleachdiary.

HAHA! AWESOME! Make them all sing a song, but before anything can happen, Tigerstar comes back from the dead, whacks Firestar on the head, and "Smooth Criminal" by Michael Jackson!

Brambleclaw:Don't! I beg of you!

Phoenixstar:Sorry, but like a friend of mine, I don't take plea deals. By the powers given to me I summon the Dark Forest cat by the name of Tigerstar! Great Tigerstar, come and give us of PhoenixClan your great power!(Tigerstar appears before her in a dark vortex)

Tigerstar:Abut time someone got me from there. It was too annoying with Hawkfrost following me.(Whacks Firestar on his little head)That's for ruining my plans for ruling the forest!

Flamepaw:Can I turn the radio on big sister?


Tigerstar:Whos' Michael Jackson, and what's "Smooth Criminal"?

Silvertree:Michael Jackson was the King of Pop, and "Smooth Criminal" was one of his songs.

Phoenixstar:May his soul rest in peace.

Tigerstar:(Starts dancing to song)

Phoenixstar:Next!These are from Smokestar-learder of Smokeclan.

make the clans sing the peanut butter jelly time song all toghether

Sunwhisker:I love that song!

Thornjaw:Same here!

Clan cats(including Phoenixcla)n):It's peanut butter jelly time! Peanut butter jelly time! Peanut butter jelly time! Wa-at, wa-at,wa-at,wa-at!

After song and random cats dancing along(Sorry, couldn't find all the lyrics

Phoenixstar:That was fun!

Thornjaw:No kidding!

Phoenixstar:(Hears cell phone ringing)That's my cell. Oh, hi Dragon. You blew up your stage, of course you can stay 'till it's fixed! Bye! That was my friend Dragon. She blew up her stage and needs to borrow our camp until it's fixed.

Silvertree:That means you can now torture the Sonic the Hedgehog cast!

Sunwhisker:I don't think we have to make a list. They should at least know who we're talking about. If not, they can look it up, right?

Flamepaw:Don't forget to review and send dares for the Sonic cast as well!

The Sonic cast will be joining next chapter. You can dare either the Sonic cast, Warriors cast, or both.