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08. Innocence

Bakura stared at the back of Marik's head for ten minutes wondering what chapter, let alone page the teacher was on…Actually, he was curious as to which book he was supposed to was be in…on second thought, he didn't even know the class. He was that out of it. He had jumped through hoops to get back to the apartment before Ryou realized he was gone. More like jumped lots of fences. He didn't even notice in his tired, mind muddled state that Marik had turned around and he was no longer staring at the back of his head, but into his strangely violet eyes.

"Your eyes are so gay." He said softly, without really thinking about his choice of words.

"How sweet of you. Dude, you look more like a zombie than usual. What the hell happened?"

"Thanks asshole. Slept bad that's all." He lied.

"Wow, that sucks…Anyway have you herd the gossip?"

Bakura feigned enough interest to ask, "no, what's the gossip?"

"They say Kaiba's got a secret lover!" Marik said like it was completely unforeseeable for a sexy guy like Seto Kaiba to have a lover… "They say it's a guy too! No one's really seen anything but he's been heard talking on a phone, apparently to a guy and saying very incriminating things! Someone said he was at Kaiba Land the other night with a guy, but they assume that's just game testing."

All the blood drained from Bakura's face and he desperately tried to recover enough to play innocent to the whole…Kaiba and his rumored gay lover. A.K.A: him! "Dude, why do you even care?"

"I don't know. It's crazy! Kaiba…gay! I mean it seems like every time I look around someone's gay these days! It's so ridiculous."

Another uncomfortable pause and Bakura added, keeping his oblivious act fronted to his so called 'friend', "Yeah, I know what you mean…" He shot Seto a short look that Marik remained unaware of. He felt a tinge of regret in the black void where he assumed his heart was hiding. He was wondering if they stopped now, if they could play it casual and get away with no questions asked…Kaiba's reputation would be safe then.

But those blue eyes spoke volumes and those volumes said, 'fuck what they have to say.' If being men and being together was a crime then they were guilty as charged. They couldn't even fake innocence on that one.

He almost smiled, if not for Marik mouthing off like he was saying something important…Which he wasn't.

To Be Continued.