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The dimly lit aquarium had a tranquil environment. The few individuals admiring the creatures behind the cool glass spoke in quiet voices. Many had content smiles on their faces as they allow the calming atmosphere to sooth away their everyday frustrations, but among the small crowds, a lone girl stood at a corner staring unseeingly at the fishes that swam by. Although her face conveyed no emotions, her eyes were clouded with fatigue.

"Fancy seeing you here Koneko-chan," a girl with short blonde hair called out as she and her aqua green hair companion walked up to the lone girl.

Upon hearing her friend's voice, Usagi quickly put on a small smile as her once fatigue clouded eyes held a spark of joy. "Haruka-san, Michiru-san," she greeted warmly while waving a hello.

"Did you come here with Mamoru-san," Michiru asked finding it strange that the always social Usagi would go anywhere without company.

"No...Mamo-chan is usually busy with college work, so I didn't want to bother him," Usagi replied before turning her gaze back toward the tank.

Both Haruka and Michiru had the same thought: something was bothering their princess. Usually when Mamoru had not time for Usagi, she would hang out with Minako, Rei, Ami or Makoto. Not only that, but there had been no hint of disappointment in her tone. She had just stated it out as a fact. Haruka gave a questioning glance to Michiru who gave a slight nod understanding what her partner was asking for.

Placing a hand on Usagi's shoulder to catch her attention, Haruka asked, "Well if you don't have any plans, why don't you join us for lunch? Michiru and I were just about to head out."

Remembering she hadn't bothered eating this morning, Usagi's eyes sparkled as she replied with her usual enthusiasm, "I would love that. Staring at these fishes made me lost track of time. I'm starving."

"I wouldn't expect anything less from you Koneko-chan," Haruka said in an amused tone as both her and Michiru chuckled at Usagi's outburst.

Wondering if perhaps they had only imagined their princess's depressed look, the two walked toward the elevator with their princess trailing behind. Neither saw the fatigue returned to cloud Usagi's eyes after they had turned their backs. Nor did they saw how the happy smile transformed into a sad wistful one in mere seconds.

'I wish these times could last forever...but everything will be different soon,' Usagi thought knowing what she will soon have to do, 'but as long as they're all safe this time. I will make sure none of them sacrifice themselves for me...I wouldn't be able to bear seeing them die again.'


In the blackness of space, a dark misty matter observed the Earth with its glowing red eyes.

'Soon the Earth will be enclosed with my darkness once again. Once I've gathered the energy of the seven Nijizuizhou, even the legendary Ginzuisho will be no match for me,' the ominous mist began descending toward Earth, 'And then those annoying Sailor Senshis will learn that Chaos will forever reign supreme!'

A/N: Here's a small taste of my newest story. Been thinking of this one for a while and I finally decided to start it. Looks like Usagi is torn over what she seems to know will happen...maybe she knows that Chaos is returning.